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Our collection of antique maps and charts feature stunning aerial perspectives from around the world, dating back to the 18th century. Our Birdseye Views selection showcases a wide array of topographical and cultural details, allowing you to explore distant lands and long-forgotten cities as if you were there yourself. From a 1945 Okinawa, Japan blueprint map to 1997 Jacksonville, Florida Skyline Posters with Jacksonville Jaguars Stadium, our Birdseye Views selection offers something for everyone!

Experience the beauty of nature from a unique angle with our Antique 1923 Bird's Eye View Map of California Pacific Coast - San Francisco Bay & San Pablo Bay or take a journey through history with Antique 1905 Birds'-eye View Pictorial Map of Connecticut Valley Electric Transit Route. Buy a piece of history with Eli Leon's rare 1968 UC Berkeley Fish-eye Campus Poster or get lost in time with Vintage 1959 Pictorial Map of Wellington, NZ. Discover hidden gems like our Antique 1920's Panoramic Birds-Eye View of Ormond-on-the-Bay & Muriel Estates or a unrecorded mid 20th-Century Pictorial Route Map of James River Ceramics Club.

At we are passionate about providing access to rare and unique bird's eye views for your viewing pleasure! With our collection featuring an array of different cultures, geographies and periods in history, you are sure to find something that will capture your imagination! Browse our selection today and explore the world through the eyes of a bird!

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12941599 birds-eye plan of the area around Valletta, Malta.DetailsBertelli, Pietro1599
Early antique birds-eye plan of Valetta, Malta
Bertelli, Pietro
$575.00Bertelli--PietroEarly-antique-birds-eye-plan-of-Valetta--MaltaA charmingly detailed birds-eye plan of the area around <b>Valletta, Malta</b> which appeared in the scarce first edition of Pietro Bertelli's "Theatrum Urbium Italicarum", Venice, 1599. Features that Bertelli noted by name on the copper-engraved plan include Malta Citta, Castel di S. Angelo, Castel S. Elmo, Borgo S. Angelo, and Borgo S. Michel. Some experts consider this to be "one the earliest obtainable plans of Malta". With a Maltese-cross cartouche and numerous galleys shown in the harbor. <br></br> Produced less than forty years after the Siege of Malta in May 1565, when the Ottoman Empire invaded Malta, then held by the Knights Hospitaller (also known as the Knights of Malta or Knights of Rhodes). <br></br> The years leading up to the Siege in 1565 saw the Islands under constant threat from the Ottoman Turks. In 1551, the Ottomans carried out an audacious raid, which saw most of Gozo's population taken into slavery. In 1559, the Knights responded, but with a disastrous attack on Djerba, the Ottoman stronghold on the Tunisian coast. <br></br> The Knights knew they were vulnerable in Malta despite the harbours and their two forts, St. Angelo, in what is now Vittoriosa, and newly-built St. Elmo, on the open peninsula of Mount Sciberras overlooking the harbours (later known as Grand Harbour and Marsamxett Harbour). The heroic Knights and Maltese citizens stuggled for many weeks and at the beginning of September, the Ottomans were concerned about having to remain in Malta during the winter, with a long supply-line, and their morale began to fade. Long-awaited relief forces appeared at Mellieħa Bay and the Ottoman troops retreated, but not before losing thousands more men. Today Malta's capital Valetta is named after the Knight's Grand Master Jean de la Valette. (<a href="" target="_blank">Internet</a>)
3615Fine antique birds-eye view of the Oresund.DetailsBodenher, Gabriel1704
Attractive antique birds-eye view of the Oresund with Kronborg Castle and Copenhagen
Bodenher, Gabriel
$325.00Bodenher--GabrielAttractive-antique-birds-eye-view-of-the-Oresund-with-Kronborg-Castle-and-CopenhagenFine antique birds-eye view of the Oresund, the sound that separates Seeland (Denmark) from Schonen (Sweden). The copperplate-engraved view by Gabriel Bodenher is from the perspective of a viewer looking south into the north entrance of the Oresund. At the right are Helsingor, Kronborg Castle (Cronenburg), and Copenhagen. At left on the east side of the sound lie Helsingborg (Ellingburg), Landskrona (Lands Croon) and Malmo. Warships bearing flags of several nations are underway heading south in the direction of Copenhagen. <br></br> Gabriel Bodenehr (1673- 1765) was a German map maker and member of a famous family of Augsburg engravers and publishers. Bodenher is best known for his main work, Atlas Curieux, first published in 1704.
