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828Antique  blueback chart of Myanmar ( Burma ) and Irawaddy River deltaDetailsJames Imray and Son1876
Rice Ports of India
James Imray and Son
$1,800.00James-Imray-and-SonRice-Ports-of-IndiaPrivately published blueback chart of the Myanmar ( Burma ) coast including the entire Irawaddy River delta and the Gulf of Martaban. In the 1860's and 1870's as a result of Britain's investment in flood control projects in the Irawaddy River Basin, Burma was transformed into the world's largest rice exporter. This large antique chart would have provided ship owners and sailing masters in the rice trade with a single sheet that offered both small-scale and large-scale navigational information for many of the destinations they sailed from. Inset charts of: Kyouk Phyou, Aracan River, Bassein River, Rangoon River, Bentick Sound and Amherst Road. <br></br> Blueback charts are recognizable from the blue paper backing that was attached to a nautical chart to provide the needed strength to withstand hard usage at sea. Published by James Imray and Son, 89 Minories and Tower Hill, London, 1876. James Imray and Sons is one of the firms that over the last two centuries combined to form Imray Laurie Norie & Wilson Ltd. <br></br> The following description of the chart was published by Rosser and Imray in the Catalog section of their 1867 "Seaman's Guide" : <div class="indenttextblock">A chart on two large sheets of the the coasts of the Bay of Bengal between latitudes 13° and 21° N, longitudes 92° and 98° E. With plans of Akyab, Kyou, Phiouk, Bassein River, Rangoon River, Maulmain, and Kalegouk Island anchorage. A very useful chart for Shipmasters bound to Akyab, Rangoon, or Maulmain as it exhibits the navigation on a larger scale than any hitherto published. (Rosser, William H. and Imray, James F. <b>"The Seaman's Guide to the Navigation of the Indian Ocean and China Sea."</b> <a href="">Internet</a>. 6/11/2015) </div> </br> Laid to blue paper for protection with cloth selvage. Original cloth map ties. Yellow label from the Imray firm attached on verso.