La Perouse, Jean François Galaup

Earliest obtainable map of the Monterey and Carmel, California region.

Plan de la Baie de Monterey Situee dans la Calfornie Septentrionale … pour servir au Voyage de M. de la Perouse.

DESCRIPTION: The first French edition of the antique early plan of Monterey Bay, Carmel, and Carmel Bay in California is an uncolored and historically significant chart. It is the only chart of La Pérouse's based on his own exploration, making it a foundational map for collectors of 18th-century California cartography. This chart represents the earliest obtainable map of the Monterey and Carmel region.

The hand-colored chart accurately portrays the small town of Carmel, featuring the Mission de St. Charles and the Presidio at a distance. The map provides insight into how the area's geography impacted the development of local transportation routes. It locates an anchorage (mouillage), Pointe du Nouvel-an (New Year Point near Santa Cruz), and the Montagnes de St. Lucie. The bay's rhumb lines are oriented with north to the left, adding to the rarity of the map.

This map is part of the French edition of the "Atlas du voyage de La Perouse," with L. Aubert as the engraver. It appears as Plate 34 within the atlas. Collectors and historians alike treasure this map as a crucial piece of 18th-century California cartography and a testament to La Pérouse's exploration of the Pacific.

Jean-François de Galaup, comte de La Pérouse (1741-1788?)

La Pérouse.was a renowned French explorer and naval officer. He was commissioned by King Louis XVI of France to complete the Pacific exploration initiated by British Captain James Cook. La Pérouse embarked on his expedition in 1785 with the ships Astrolabe and Boussole, along with a skilled crew.

During their journey, La Pérouse and his team charted the west coast of North America and Alaska in 1786, exploring the coasts of present-day Oregon and California. They also visited Easter Island and the Sandwich Islands (now known as Hawaii), further expanding their knowledge of the Pacific. The expedition reached Australia's Botany Bay in 1788, marking another significant milestone in their journey.

Unfortunately, while searching for the Solomon Islands, La Pérouse and his ships disappeared at sea, never to be found again. His disappearance remains one of the great mysteries of naval history. Despite the tragic end to his journey, La Pérouse's exploration of the Pacific contributed valuable knowledge to the world of cartography and helped pave the way for future explorers.

CREATOR: La Perouse, Jean François Galaup



BODY OF WATER: Pacific Ocean

CONDITION: Good  Somewhat dirty in margins and two nicely-managed repaired wormholes.

COLORING: Uncolored


SIZE: 13 " x 19 "


PRICE: $550


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