5264Antique map of Cote d'Azur in Provence, France from Nice to Monaco.DetailsBodenher, Gabriel1704
Antique bird's-eye view of Cote d'Azur Provence Nice Monaco
Bodenher, Gabriel
$350.00Bodenher--GabrielAntique-bird-s-eye-view-of-Cote-d-Azur-Provence-Nice-MonacoFine antique engraved bird's-eye coastal view of a small portion of the Cote d'Azur in Provence, France from Nice to Monaco. Decorated beautifully with drawings of galleys and several square-rigged sailing vessels. During this time period up to forty French galleys, stationed in Marseilles, France, provided protection and projected France's power in the region. <br></br> Fine detail and careful engraving make this a very beautiful record of the Cote d'Azur from almost 320 years ago. Legend below in German keyed to 25 important locations including Nice (Niza), Villefranche-sur-Mer, Cap Ferrat, and Monaco. <br></br> Taken from G. Bodenher's "Europeans Macht und Pracht", a series of engravings depicting city views, plans, fortresses and castles in Europe. Gabriel Bodenher was a publisher of maps and prints in Augsburg, Germany.
2575Map of Marseille and birds-eye view of the city of Marseille, FranceDetailsCoronelli, Vincenzo1706
Scarce antique map and plan of Marseilles, France
Coronelli, Vincenzo
$275.00Coronelli--VincenzoScarce-antique-map-and-plan-of-Marseilles--FranceVery scarce map of the Bay of Marseille and surrounding area with a birds-eye view of the city of Marseille, France (Marseglia). Marseilles was the home of France's 'Corps de Galleres' or rowing galleys with lateen-rigged sails. The main fleet of French Navy sailing vessels was headquarted in Toulon, France. The two services were combined in 1744. <br></br> Shows a very early view of Marseilles predating the construction and fortification of the town's southern side. In 1660, Louis XIV ensured Marseilles would become the premier commercial port of France in the Mediterranean. Louis commissioned significant new fortifications, and was reported to have said “We noticed that the inhabitants of Marseilles were extremely fond of nice fortresses. We wanted to have our own at the entrance to this great port.” <br></br> From "La Francia Divisa in XII Prefetture" , a section of Coronelli's multi-volume "Teatro delle citta e porti principali dell'Europa…" Plate 3 with previous plate number 212. Verso blank
3692Antique map of Portobelo, Panama.DetailsHomann Heirs1743
Scarce antique view of Portobelo, Panama
Homann Heirs
$225.00Homann-HeirsScarce-antique-view-of-Portobelo--PanamaVery scarce birds-eye view of Portobelo, Panama in Colon Province during its capture and destruction in 1739-1742 during the War of Jenkins' Ear. The map depicts the town of Portobelo, Fort Gloria, and the immediate vicinity, including the harbor and Fort Hierro (iron), constructed across the harbor from Portobelo. Several sailing ships depict a naval battle scene and notes in the title block identify and explain sixteen important locations and actions on the view. <br></br> Portobelo was founded in March 1597 as "San Felipe de Portobelo". A military compound, Portobelo belonged to a Spain's colonial defensive system, including Veracruz (Mexico), Cartagena (Colombia), and Havana (Cuba), to protect the route of commercial trade between the Americas and Spain. Portobelo, where the annual late summer trade fairs were held, was one of the principal Caribbean ports and played a leading role controlling Spain's imperial trade in the Americas. <br></br> Published by the firm Homann Heirs. Homann Heirs (also "Homannianis Heredibus" or "Homann Erben" or "Heritiers de Homann") was a company established after the death of German cartographer J.B. Homann to carry on the map publishing business of the firm he started in the early 1700's. The designation "Homann Heirs" appears on maps published by that successor firm from about 1730 to 1848.
4857Antique plan of Goa and the Port of Goa.DetailsBellin, Jacques Nicolas1750
Antique engraved plan of Goa, India
Bellin, Jacques Nicolas
$325.00Bellin--Jacques-NicolasAntique-engraved-plan-of-Goa--IndiaFine mid eighteenth-century birds-eye view map (plan) of Goa and the Port of Goa, on the southwest coast of India, under Portuguese rule from 1510 to 1961. If you look carefully on the beach you can see two elephants, apparently used for heavy work at the docks and shipyard. A fine legend at right, in an elaborate title cartouche, names twenty-nine locations on the plan. <br></br> A fine view of Goa as it existed in 1607 by the prolific desk-cartographer J.N. Bellin. The plan is from the 1607 voyage of Admiral Paulus van Caerden, with the Dutch East India Company (VOC). From Prevost's 'Collection of Voyages'. <br></br> North is oriented to the bottom. Tome VIII No IX. <br></br> French hydrographer Jacques Nicolas Bellin (1703-1772) was born in Paris and educated as an engineer. In 1741, Bellin became the first Ingénieur de la Marine of the Depot des cartes et plans de la Marine (the French Hydrographical Office) and was named Official Hydrographer of the French King. Bellin's largest and most comprehensive work is the "Petit Atlas Maritime Recueil De Cartes et Plans Des Quatre Parties Du Monde Petit Atlas Maritime".
