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96Antique nautical charts and nautical maps for sale Djerba by CoronelliDetailsCoronelli, Vincenzo1691
Isola e Castello di Gerbi
Coronelli, Vincenzo
$325.00Coronelli--VincenzoIsola-e-Castello-di-GerbiA large antique sheet (13.5x19.5) from Coronelli's well known Isolario or Island Book with a map the island of Djerba off the north coast of Africa. With an inset of the Djerba Castle in upper right. <BR> </BR> An interesting combination of styles, typefaces , and the broadsheet format makes this page by the famous Venetian cartographer a valuable addition to any collection at little cost. Copperplate engraving with Italian letterpress text below and on verso. Ornate capital letter "C". Page 301.
97 Antique nautical charts and nautical maps  Coronelli's isolarioDetailsCoronelli, Vincenzo1691
Penon di Velez Isola della Goleta
Coronelli, Vincenzo
$250.00Coronelli--VincenzoPenon-di-Velez-Isola-della-GoletaA large antique sheet (13.5x19.5) from Coronelli's well known 'Isolario' or Island Book . Contains two engravings on opposing pages not backing on to the other. The engravings are nautical maps of two stronghold islands off the Moroccan and Tunisian coasts: Penon di Velez and Isola della Goleta. Italian letterpress text.
765Antique navigation chart for the Coast of Tunisia, AfricaDetailsBritish Admiralty Hydrographical Office1898
Antique Chart for the Coast of Tunisia Africa
British Admiralty Hydrographical Office
$175.00British-Admiralty-Hydrographical-OfficeAntique-Chart-for-the-Coast-of-Tunisia-AfricaAntique British Admiralty working navigation chart for the Coast of Tunisia, Africa from the Fratelli Rocks west of Bizert ( Benzert ) extending southeastward past Tunis, Cape Carthage, Cap Bon, the Gulf of Hammamet, Monastir, and terminating near Mahedia. Detailed soundings and countour lines. Unlike many nautical charts this example provides good topographical detail extending well into the interior especially in the area of the Cape Bon peninsula. <br></br> With a purple inked stamp from the charts's owner with the vessel's name and home port: 'Vapor Jose Gallart, Barcelona' . The steamship Ramon Alonso R. was originally launched in 1898 by British shipbuilder Elder and Dempsey. She was sold in 1901 to Catalan shipping firm A. Folch y Cia who renamed her the 'Jose Gallart'. (Source: Vida Maritima.)