Hayden, Walter Emmet

Mono County Hayden Fishermans Paradise Map 1941

Mono County - greets you - fisherman's paradise - reached via Bishop, Leevining, or Bridgeport.

DESCRIPTION: Early, scarce, 1941 edition of the Hayden Map Company's Fisherman's Paradise map for Mono County, California. Map # 818415. South oriented at upper left. Copyright 1941. Verso blank.

Shows numerous and substantial advertiser differences from the 1952/1955 edition at the Rumsey Map Collection and several topographic and road changes including but not limited to:
  • Lake Crowley covers a greater area in the 1941 edition, with the eastern portion of the lake extending past Chalk Bluff. Global warming?
  • In the 1955 edition Hayden extended map coverage to the northwest by approximately 4 miles and included Saddlebag Lake, perhaps to make room for additional advertisements.
  • The 1955 edition shows a new road linking U.S. 395 in the vicinity of Birchim Canyon to a feeder road and following the Owens River Road.
  • The 1955 edition no longer shows the road from rock creek Lake as extending along the Little Lakes Valley all the way to Lang Lake
  • In the 1955 edition upper right contains a price for the map of 25 cents, the price not included in the earlier edition.

Walter Emmet Hayden

The Hayden Map Company was founded by Walter Emmett Hayden in the early 1920's beginning with property maps and land surveys in the Los Angeles area (Glendale), California. In 1929 Hayden built a four-bedroom cabin / lodge at Mammoth Lake and with his wife operated a summer business at Mammoth Lake from 1929 - 1969. Hayden soon realized he could expand his map business by supplying meticulously detailed and information dense recreationally-oriented maps of the area to hunters, fishermen, outdoorsmen and to tourists for driving maps. All contain significant local advertising.

Hayden's maps we have located contain copyright dates between 1934 and 1962 with later-dated maps more likely to be printed in a color other than black and white (1). Initially, in the 1930's, Hayden's maps were free but by 1955 copies were priced at 25 cents or more "to control distribution."

(1) Online. Accessed 01/2023. https://californiarevealed.org/islandora/search/dc.creator%3A%22Hayden%5C%20Map%5C%20Company%22?page=2

CREATOR: Hayden, Walter Emmet



BODY OF WATER: Lake Crowley, Convict Lake

CONDITION: Very good.  Rolled. No folds.

COLORING: Black ink.


SIZE: 22 " x 14 "


PRICE: $400


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