5375Fine birds eye view of the Gulf Coast to New Orleans in 1886.DetailsLouisville and Nashville Railroad1886
Birds Eye View of Gulf Coast Louisville and Nashville Railroad
Louisville and Nashville Railroad
$725.00Louisville-and-Nashville-RailroadBirds-Eye-View-of-Gulf-Coast-Louisville-and-Nashville-Railroad</br>"The Great Through Car Line Between the North and South."</br> "Unrivaled in Speed, Construction and Equipment." <br></br> Fine bird's eye view of the central Gulf Coast highlighting the route of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad from Mobile, Alabama, through Mississippi, to New Orleans, Louisiana. The route includes Bay St. Louis, Ocean Springs, Pass Christian, Mississippi City, Biloxi, Pascagoula. Numerous steam-powered and wind-powered vessels are shown plying the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Lake Ponchartrain and the Mississippi River. <br></br> Six-panel folding map, neatly folded inside a 64-page pamphlet (4.5 " x 7.25") titled "The Gulf Coast". With the ink stamp of Sam. B. Jones, General Agent, New York. Published by the passenger department of the Louisville and Nashville R.R. <br></br> Printed in Louisville, KY by the Press of the Courier-Journal Job Printing Company.
5475Lithographed bird's-eye view of Vineyard Haven by Walker.DetailsGeorge W. Walker Lithograph and Publishing Co1895
Vineyard Haven birds eye view 1893 1895
George W. Walker Lithograph and Publishing Co
$3,750.00George-W--Walker-Lithograph-and-Publishing-CoVineyard-Haven-birds-eye-view-1893-1895Original lithographed bird's-eye view of Vineyard Haven and Vineyard Haven Harbor on the Island of Martha's Vineyard. Second state of this view, ca. 1895, by George W. Walker, lithographer, first issued in 1893 [1]. Looking east, Walker's view takes in the wharf, the waterfront, and the harbor with many sailing vessels. Measures 18" x 14" within the neat lines. <br></br> This view is quite scarce on the market. No sales recorded in AMPR; no holdings in WorldCat. <br></br> Vineyard Haven, is a working harbor village in the town of Tisbury, Massachusetts a year-round port for Martha’s Vineyard island. Locations in Vineyard Haven that Walker included in his list of references include: the East Chop light; Mansion House; Windmill; sailor's free reading room; and Lagoon Heights. Walker also identifies by name the homes of important Vineyard Haven residents including Dr. William Leach, Captain Benjamin C. Cromwell, Captain Clough, Captain P.L. Smith, and Captain Owens. <br></br> The second state of Walker's view of Vineyard Haven is easily identified as it contains two additional location names on the bottom roll of the scroll of references: 'Grove Hill House' and 'Association Hall'. Also, in the upper right quadrant there are numerous street additions and deletions as compared to the first edition. The second edition also contains marginal text denoting the four compass directions. <br></br> [1] Online. Vineyard Haven bird's-eye view. 1st. Walker. 1893. <br>[ Mass. , MA ]
1072Fine pocket map of Boston Harbor and surrounding regionDetailsGeorge W. Walker Lithograph and Publishing Co1897
1897 Birds-eye View of Boston Harbor
George W. Walker Lithograph and Publishing Co
$340.00George-W--Walker-Lithograph-and-Publishing-Co1897-Birds-eye-View-of-Boston-HarborBird's-eye folding pocket map of Boston Harbor and surrounding region to the east. Numerous steamers and sailing ships are shown underway in the waters offshore Boston, Massachusetts; Winthrop and Squantum . <br></br> Very fine condition makes this a desirable addition to your collection. The map extends from the coastal area of East and South Boston across the water to the main ship channel and the Boston Light. It locates Winthrop, Thompson's Island, Moon Island, Deer Island, Nahant, Green Island, the Brewster Islands, Strawberry Hill, Fort Warren, Hough's Neck and much more. Several key steets are identified within Boston: Atlantic Avenue, Summer Street, Broadway, Dorchester Street, and State Street to name a few. <br></br> Copyright 1897 by George H. Walker and Company, Harcourt Street, Boston MA.. Shows steamer routes to Nantasket Beach, Nahant, Winthrop and more. On the inside cover is an list of railroad maps; a list of road maps is on the back. <br></br> Single-color chromolithograph. It folds into paper covers titled "Bird's-Eye View of Boston Harbor." Walker's maps were often sold as advertising maps under another name, most notably by the Union News Co. Map is attached to the cover as issued.
