British Admiralty Hydrographical Office

China From Hailing Island to Hong Kong with Macao


China Sheet I. Eastern Coast from Hui Ling Harbour to Hong Kong Surveyed by Capt. Sir F. Belcher, Comm. Bate, Lieut. Gordon R.N., and Capt. D. Rosa I.N.


Fine, very scarce original British Admiralty nautical chart of the coast of China west of Hong Kong by Belcher. Published in 1853 (1907), this fine sea chart was engraved by J & C Walker.

Coverage extends from Hailing Island (Hui Ling Island) past Macau and ends with Hong Kong. Includes three detailed inset charts and plans: Macao Harbour, Namo Harbour, and Hui-Ling (Hailing) Harbour.

First published Sept 4, 1853 according to an Act of Parliament at the Hydrographic Office of the Admiralty. Corrections to 1883 by Captain J. Calder of the Chinese Gunboat Sui-Tsing. Numerous minor corrections, with the last small correction in 1907. This chart 2212 is a later edition of Belcher's Admiralty chart 1625 "Mongchow to Hong Kong".

Verso with several MS chart collation numbers including a stenciled "143". Sold by J.D. Potter Agent for Admiralty Charts, 146 Minories. Chart number 2212. Two sheets joined; one vertical fold.

Admiral Sir Edward Belcher (1799 – 1877) was born in Nova Scotia and at age 13 enlisted as a volunteer in the British Royal Navy. Belcher went on to a long career as a British naval officer, hydrographer, and explorer. Belcher is credited with producing the first detailed map of Hong Kong in 1841, one year before the island was handed over to Britain.

CREATOR: British Admiralty Hydrographical Office



BODY OF WATER: South China Sea

CONDITION: Very Good.  Bright. Clean, strong, and without condition issues. Minor offsetting.

COLORING: None except minor red and yellow dots for aids to navigation.

ENGRAVER: J. & C. Walker

SIZE: 36 " x 18 "




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