Red Mountain Tribe

Terrorism 1970's style

"we call for total chaos in the capitalist countries. Inside the United States we will have war." Eldridge Cleaver Feb 23, 1970

DESCRIPTION: This is a title page to a 1970 issue of the Berkely Tribe newspaper- an anthropomorphized earth scowling with locations noted across his face that were the scene of left-inspired bombings, fire bombings, pipeline attacks, the odd embassy siege, and riots. Published in 1970, during the Vietnam war by the Red Mountain Tribe (1) with parallels to the tensions experienced today by the other side of the aisle.

The use of symbols as propaganda was a common tactic among activists during this time, and the Earth was a particularly powerful symbol of the counterculture's environmentalism and concern for the planet. By depicting the Earth as an old man with a scowl, the artist was likely attempting to convey a sense of anger and frustration at the destruction caused by the war and other government policies. The Earth's face being marked with locations that were the scene of attacks further reinforced the counterculture's proposition that the US government was engaging in destructive and unjust actions.

Anthropomorphized view of earth scowling with locations noted across his face that were the scene of left-inspired terror attacks.
... What's the world coming to?

Berkely Tribe. 1970. Vol. 2 No. 8 Issue 34. Feb. 27 - Mar.6, 1970.

(1) The Berkeley Tribe was a politically radical counterculture newspaper published in Berkeley, California from 1969 to 1972. Created by former Berkeley Barb staffers, the Red Mountain Tribe, the paper focused on social and political issues, particularly the anti-war and feminist movements. Although similar to the Berkeley Barb, the Tribe was more politically explicit and aligned with radical left-wing politics. Despite financial difficulties and conflicts among its staff, the Tribe had a significant impact on the counterculture of the time as an example of alternative media and radical activism.

CREATOR: Red Mountain Tribe


GEOGRAPHIC AREA: World- Northern Hemisphere


CONDITION: Good.  Solid. Minor age-toning. Newsprint.



SIZE: 10 " x 16 "


PRICE: $200


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