1080Stunning bird's-eye view map from Mt. Washington New Hampshire.DetailsGeorge W. Walker Lithograph and Publishing Co1902
Stunning Birds Eye View of Mt. Washington, New Hampshire
George W. Walker Lithograph and Publishing Co
$1,725.00George-W--Walker-Lithograph-and-Publishing-CoStunning-Birds-Eye-View-of-Mt--Washington--New-HampshireStunning bird's-eye view from <b>Mt. Washington New Hampshire</b> in exquisite condition. The view centers on the summit of Mt. Washington, depicting the famous “Tip Top House” and other structures. The summit is shown surrounded by a ring of clouds that sets it apart from the other peaks. Shown in concentric circles falling away from Mt. Washington are the other major peaks of New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont, with numerous small towns and villages snuggled in the valleys. This colorful lithographed view of Mt. Washington is considered by many to be the most beautiful of all the birds-eye views published near the beginning of the 20th century. <br></br> Almost unused condition and still attached to its original folder. Very rare to find this view and cover in such fine condition. Photographs and text on the verso of the view about the history of Mount Washington, e.g. <div class="indenttextblock"> … , the ancient "Agiochook" (mountain with snowy forehead) of the Indians is the highest point of land in eastern North America. .." </div> <br></br> Created by George W. Walker, Boston, MA.and issued ca. 1902 by the passenger department of the Boston and Maine Railroad. Numerous legend entries are keyed numerically to 189 locations are identified on the view. <br></br> <b>Key features (among 189 listed) include:</b> <div class="indenttextblock"> <ul> <span style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li> Mt. Washington R.R. Train</li> <li>Summit House</li> <li>Mount Eastman</li> <li>Mount Doublehead</li> <li>Mount Pleasant, Maine</li> <li>Isle of Shoals, New Hampshire</li> <li>Sebago Lake, Maine</li> <li>Mount Madison</li> <li>Baldface Mountain</li> <li>Carter Dome</li> <li>Mount Mansfield, Vermont</li> <li>Connecticut River</li> <li>Killington Peaks, Vermont</li> <li>Lake Winnipesaukee</li> <li>Mount Wachusett, Massachusetts</li> <li>Squam Lake</li> <li>Lake Sunapee</li> </span> </ul> </div>
4941Boston and Maine Railroad (1903) with summer excursions.DetailsBoston and Maine Railroad1903
Boston and Maine Railroad Summer Excursions with five maps
Boston and Maine Railroad
$350.00Boston-and-Maine-RailroadBoston-and-Maine-Railroad-Summer-Excursions-with-five-mapsRare booklet from the Boston and Maine Railroad (1903) with Summer Excursions, rates, stage and steamer connections. Includes five maps and birds-eye views on thin paper. 88 pages. Thin card covers. 4" x 8" overall.<br></br> "Boston and Maine Railroad Summer Excursions to the White Mountains, Mount Desert, Adirondacks, Catskills, Montreal and Quebec, Winnipesaukee, Memphremagog, Champlain, Rangeley and Moosehead lakes and the New England Beaches." <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>1) "Bird's Eye Map of the White Mountains reached by Boston and Maine." Birds-eye view map of the White Mountains in New Hampshire. </li> <li>2) Map of Lake Winnipesaukee and Vicinity Reached by Boston and Maine and Steamer Mt. Washington. Printed by Rand, Avery Supply Co,. Engineers and Printers, Boston.<.li> <li>3) Lake Memphremagog and About There. Boston and Maine Railroad. Printed by Rand Avery Supply Company, Boston, Mass.</li> <li>4) Fishing and Hunting Resorts reached by Boston and Maine Railroad Connections.</li> <li>5) Map of Lake Sunapee and Vicinity Reached by Boston and Maine Railroad. Rand, Avery Supply Co,. Engineers, Boston, Mass.</li> </ul> </div> Issued by the Passenger Department, Boston and Maine Railroad. 1903. Boston City Ticket Office: 322 Washington Street Cor. Of Milk Street
5136Antique half-tone panoramic View of Havana Cuba from 1904.DetailsSeaboard Air Line Railway1904
Antique Panoramic View of Havana Cuba
Seaboard Air Line Railway
$550.00Seaboard-Air-Line-RailwayAntique-Panoramic-View-of-Havana-CubaAntique folding half-tone panoramic view of Havana, Cuba (1904) titled "Havana Harbor and City." A very fine view from a brochure by the Seaboard Air Line Railway "Cuba" promoting the route of the Peninsular and Occidental Steamship Company's steamship from Port Tampa to Key West, Florida to Havana. <br></br> A drawing, resembling a photograph, showing a panoramic view taken from the perspective of La Cabaña, (Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabaña). At upper right the view shows Morro Castle and lighthouse at the entrance to Havana Bay. Across the bay, the city of Havana shines, while sailing vessels and steam powered ships ply the waters of the bay. A reviewer of the period described the work as: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> … a panoramic view of Havana Harbor and City superbly reproduced in half-tone, the sky and water effects being especially meritorious, showing skillful overlay and press-work." [1]. </ul> </div> Brochure printed by Edgell Press. Cover to brochure included. <BR></BR> [1] Ryan, Charles B. Transportation. January 1904. No. 1. p. 29.
6649Map of the Connecticut Valley Electric Transit Trolley RouteDetailsPerkins, T.C.1905
1905 Connecticut Valley Electric Transit Route Pictorial
Perkins, T.C.
