Costa Rica

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1079Scarce 1622 map of Central America including Costa Rica.DetailsHerrera y Tordesillas, Antonio de1622
Scarce 1622 map of Central America including Costa Rica
Herrera y Tordesillas, Antonio de
$600.00Herrera-y-Tordesillas--Antonio-deScarce-1622-map-of-Central-America-including-Costa-RicaScarce map of the "Audiencia" or province of "Guatimala", then comprised of southern Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, <b>Costa Rica</b>,; and Belize. By Spanish court historian <b>Antonio de Herrera y Tordesillas</b> (1549-1625) in his history of America "Novus Orbis, sive Descrptio Indiae Occidentalis." <br></br> Some of the locations noted on the map include: the Gulf of Fonseca, San Miguel, San Salvador, Santiago de Guatemala, Chiapa de Corzo, Soconusco, the Gulf of Honduras, Puerto Cortes (Puerto de Caballos); Trujillo; and the islands of Coiba and Cébaco, Panama. <br></br> In Costa Rica, Herrera y Tordesillas identifies among other features: Nicoya, Isla de Chira, Cartago (16 mi. east of San Jose), and El Castillo (near the Arenal volcano). <br></br> Simple outline map with greater emphasis on identifying rivers, near offshore islands, and coastal features. The lack of any great detail on this map reflects the official policy of protecting Spanish knowledge of the New World. <br></br> Plate number 6. Uncolored.
5439Rare chart of the Gulf of Nicoya in Costa Rica.DetailsDampier, Wllliam1704
Rare chart of the Gulf of Nicoya Costa Rica
Dampier, Wllliam
$275.00Dampier--WllliamRare-chart-of-the-Gulf-of-Nicoya-Costa-RicaRare chart from 1704 of the Gulf of Nicoya in Costa Rica from an account of his "Voyage Round the World" by William Dampier (1651 - 1715). <br></br> The Gulf of Nicoya lies on the west coast of Costa Rica, about 50 miles from San Juan, the capital city.
5156Blue back sea chart for the west coast of South America.DetailsImray, James1849
Blueback chart Gulf of Nicoya to San Blas Central America.
Imray, James
$700.00Imray--JamesBlueback-chart-Gulf-of-Nicoya-to-San-Blas-Central-America-Antique blue back sea chart for the west coast of South America from Cape Corrientes in the state of Jalisco, Mexico trending southeast to Coiba Island, Panama about 275 miles south of the Gulf of Nicoya, Costa Rica. Published in 1849, during the California Gold Rush when clipper ships would have needed comprehensive navigational guidance along both coasts of South America, especially to ports and harbors for revictualling and repair. Includes seven engraved inset coastal elevation views. <br></br> Part 7 of an 8-chart series by James Imray for the navigation of the East and West Coast of America. Scarce, only one sale recorded of this chart in the AMPR. <br></br> Inset harbor charts include: Port Sihuatanijo, Port Acapulco, Port Guatulco, Port San Carlos, Realejo Harbour, Salinas Bay, Port Culebra, and San Blas.
1345Antique British Admiralty nautical chart of Costa Rica and Panama.DetailsBritish Admiralty Hydrographical Office1929
Antique Nautical Chart of Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Equador
British Admiralty Hydrographical Office
$225.00British-Admiralty-Hydrographical-OfficeAntique-Nautical-Chart-of-Costa-Rica--Panama--Colombia-and-EquadorLarge, graphically striking, antique engraved British Admiralty sea chart of the Pacific coast extending from the Gulf of Dulce, Costa Rica, through all of Panama, and down the west coast of Colombia and Equador. The beauty of this chart lies in the extensive and bold engraving of mountain ranges and other topographical details. <br></br> Numerous lighthouses are picked out with red or yellow highlights. Last corrections made in manuscript with red ink. <br></br> First published by the Admiralty from London in August 1903 under the superintendence of Royal Navy Hydorgrapher Rear Admiral Wharton. This very attractive edition of the scarce Admiralty chart was printed with last corrections to 1929. <br></br> Sold by J.D. Potter Agent for The Admiralty.