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Fine Japanese inter war sugoroku biplane flight game board

Fine Japanese aviation sugoroku, biplane flight game board

DESCRIPTION: Very attractive and decorative Japanese Taisho period inter-war sugoroku board game with pictures of biplanes. This large sugoroku commemorates a record long flight to Europe in July 1925 via the route of Tokyo-Paris-London. The flight, with two Breguet 19 A2 biplanes, was sponsored by the Asahi Shimbun newspaper and piloted by H. Abe and K. Kawachi, covering 13,800 km (8,575 mi).
The Bréguet XIX was two-seater light bomber and as a reconnaissance aircraft, first rolled out in 1923. A very successful metal biplane, it stayed in operational service for fifteeen years. (Source Online:

Set across a background of Asia, locations on the board correspond to cities in Asia and Europe to include Rome, London, Paris, Istanbul and many more. Text in Japanese. Verso is blank.

E-sugoroku, with rules similar to the game of chutes and ladders, appeared in Japan as late 13th century and became popular due to the cheap and elaborate wooden block printing technology of the Edo period. Sugoroku boards were made with pictures and themes from religion, political, actors, heros, and popular culture.

(1) Asahi Shimbun is a major Japanese newspaper established in 1879. It covers domestic and international news, with a progressive editorial stance. Known for investigative journalism, it has print and online editions and is influential nationwide. During February 1942, Asahi Shimbun, like other Japanese newspapers, operated under strict government censorship and propaganda regulations due to Japan's involvement in World War II.

CREATOR: Asahi Shimbun




CONDITION: Good.  Fresh bright colors. Clean. On thin newprint with a few tiny archival repairs from the verso leaving a sheet that is without holes or tears. Ample margins.

COLORING: Bright chromo-lithographic color.


SIZE: 30 " x 20 "


PRICE: $165


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