$250.00Perkins--T-C-1905-Connecticut-Valley-Electric-Transit-Route-PictorialBirds'-eye view pictorial map of the Connecticut Valley, following the Connecticut River. Shows the Electric Transit Trolley Route from Hartford, Connecticut To Greenfield, Massachusetts. The route includes the towns of Hartford, Chicopee, Springfield, Holyoke, Greenfield, and Turner Falls with population centers shown pictorially in profile. <br><br> The Connecticut Valley Electric Transit Route was a trolley line that operated in the early 20th century, specifically from 1905 to 1926, in the Connecticut River Valley region of Massachusetts. The line was a part of the Springfield Street Railway Company, which was one of the largest electric streetcar systems in the United States at the time. <br><br> The Connecticut Valley Electric Transit Route ran from Springfield to Holyoke, Northampton, and Amherst, and it was an important transportation link for people living in those areas. The trolley line connected these towns and allowed for easy travel between them, which was especially important for college students attending schools in the region, such as Amherst College and Smith College. <br><br> Mount Tom is a mountain located in Holyoke, Massachusetts, in the Connecticut River Valley region. The mountain has an elevation of 1,202 feet (366 meters) and offers sweeping views of the surrounding area. In the early 20th century, Mount Tom was a popular tourist destination, and it was a common stop on the Connecticut Valley Electric Transit Route. The trolley line had a station at the base of the mountain, and visitors could take a funicular railway up Mount Tom. Once at the top of Mount Tom, visitors could enjoy a range of activities, including hiking, picnicking, and even a zoo. The mountain was also home to a popular amusement park, which featured a roller coaster, a Ferris wheel, and other rides and attractions. <br><br>Published by T.C. Perkins Hartford, Connecticut 1905. E.A. Sherman del.
716Birdseye map from Boston, to Gloucester and Marblehead, MassachusettsDetailsGeorge W. Walker Lithograph and Publishing Co1907
Boston Harbor and the North Shore
George W. Walker Lithograph and Publishing Co
$260.00George-W--Walker-Lithograph-and-Publishing-CoBoston-Harbor-and-the-North-ShoreOrginal antique birdseye view folding map of Boston Harbor by George Walker shows ferry routes, steamer routes and railroad lines between Boston and points both within Boston Harbor and to outlying towns. This fascinating old lithographed map differs from other birdseye-view maps we are aware of from this era because it includes Marblehead, Lynn, Salem and extends north-eastwards to Gloucester, Massachusetts. We can date the map with confidence because it clearly shows the Wonderland Amusement Park at Revere Beach which failed after five years, operating exclusively between 1906 and 1911. Wonderland, served by the Revere Beach and Lynn Railroad, was modeled along the lines of the World's Fairs of that era and included roller coasters, technological exhibits, theaters and a boardwalk. <br></br> Noted points of interest include Charlestown, Point of Pines, Magnolia, Baker's Island, Thompson's Island, "the Pumping Station", Dorchester Bay, Squantum, Norfolk Downs, Quincy Bay, Hough's Neck, Hingham Harbor, Winthrop, Beachmont, Great Head, Peddock's Island, Nantasket Beach, Port Allerton, the town of Hull with Fort Revere, George's Island with Fort Warren, Deer Island, Lovell's Island, Lynn, Swampscott, Thatcher's Island, Strawberry Hill, and many more. Captures several local lighthouses and aids to navigation including Boston Light, Long Island Light, Fawn Bar Beacon, Graves Light, and far out the bay - a whisting buoy. <br></br> Original lithograph by George W. Walker, lithographer of Boston in landscape format is in very good condition for a 105+ year old map. Was originally folded into a card cover but the front half has disappeared leaving the map attached to the back cover, as issued. <br></br>
2514Birds-eye view of Provincetown, Massachusetts.DetailsGeorge W. Walker Lithograph and Publishing Co1910
Birds-eye view of Provincetown, Massachusetts.
George W. Walker Lithograph and Publishing Co
$450.00George-W--Walker-Lithograph-and-Publishing-CoBirds-eye-view-of-Provincetown--Massachusetts-A fine panoramic birds-eye view of Provincetown, Mass. With Cape Cod Bay and the Atlantic Ocean in the background. Throughout Provincetown Harbor large ships and smaller sailing craft sail about; Long Point at bottom left corner. At the far horizon, barely visible at a distance are: Plymouth, Sunset Light, Standish Monument, Wireless Station - Duxbury, Blue-Hills, Boston, Boston Light, Minots Light, and the Boston Light Ship. Folds to 3" x 5" inside the cover still attached to the back of the lithograph, as issued. <br></br> Very fine condition for an antique folding lithographed map. Copyright 1910 by Walker Lithograph.
4736Antique nautical birds-eye view of Boston and environsDetailsMurphy, John F.1915
Birds Eye View of Boston Harbor and South Shore to Provincetown
Murphy, John F.
