Chase, Francis J.

Pictorial Map of Alaska, the 49th State

A Pictorial Map of Alaska, the 49th State

DESCRIPTION: Ernest Dudley Chase's "A Pictorial Map of Alaska, the 49th State" is a fascinating visual representation of Alaska's history and its journey to statehood. The map, created in 1959, celebrates Alaska's admission to the Union as the 49th state on January 3 of the same year. Chase's signature style, combining attractive illustrations with geographical information, provides a unique perspective on this momentous event in American history.

The Chase's map incorporates an alphanumeric grid system to help users easily locate specific points of interest. Surprisingly, the map retains its original advertising sticker, prominently displayed in the upper left corner, bearing a price of 50 cents. The presence of the sticker serves as a testament to its authenticity, further enhancing its overall value and desirability.

The map showcases various aspects of Alaskan life, including its natural resources, industries, and cultural heritage. Chase depicts the state's diverse landscapes, from the rugged coastlines to the majestic mountain ranges, highlighting the beauty and vastness of America's last frontier.

Chase's map also chronicles the historical events leading up to Alaska's statehood, such as the purchase of Alaska from Russia in 1867, known as "Seward's Folly," and the discovery of gold in the late 19th century, which led to the Klondike Gold Rush. The map portrays the development of Alaska's major cities, including Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Juneau, as well as the growth of its industries, such as fishing, mining, and logging.

Ernest Dudley Chase

Ernest Dudley Chase (1878-1966) was an American cartographer, illustrator, and map publisher. Born in Lowell, Massachusetts, Chase developed a passion for maps and design at a young age. He attended the Lowell Textile School (now part of the University of Massachusetts Lowell) and later studied at the Vesper George School of Art in Boston.

In 1900, Chase founded his own map publishing company, Ernest Dudley Chase Maps, in Winchester, Massachusetts. He became known for his distinctive pictorial maps, which combined attractive illustrations with accurate geographical information. These maps often featured historical events, local attractions, and cultural themes.

Some of Chase's most notable works include "The United States as viewed by California" (1940), "The Story Map of the Bible" (1944), and "The Pilgrim's Progress" (1946). His maps were popular among educators, history enthusiasts, and collectors.

Throughout his career, Chase created maps for various clients, including the National Geographic Society, the U.S. Armed Forces, and numerous publishing companies. He also authored several books on mapmaking and cartography.

Ernest Dudley Chase's contributions to the field of cartography were significant, as he played a key role in popularizing pictorial maps and making them more accessible to the general public. His unique style and attention to detail made his maps both informative and visually appealing, cementing his status as one of the most influential mapmakers of the 20th century.

CREATOR: Chase, Francis J.




CONDITION: Excellent.  Like new. Folds as issued.

COLORING: Litho color.


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