Jefferys, Thomas

Antique Chart of Southern Mexico from Veracruz to Ciudad del Carmen

The Coast of New Spain from Neuva Vera Cruz to Triste Island by Thomas Jefferys Geographer to His Majesty

DESCRIPTION: Beautiful antique British chart of southern Mexico and Guatemala centered on the Mexican state of Oaxaca. This first edition chart by Thomas Jefferies in 1775, includes coastal features of the Bay of Campeche to the north and the Gulf of Tehuantepec on the Pacific or southern coast. This chart contains significant interior details including volcanos (e.g. Vulcan de San Martin or "el Pan de Mizapa"), rivers, mountains, and numerous towns and villages.

First, more scarce edition with spelling error in the title: "NEUva Veracruz". In the second edition the title was corrected to "NUEva Vera Cruz".

On the northern Gulf Coast in Mexico's Veracruz and Tabasco states significant habitations include Nueva Vera Cruz, San Juan de Ulua, a fort, guardhouse, and dock near the Laguna de Alvarado ("Rio Alvarado"), smaller villages both near the mouth of the Rio Gijalva and Frontera, and in the vicinity of Ciudad del Carmen ("Y. Triste"). Fascinating note south of the Laguna de Terminos at far right corner reads "Logwood Creeks occupied formerly by the English". Logwood, a small tree used to produce dye for clothing, was one of the main exports from the region. Notably, in 1675, the explorer and sometime buccaneer William Dampier traveled to "Campeachy" and worked among the logwood-cutters.

On the Pacific Coast, in the states of Oaxaca and Chiapas noted villages include: Puerto Angel ("Puerto de Angeles"), Puerto Escondido, Galera ("Punta de la Galera"), Tangolunda ("Tangolo or Tangolotanga"), "Puerta de la Ventosa", Salina Cruz, and Puerto San Jose, Guatemala ("Port of Guatimala").

Publishers attribution reads: "London. Printed for Rob.t Sayer, Map and Printseller. No 53 Fleet Street as the Act directs 20th Feb.y 1775. Online sources indicate that the misspelling of Nueva as "Neuva" is a characteristic of Jeffery's first state of this chart.

CREATOR: Jefferys, Thomas



BODY OF WATER: Gulf of Campeche

CONDITION: Very good.  Fine impression. Excellent example on heavy, chain-laid watermarked paper. Wide margins.

COLORING: Attractive wash hand color.


SIZE: 25 " x 19 "


PRICE: $920


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