$275.00Murphy--John-F-Birds-Eye-View-of-Boston-Harbor-and-South-Shore-to-ProvincetownA fine, original, early 20th-century folding harbor excursion map of Boston Harbor ready for framing. This fine antique birds-eye view is bright, in great condition with no holes or tears as is common. <BR> </BR> Coverage includes South Boston, Nantasket Beach, Hough's Neck, South Bay, Pleasure Bay, Boston Harbor, Dorchester Bay, Quincy Bay, Hingham, Squantum, and Cape Cod Bay to Provincetown. Verso is blank. Index on inside cover with 35 points of interest keyed on the map. <BR> </BR> Published by Union News Company , South Station, Boston, Massachusetts. Price is noted on the front cover as "10 cents". Manuscript owner's name on cover, detached but present.
1005Antique nautical birds-eye view Boston Harbor and surrounding area.DetailsFinn, W.J.1917
Birdseye View of Boston Harbor by Union News Co.
Finn, W.J.
$240.00Finn--W-J-Birdseye-View-of-Boston-Harbor-by-Union-News-Co-Folding antique colored harbor excursion map from ca. 1917 of South Boston, Boston Harbor, Dorchester Bay, Quincy Bay, and Cape Cod Bay to Provincetown. This colorful survivor shows steamship routes to coastal towns and identifies many nearby islands. <br></br> This map could have been purchased by passengers aboard any steamboat plying the routes shown on the map including: <div class="indenttextblock"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>To Europe</li> <li>To Provincetown</li> <li>To Plymouth</li> <li>To Nantasket</li> <li>To New York</li> </ul> </div> Legend at bottom identifies numerous islands and other features as a sample below illustrates: <div class="indenttextblock"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Nixes Mate</li> <li>Snake Island</li> <li>Commonwealth Pier</li> <li>Minots Light</li> <li>Rowes Wharf</li> </ul> </div> Without the advertisements sometimes found on the cover. Price is noted on the front as "10 cents".
5124A fine oblique elevated view of the harbor at St. Petersburg, Florida.DetailsStraub, W.L.1917
Antique airplane views of St. Petersburg Florida
Straub, W.L.
$400.00Straub--W-L-Antique-airplane-views-of-St--Petersburg-FloridaBrochure with maps and scarce airplane views of St. Petersburg, Florida including a fine oblique elevated view of the harbor: "St. Petersburg, the Place 'of Proved Desire and Known Delight' " by artist W.L. Straub (15" x 6"). Found at the center of a six-panel folding brochure- "St. Petersburg Florida, The Sunshine City Issued by the St. Petersburg Board of Trade." <br></br> Along with numerous smaller illustrations and photographs the brochure includes additionally two fine views and two maps: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>View of the "mole", the "spa", the municipal pier and bathing beaches</li> <li>Panoramic view of St. Petersburg, Fla. from the Plaza Theater (by Van Deventer & Sons 1913.</li> <li>Map showing location of St. Petersburg Florida with Railroad and Steamship Connections.</li> <li>Map of Pinellas County, Florida showing location of St. Petersburg "The Sunshine City".</li> Brochure folds to 9" x 4".
6538Lithographed map of Pinellas County, Florida  by Weston, 1919.DetailsWeston, T.W.1919
Map of Pinellas County Florida with Fishing Grounds
Weston, T.W.
$250.00Weston--T-W-Map-of-Pinellas-County-Florida-with-Fishing-GroundsColorful lithographed map (8" x 16") of Pinellas County, Florida in 1919 by T.W. Weston issued in a folding 4" x 9" brochure by the Pinellas County Board of Trade. In addition to the Pinellas County map, the brochure includes a fine small oblique birds-eye view - "Dunedin - a typical coast town" (Fig 1.), a small regional distance chart extending for 1500 miles from Pinellas County (Fig 2.), descriptive text, and numerous photographs. <br><br> <div id="1" align="center"> <a title="Dunedin, Florida Birds-eye View"></a> <img id="1" src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6538/SC_6538_Detail1.jpg" alt="Dunedin, Florida 1919 Birds-eye View" width="320"/> <br><small>Fig. 1 - 1919 Birds-eye View of Dunedin, Florida.</small> </div><br> The Pinellas County map shows soil type (coastal beach, Parkwood loam, tidal marsh …) indicated by color overlaid with routes of steam railroads, electric railways, three types of roads, canals, and drainage districts. <br><br> <div id="2" align="center"> <a title="Pinellas County Distance Chart"></a> <img id="2" src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6538/SC_6538_Detail2.jpg" alt="Distance chart related to Pinellas County Florida." width="250"/> <br><small>Fig. 2 - Statute mile distances from Pinellas County.</small> </div><br> Red font denotes species of fish found around Pinellas County (Fig. 3) These fish include tarpon, trout, channel bass (redfish), mackerel, and kingfish.<br><br> <div id="3" align="center"> <a title="Pinellas County Fish Species"></a> <img id="3" src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6538/SC_6538_Detail3.jpg" alt="Detail from Pinellas County Map." width="250"/> <br><small>Fig. 3 - Detail of Pinellas County fish species.</small> </div>
5103Scarce bird's-eye view of Lakemont, Florida.DetailsBurgert Brothers1920
Lakemont Florida Early Bird's-eye View
Burgert Brothers
$125.00Burgert-BrothersLakemont-Florida-Early-Bird-s-eye-ViewScarce drawn bird's-eye view of Lakemont, Florida ca. 1920 as it was being platted and developed for sale. Below the scene of lots, lakes, and orange groves, a brief description explains the view (shown looking south): <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> "Lakemont, located between Avon Park and Sebring, Fla., at the crossing of scenic highway and S.A.L.R.R. [Seaboard Air Line Railway]" </div></br> Description on the verso reads: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> "LAKEMONT, FLA. A new townsite now being developed and destined to become a city within the next few years, located in the Ridge Section at the crossing of scenic highway and new S.A.L. Railroad. Four miles north of Sebring and five miles south of Avon Park, Florida." </div></br> Major topographic features include the city of Sebring with Dinner Lake, Lake Jackson, Basket Lake, Bonnet Lake, and Little Red Water Lake. <br></br> Folding postal card in two panels. White border (1915-1930). No. 103139. Fl. Fla. Postally unused. Dated with reference to the founding of Sebring, Florida in 1912. Published by Burgert Brothers of Tampa, Florida.
