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1982 Pictorial Advertising Map of Hong Kong


1982 Annual Poster of Hong Kong by Great Wall Poster Company


Scarce 1982 thematic pictorial advertising map for Hong Kong published by Great Wall Poster Company. Shows geographical locations around the city with numerous small pictorial advertisements for local businesses. A snapshot of the frenetic commercial activity surrounding Hong Kong in the last decade of the 20th century. Businesses of all sizes and sectors are represented on the map including transportation, hospitality, banking, and entertainment. For example:
  • Colosseum Disco
  • Japan Air Line
  • Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club
  • Far East Hydrofoil Co. Ltd.
  • Beefy's Bistro
  • Credit Suisse
  • Kowloon's number one nightspot 'Bottoms Up' (the basement)
Compass rose 1982 Annual Poster of Hong Kong by Tom Briggs.
1982 Hong Kong map compass rose "for Australian readers."

The creator uses humor to enliven the company descriptions and shows that at an early date there was concern about the reversion of Hong Kong to Chinese rule: "Buy your poster now, it may be smaller after 1997." Compass rose rotated 180 degrees with north oriented to bottom. Map has an antique appearance by design.

In this pictorial map pictograms are used along with text to identify specific commercial enterprises conducting business in Hong Kong. Based on a statement from a self-portrait of the copyright holder and author, Tom Briggs, the size of the advertisement was correlated to the amount that advertisers were willing to pay for a spot on the map "Well, how much do you want on the poster for sixteen bucks?"

CREATOR: Great Wall Poster Company



BODY OF WATER: Belcher Bay, Kowloon Harbor

CONDITION: Very good.  Photo-reproduction process based on a master hand-colored copy.

COLORING: Process color.


SIZE: 18 " x 28 "




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