Jefferys, Thomas

Plan of la Vera Cruz from Spanish Draughts.

Plan of la Vera Cruz from Spanish Draughts.

DESCRIPTION: Antique copperplate engraved map / port plan of the fortified city of 'la Vera Cruz' and historically significant Fort San Juan de Ulúa in the Mexican state of Veracruz. Published in 1762 by the prolific British engraver and publisher Thomas Jefferys (ca.1710-1771) in "A Description of the Spanish Islands and Settlements on the Coast of the West Indies, compiled from Authentic Memoirs, Revised by Gentlemen who have Resided Many Years in the Spanish Settlements".

It was on the island of San Juan de Ulúa that Spanish captain Juan de Grijalva first arrived in 1518, along with conquistador and author Bernal Díaz del Castillo ("The True History of the Conquest of New Spain"). That island was also the scene of a battle in 1569 between the Spanish Navy and a fleet led by John Hawkins that included Francis Drake. The treachery that the English perceived on the part of Spain at that battle helped to fuel antagonism between the two powers for many decades.

In Vera Cruz several key points are identified including the powder magazine, a 'magazine of masts for the galleons', and numerous churches, chapels, and sites associated with religious orders of Jesuits, Dominicans, Augustines, and Franciscans.

Plate 14. Page 64. Contains an 11 item legend.

CREATOR: Jefferys, Thomas



BODY OF WATER: Gulf of Mexico

CONDITION: Very Good  On heavy, clean, slightly browned chain-laid paper with a fleur-de-lis watermark.


ENGRAVER: Jefferys

SIZE: 9 " x 8 "


PRICE: $425


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