6658Map Pacific Coast vicinity San Francisco as seen from Mt. Tamalpais.DetailsMount Tamalpais and Muir Woods Railroad1923
Birds eye view Map of the Pacific Coast in the vicinity of San Francisco
Mount Tamalpais and Muir Woods Railroad
$295.00Mount-Tamalpais-and-Muir-Woods-RailroadBirds-eye-view-Map-of-the-Pacific-Coast-in-the-vicinity-of-San-FranciscoAn attractive original antique four-panel bird's eye view / map of the California Pacific coast in the vicinity of San Francisco Bay and San Pablo Bay from 1923. <br><br> Elevation is shown in relief. The view stretches from Mount Shasta at top left to the Farallon Islands at the bottom right and extends from Lake Lagunitas at bottom left to Mount Hamilton. Includes towns ranging around San Pablo Bay and San Francisco Bay: San Jose, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Oakland, Sausalito, Napa, Sonoma, and Walnut Creek. At bottom left is a table of air line distances from the summit of Mt. Tamalpais. Sacramento is 73 miles distant and Mt. Shasta a long 237 mile crow-flight from Mt. Tamalpais. <br><br> The map comprises four of eight panels of a brochure issued by the Mount Tamalpais and Muir Woods Railroad. Printed by Leighton Press, San Francisco, California. Dated in the plate at 1923. Verso includes photos and text.
4996St Petersburg, Florida map issued by Chamber of Commerce.DetailsYoung, George F.1925
St Petersburg Florida map issued by the CoC
Young, George F.
$325.00Young--George-F-St-Petersburg-Florida-map-issued-by-the-CoCMap of St Petersburg, Florida drawn by engineer George F. Young and issued by the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce in 1925. Verso with an oblique birds-eye photo view of St. Petersburg, Florida looking toward land from offshore. Scarce. <br></br> George F. Young, Inc. is one of the oldest Florida engineering and surveying companies, established in 1919. Today G.F. Young, Inc. has professional offices located in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Lakewood Ranch, Gainesville, and DeBary, Florida <br></br> Shows the Coffee Pot Golf Club. In 1920, St. Petersburg developer, C. Perry Snell opened a 9-hole golf course along Coffee Pot Bayou called the <b>“Coffee Pot Golf Club.”</b> In 1926, Snell hired golf architects, Wayne Stiles and John van Kleek to build a modern 18-hole golf course. It was renamed the Snell Island Golf Course. In 1948, , known as Sunset Golf and Country Club, the operation was purchased by the Alsonett Hotel Corporation, and re-named the <b>Vinoy Golf Club.</b> <br></br> During February, 2019 Vinoy Golf Club was featured as Florida Historic Golf Trail Course of the Month by the Florida Department of State. <br></br> Publisher's colophon reads : "Map prepared in office of G.F. Young Civil and Landscape Engineer Drafting and Blueprints 633 Central Ave. St. Petersburg Fla." [FL. Fla.]
5450Antique panoramic view of Ormond-on-the-Bay, Florida.DetailsF.A. Bennett1925
Rare view Fairyland Point Fleetwood Hotel Ormond-on-the-Bay and Muriel Estates
F.A. Bennett
$350.00F-A--BennettRare-view-Fairyland-Point-Fleetwood-Hotel-Ormond-on-the-Bay-and-Muriel-EstatesRare, unrecorded antique 1920's panoramic birds-eye view of Ormond-on-the-Bay and Muriel Estates, Florida with the Fleetwood Hotel. Photograph of a painting showing Ormond-on-the-Bay and Muriel Estates both promoted by F.A. Bennett Developments. Inset of the Fleetwood Hotel. Probably a postal card. Framed. <br></br> The Fleetwood Hotel was a planned 300-room 15-story resort hotel with a casino, tennis courts, pool, ballroom on what is now part of Tomoka State Park. The Fleetwood Hotel, promoted by a developer called "Commodore" J. Perry Stoltz, was to embody the luxury and decadence synonymous with the Roaring Twenties. <br></br> [1] Jarmusz, T.S. Did Ormond Beach pillars mark a fantasy hotel that never materialized?. Daytona Beach News-Journal. January 7, 2009. Accessed Online.
