Monterey California Planning Commission

1939 Master Plan with 4 maps City of Monterey California

Master Plan of the City of Monterey, California submitted by the planning commission in collaboration with Mr. Emerson Knight, City Planning Advisor, May 24, 1939

DESCRIPTION: A landmark in planning for the city of Monterey, California, an early master plan to conserve local historic buildings and landscape features. A significant feature of those conservation efforts was Emerson Knight's establishment of a Ring Route (Map D.) that “links together most of the historic houses and makes broad suggestions for street tree and vacant lot planting." [1]

Rare Master Plan for the City of Monterey, California published May 24, 1939 by the Monterey California Planning Commission. 31 pages and acknowledgements, five maps, (4 detached), more. 8 1/2" x 11". Leather-like embossed card cover, string binding.

Contents include text, 15 photographic images (high quality; one color), small format master plan for the City of Monterey regional sketch map. 8" x 5".

Back section with sleeve containing four separate detached folding maps by Emerson Knight, City Planning Advisor, in top unused condition on fine thin paper. Maps printed by Modern Printing Company, Monterey, CA:
  • Map A. Conservation including protection of bay and beach frontage with proposed promenade. Emerson Knight. March 1939. 21" x 13".
  • Map B. Parks parkways and recreation showing publicly owned lands, all lands to be publicly acquired for parks, parkways, public buildings & streets also proposed promenade, bath house, and pedestrian ways. Emerson Knight. March 1939. 8" x 21".
  • Map C. Streets and highways existing traffic volumes proposed increase in traffic facilities. Emerson Knight. March 1939. 21" x 13".
  • Map D. Preservation of historic values including historic buildings and sites also showing historic ring route and proposed planting along course. Emerson Knight. March 1939. 21" x 13".
Emerson Knight (1882-1960) was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and studied art in Paris. Knight began supervising landscape developments for Cammillo Fancheschi in Santa Barbara, and in 1917 became an associate of Mark Daniels, a San Francisco landscape engineer.

"Knight worked for the Save-the-Redwoods League, the Monterey City Planning Commission, the California State Park Commission, and the National Park Service. He was elected as a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects, and established the San Francisco headquarters at his office so that the Society could qualify for representation in the San Francisco Federation of Arts. He was involved in the plan for the preservation of historic Monterey and worked on park surveys, including one with Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr. " [2]

Knight is probably best known for his design of the Mountain Theatre on Mount Tamalpais in Marin County.

[1] Painter, Diana J. Alta Mesa Historic Context Statement And Reconnaissance Survey. 2020. Online:
[2] Dean Luckhart. Emerson Knight: Landscape Architect 1882-1960. Paper for L.A. 2, University of California, Berkeley, 1962. Summarized online:

CREATOR: Monterey California Planning Commission



BODY OF WATER: Bay of Monterey

CONDITION: Excellent.  Maps look as though they have never been completely unfolded. Cover and contents are pristine except for normal light toning. You will like it!

COLORING: One color image, all others B&W.


SIZE: 13 " x 21 "


PRICE: $2400


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