Jefferys, Thomas

Antique Chart of the Turks Islands and Turks Islands Passage

Turks Islands, from a survey made in 1753, by the sloops l'Aigle and l'Emeraude, by order of the French Governor of Hispaniola, with improvements from observations made in 1770, in the Sr. Edward Hawke King's Schooner.

DESCRIPTION: A fine original antique British chart of the Turks Islands in the Caribbean Sea engraved by Thomas Jefferys. Covers Grand Turk Island, Salt Key, Sand Key, Cotton Island, Pelicans Island, and others in the vicinity. A foundational map for collectors, it is the earliest obtainable sea chart to focus solely on the Turks Islands, today a British Overseas Territory. (Note: The Caicos Islands are not included on this chart.)

Shows rocks, banks, reefs, shoals, anchorages, "Salt Rakers Huts" on the 2 main islands, rhumb lines. Printing done from a hand-engraved copper plate by Jefferys.

At Sand Key at point "A", on the Southern Bluff, a note reveals
" Upon this bluff (Sand Key) the French, after the late Peace, erected a Sea Mark which they were soon obliged to demolish."

The chart is from the scarce first edition of the West India Atlas" 1775 by Sayer, the other issues being 1781, 1787, 1794, 1796, 1807, and 1818 published by Sayer and then Laurie and Whittle. (Online).

From: "The West-India Atlas: or, A Compendious Description of the West-Indies: illustrated with Forty Correct Charts and Maps, taken from Actual Surveys. Together with An Historical Account of the Several Countries and Islands which compose that part of the world. Their Discovery, Situation, Extent, Boundaries, Product, Trade, Inhabitants, Strength, Government, Religion, &c." Author: Thomas Jefferys. Publishers: Robert Sayer. Jefferys died in 1771; Sayer acquired Jefferys' materials in preparation for this atlas, and published the atlas posthumously under his name.

CREATOR: Jefferys, Thomas



BODY OF WATER: Caribbean Sea

CONDITION: Good.  Clean and on heavy paper with no condition issues. Additional margin has been added to extend the existing shorter margin at left and right.

COLORING: Attractive hand color.


SIZE: 12 " x 18 "


PRICE: $900


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