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Rare Advertising Brochure Map of Peking for Sanitary Fur Company

Simplified Map of Peking

DESCRIPTION: Rare, unrecorded pictorial advertising map of Peking or Beijing, China prepared ca. 1927 for the Sanitary Fur Company by the Department of Geology and Geography at Yenching University. The maps are signed by George Barbour (1). Format: small tourist-oriented folding brochure.

The interior of the brochure shows a two-panel "Simplified Map of Peking". Back panel with a smaller-scale "Plan of the Northern Environs of Peking."

According to an inserted sheet found within:
"The tanning of furs in China was started by Dr. H. S. Vincent, head of the Leather Department of Yenching University. This much needed step has popularized Chinese furs as the tanning makes them perfectly sanitary, all germs being killed in the process which also destroys the disagreeable smell so noticeable with Chinese furs imperfectly tanned."

Advertisement for the Sanitary Fur Company. Peking China. 1927.
Advertisement for the Sanitary Fur Company. 1927.

George Brown Barbour
(1890 - 1977)

(1) George Barbour, grandson of George Brown, a Prime Minister of Canada, completed a Ph.D. in Geology at Columbia University in 1927. He founded the Geology department at Yenching University. Barbour’s field work from 1929 to 1931 was mainly in Shansi and Shensi, attempting to work out the Pliocene and Pleistocene history of the Yellow River basin. Barbour was best known among geologists for his work on land forms and stratigraphy in north China. Notably, he dated the Choukoutien deposits containing the hominid fossils of Peking Man - Sinanthropus pekinensis (currently Homo erectus pekinensis)

Source: Online. Accessed 9/2023.

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CONDITION: Good.  Slight signs of age ... toning. Otherwise intact and solid on light card stock



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