British Admiralty Hydrographical Office

Acapulco Harbor

Acapulco Harbor from the United States Government Chart of 1881

DESCRIPTION: Neat, attractive, authentic 20th century nautical chart of Acapulco, Mexico by the British Admiralty after an 1881 U.S. chart. This chart has character. Though published by the Admiralty in 1972, this chart retains much of the style and appearance of earlier copper-plate engraved charts but on modern paper in fine condition. Features shown on the map include Fort San Diego, Isla Roqueta or Isla Grifo, Puerto Marques, Punta Rodrigo, Punta Diamante (Diamond Point), Punta Bruja, Bahia St. Lucia, Punta Lorenz, Farallon de Obispo, the Fiscal Wharf and las Dos Piedras. The town of Acapulco is shown as it must have looked when the chart was first published… very small in extent.

This chart was originally published in August 1849 but updated and corrected numerous times, as documented at bottom left of the chart,- including 1882 (re-engraved) and 1945, and this copy dates to 1972. Numerous soundings and aids to navigation are noted.

With two profile view insets: 1) "Acapulco from the Westward, Isla Roqueta, 093° distant 9 or 10 miles" Boca Chica and Puerto Marques and 2) "Acapulco from the S.W., I Roqueta 042° distant 9 or 10 miles" with Punta Diamante. Modern compass rose with half fleur-de-lis indicating North. Verso is stamped "Printed [19]72 1944 Acapulco Harbor. Folio 25. Consecutive number 11." Chart no. 1944.

CREATOR: British Admiralty Hydrographical Office



BODY OF WATER: Acapulco Bay

CONDITION: Very Good.  Excellent shape, on modern paper with some very small marginal tears. Outside the neatlines. Top margin 3/8 inch.



SIZE: 25 " x 19 "


PRICE: $125


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