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Civil War map of Charleston Harbor, SC

Unrecorded edition of Map of Charleston Harbor showing the location of forts ... printed by Jacob Weiss at 600 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia in 1861

Map of Charleston Harbor showing forts Sumter, Moultrie, Johnson, and Castle Pinckney
Jacob Weiss   1861
Unreleased fish-eye birds-eye view poster 1968 California Berkeley Centennial

60's-era poster view of the campanille and campus of the University of California Berkeley,

Eli Leon
Visit University of California Berkeley 1868 - 1968 Centennial   1968
Graphic 19th century map of
Australian lighthouses

Unrecorded edition of the Lighthouse Map of the Province of South Australia January 1, 1885 published by the Marine Board of South Australia.

Lighthouse Map of the Province of South Australia
Marine Board of South Australia   1885
Singapore, British Settlements

Map of British settlements, including Singapore, on the Malay Peninsula and on the coast of Borneo from 1870 by Archibald Fullarton.

British Settlements, Malay Peninsula and Coast of Borneo
Archibald Fullarton   1870