La Perouse, Jean François Galaup

Antique 1782 Plan of San Diego, California

Plan du Port de St. Diego [with lower half] Plan du Port et du Departement de St. Blas

DESCRIPTION: Two very attractive engraved antique nautical charts on one page of the harbors of San Diego, California (upper half) and San Blas, Mexico in Nayarit State. Locations around San Diego, California that are noted on the chart include: the Presidio de St. Diego, the 'faux port', Pointe des Morts, Rancherie de las Choyas, Pointe St. Augustin, Rancherie ou Village d'Indiens nomme de la Pointe, Pointe St. Joseph, Pointe St. Michel, Petite Port de St Jean, Pointe Guizarros, and Pointe de la Colline. Numerous soundings are included with descriptions of the composition of the sea floor on the approaches to and bottom of the San Diego Bay.

These two charts by Jean-Francois de la Perouse are based on surveys by Juan Pantoja, a captain of the Manila trade for Spain. Derived from Pantoja's manuscript, the charts were published posthumously in the "Atlas du Voyage de la Perouse 1785-1788". Plate 35.

San Blas was used by Spain's Navy as a naval base beginning in 1768 and it served for several decades as a base of operations for Spanish expeditions to the Pacific Northwest. For about twenty years in the late 18th century, San Blas was one of the busiest ports on the Pacific coast of the Americas, rivaling Acapulco. L. Aubert, scripsit.

As a French explorer and naval officer la Perouse (1741-1788?) was tasked by King Louis XVI of France with completing the Pacific exploration begun by British Captain James Cook. Aboard the ships Astrolabe and Boussole, la Perouse and his crew mapped the west coast of North America and Alaska in 1786 and visited Easter Island and the Sandwich Islands ( Hawaii ). After reaching Australia's Botany Bay in 1788 his ships were lost at sea while searching for the Solomon Islands.

Jean-François de Galaup, comte de La Pérouse (1741-1788?)

La Pérouse.was a renowned French explorer and naval officer. He was commissioned by King Louis XVI of France to complete the Pacific exploration initiated by British Captain James Cook. La Pérouse embarked on his expedition in 1785 with the ships Astrolabe and Boussole, along with a skilled crew.

During their journey, La Pérouse and his team charted the west coast of North America and Alaska in 1786, exploring the coasts of present-day Oregon and California. They also visited Easter Island and the Sandwich Islands (now known as Hawaii), further expanding their knowledge of the Pacific. The expedition reached Australia's Botany Bay in 1788, marking another significant milestone in their journey.

Unfortunately, while searching for the Solomon Islands, La Pérouse and his ships disappeared at sea, never to be found again. His disappearance remains one of the great mysteries of naval history. Despite the tragic end to his journey, La Pérouse's exploration of the Pacific contributed valuable knowledge to the world of cartography and helped pave the way for future explorers.

CREATOR: La Perouse, Jean François Galaup



BODY OF WATER: Pacific Ocean

CONDITION: Very Good.  Clean with wide margins. A hint of foxing and age-toning in the margins. One repaired 1" tear in the margin well outside the neatline. Strong impression. Left side a bit frayed where it was removed from the atlas. Two tiny unnoticeable pinholes in the blank sea area of San Blas. Will mat and frame nicely.

COLORING: Attractive outline and wash hand coloring.


SIZE: 13 " x 20 "


PRICE: $800


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