Bordone, Benedetto

Early printed map of South America with Hispaniola and Jamaica

Iamaiqua, Spagnola

DESCRIPTION: One of the earliest printed maps and the first obtainable map of the South American continent. South America is not recognizable as such but it closely compares to Rosselli's world map of 1508 from which Bordonne derived the shape.

Includes the Caribbean islands of Jamaica ("Iamaiqua") and Hispaniola ("Spagnola"). Within the truncated area of South America, Bordonne names four major regions which he discussed in the text: "Chanchite", (in the vicinity of present-day Colombia), "Cuztana", "Maziatombal" (associated with the Amazon River), and "Paria" (which may be related to the eastern portion of Venezuela).

This scarce antique map was published from Venice in 1534, just 42 years after Christopher Columbus first landed in the New World. From the second edition of Benedetto di Bordone's "Isolario di Benedetto Bordone Nel qual si ragiona di tutte l'Isole del mondo, con li lor nomi antichi & moderni, historie, favole, & modi del loro vivere, & in qual parte del mare stanno, & in qual parallelo & clima giaciono. Con la gionta del Monte del Oro novamente ritrovato". The Isolario provided nautical-chart inspired maps of islands alongside information for travellers on their culture, myths, climate, and history. Bordonne depicts the interior of the island as mountainous with numerous rivers flowing to the sea.

Bordone (1460-1531) was a Paduan cartographer, and an illustrator of manuscripts, best known for his 'Isolario' or book of islands. Bordone's work was only the second isolario ever printed, the first being that of Bartolommeo Dalli Sonneti published in 1485. Text on verso in Italian.

CREATOR: Bordone, Benedetto



BODY OF WATER: Caribbean Sea

CONDITION: Very good.  Image is clean on a full sheet of chain-laid paper. One marginal note in ink. No major condition issues.



SIZE: 5 " x 3 "


PRICE: $800


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