Ponce, Nicolas. and Godefroy, Francois.

Époques de l'établissement des Européens dans les États Unis

Époques de l'établissement des Européens dans les États Unis

DESCRIPTION: One of the earliest available United States post-Revolutionary War population thematic maps, ca. 1784. Tabulates the population of the U.S. by state/territory.

Shaded geographic areas on this original antique map show the Northeast United States and the extent of the original territories of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina west to the Mississippi River. The shaded areas are tied back to a population table at left that shows the population for each territory. States and territories at the time of publication totaled a meager 3,119,676 persons, just 1% of the total population in 2013. This tabulation pre-dates the first official census that was conducted in 1790. In that earliest census the population was estimated at 3.92 million.

At right the major ports for each state are identified and at bottom the authors provide a brief history for each state. All area west of the Mississippi River is labeled "Louisiane".

French map published in Paris c. 1784. Source: "Collection d'estampes représentant les évenemens de la guerre, pour la liberté de l'Amérique Septentionale".

CREATOR: Ponce, Nicolas. and Godefroy, Francois.



BODY OF WATER: Atlantic Ocean

CONDITION: Very Good.  Clean and bright on chain-laid thick paper. One very small repaired hole at extreme bottom left margin.


ENGRAVER: Ponce and Godefroy

SIZE: 7 " x 7 "


PRICE: $375


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