U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey

8 Charts Inside Route New York to Key West or ICWW 1916

Inside Route Charts New York to Key West #'s 1 to 8 - 1916

DESCRIPTION: Very scarce and complete set of eight U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey folding navigational charts for the inside route for maritime traffic on the eastern coast of the United States from New York South. Third edition. These historical charts from 1916 predate the U.S. Government's ownership of the route which later became part of the Intracoastal Waterway (ICWW) . Placed end to end, the charts would extend over 18 feet long.

Includes the 94 page Coast Survey Sailing Directions that once housed the 8 charts in an attached interior envelope. Card cover. Binding intact. Price when issued was 20 cents.

A bit of research shows that in its early history some portions of the inside route were owned and dredged by private entities who charged a toll to vessels for passage, sometimes by stringing a chain across narrow passages to restrict traffic flow. In fact, chart 7 contains manuscript pencil annotations, obviously made during a voyage, of "Toll" and "Toll chain" that reflects that little-known fact. Interestingly, the toll chains are not noted as part of the official chart. After 1919 Congress mandated that the entire passage should be turned over to the Federal government and the tolls were eliminated.

Size of each chart when folded is approximately 8" x 5". These 8 lithographed working navigational charts capture the full extent of the eastern U.S. inside route in detail with some manuscript pencil annotations, especially in Florida. Chart sections include roughly these areas and chart sizes: (one dimension is typically 10" and the other dimension is below).
1. Jersey City to Philadelphia - 10"
2. Philadelphia to Norfolk - 33"
3. Norfolk to Cape Lookout - 28"
4. Cape Lookout to Murphy Island - 31"
5. Murphy Island to Fernandina - 35"
6. Fernandina to Cape Canaveral -28"
7. Cape Canaveral to Miami -32"
8. Miami to Key West - 24"

CREATOR: U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey



BODY OF WATER: Atlantic Ocean

CONDITION: Very good.  Charts from the northern stretches of the route show the least usage. Typically 1 fold in the longest dimension and numerous folds in the other direction, as issued.

COLORING: Navigational aids, and the suggested route to travel / navigational channel are highlighted in red.


SIZE:  " x "


PRICE: $585


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