Duperrey, Louis-Isidore

Chart of the Harbor of Doreri West Papua New Guinea

Plan du Harve de Doreri Leve Nouvelle Guinee par MM. Lottin et de Blois Officiers, de la Marine

DESCRIPTION: Copperplate engraved French nautical chart of the bay and harbor of Doreri in the Province of West Papua on the island of New Guinea, Indonesia. Duperrey explored the region in 1793 while searching for the missing expedition of Jean-François de La Pérouse. Shows the route of the Corvette "la Coquille" during July, 1824.

From 'Voyage autour du monde' ('Voyage round the world') by Louis Isidore Duperrey (1826). Plate 34. Engraved by Tardieu.

The bay is on the east coast of West Papua near the city of Manokwari, which is the capital of the province. One notable fact about the Bay of Doreri is that today it is home to Doreri Nature Reserve, which is a protected area encompassing coastal and marine ecosystems.

The chart includes these other nearby locations:
  • Point Ambla
  • Isle Manas-Ouari (Mansinam)
  • Isle Masmapi
  • Baie Masinami
  • Baie Ouahouzi
  • Cap Ouacalo

Louis Isidore Duperrey (1786-1865)

Louis Isidore Duperrey was a notable French marine hydrographer and explorer. Born on October 21, 1786, in Paris, France, Duperrey developed a keen interest in marine sciences from a young age. He began his career as a midshipman in the French Navy, and his passion for hydrography and cartography led him to become a prominent figure in the field.

Duperrey's most renowned expedition was his command of the French ship 'Coquille' from 1822 to 1825. The voyage took him to various parts of the world, including Chile, Peru, Polynesia, the Molucca Islands (Indonesia), New Ireland (Papua New Guinea), and Australia. During this expedition, Duperrey conducted extensive hydrographic surveys, gathering crucial scientific data on oceanography, meteorology, and the natural world.

Beyond his achievements in cartography and marine sciences, Duperrey was also a skilled linguist. He displayed a remarkable talent for learning and recording indigenous languages encountered during his voyages. His linguistic work contributed significantly to the understanding of local cultures and facilitated communication with indigenous populations.

After the 'Coquille' expedition, Duperrey continued to make important contributions to the field of hydrography. He held the position of director of the Hydrographic Office in France and was responsible for producing accurate charts and maps of coastal regions. Duperrey's scientific achievements were widely recognized during his lifetime. He received numerous honors, including being elected as a member of the prestigious French Academy of Sciences in 1838. He also authored several scientific publications based on his expeditions and research.

CREATOR: Duperrey, Louis-Isidore



BODY OF WATER: D'Entrecasteaux Channel

CONDITION: Good.  Scattered light stains and one or two dark spots but solid with wide margins. Washed, flattened but remains slightly wavy.


ENGRAVER: Ambroise Tardieu

SIZE:  " x "


PRICE: $500


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