1144Fine bird's eye map of Boston Harbor and surrounding region.DetailsGeorge W. Walker Lithograph and Publishing Co1927
Birds-eye View of Boston Harbor ca. 1927
George W. Walker Lithograph and Publishing Co
$295.00George-W--Walker-Lithograph-and-Publishing-CoBirds-eye-View-of-Boston-Harbor-ca--1927Bird's-eye map of Boston Harbor and surrounding region to the east. This folding pocket map is Walker's earliest view of Boston with the new airport, constructed in 1923, that would eventually become Logan International Airport. At far upper right are the yards of the <b>Fore River Ship and Engine Company</b> with two vessels shown under construction. <br></br> Numerous steamers, sailboats, and sailing ships are shown underway in the waters offshore Boston, Massachusetts; Winthrop and Spectacle Island. This edition of Walker's map only shows steamer routes for the <b>Nantasket Beach Line Steamers</b> to Nantasket Beach and other points to the east. <br></br> The map extends from the coastal area of East and South Boston across the water to the main ship channel and the Boston Light. It locates Winthrop, Thompson's Island, Moon Island, Deer Island, Nahant, Green Island, the Brewster Islands, Strawberry Hill, Fort Warren, Hough's Neck and much more. Several key streets are identified within Boston: Atlantic Avenue, Freeport, Summer Street, Broadway, Dorchester Street, and State Street to name a few. <br></br> Copyright Walker Lithograph and Publishing Company, Boston. <br></br> Single-color chromolithograph. The bird's eye map folds into manilla board cover titled "Boston Harbor" in manuscript. Map is attached to the cover as issued. Cover apparently made by the seller whose stamp appears on the cover in red ink: "H.A. Shepard and Company. Stationers 50 - 52 Cornhill Boston". Price in manuscript: 15 cents. An unusual find!
2510Original 1927 birds-eye view of Puget Sound.DetailsPuget Sound Navigation Company1927
Puget Sound Birdseye View
Puget Sound Navigation Company
$300.00Puget-Sound-Navigation-CompanyPuget-Sound-Birdseye-ViewOriginal 1927 birds-eye view of Puget Sound. This very fine view includes Vancouver, Port Townsend, Bellingham, Seattle, Everett, Puyallup, Tacoma, Olympia, Anacortes, and Guemes Island. North is oriented to the right. <br></br> Includes inset map showing major regional highways, and another inset with brief written descriptions of five "Short, enjoyable outings": the Hood Canal country; the Olympic Peninsula country; Vancouver Island; the San Juan Islands; and Whidby Island. <br></br> Verso contains information of interest to commuters or vacationers and photos, descriptions, and timetables for numerous local ferries and steamships. Entire brochure unfolds to 29" W x 16" H.
5129Three Corps Engineers maps of the port of Pensacola, Florida.DetailsU.S. Army Engineers1929
Port of Pensacola, Florida scarce photomosaic and two maps
U.S. Army Engineers
$300.00U-S--Army-EngineersPort-of-Pensacola--Florida-scarce-photomosaic-and-two-mapsSmall booklet of 66 pages that includes 3 cartographic artifacts related to Pensacola, Florida. <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Mosaic Composed of Aerial Photographs Pensacola Florida. Made by Air Service, U.S. Army 4th Photo Section. Dec. 22, 1922.</li> <li>Origin of Imports and Destination of Exports Pensacola, Fla. 1928. Quantities expressed in cargo tons of 2240 lbs. and shown thus. 1929.</li> <li>Port Facilities at Pensacola, Fla. 1929.</li> </ul> </div> Along with many data tables and additional photographs the contents of the entire booklet include: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Port and Harbor Conditions</li> <li>Port Customs and Regulations</li> <li>Port Services and Charges</li> <li>Fuel and Supplies</li> <li>Port and Harbor Facilities</li> <li>Communications</li> <li>The freight rate situation</li> <li>Commerce of the port</li> <li>The territory tributary to the port</li> <li>General</li> </ul> </div> War Department Corps of Engineers and United States Shipping Board Port Series No. 3 Part 2 THE PORT OF PENSACOLA, FLORIDA. Printed by the U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 1929. Price when issued 30 cents.
5368Cyanotype pictorial view of the town of Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.DetailsMoney, Anton1943
Rare cyanotype pictorial map Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada
Money, Anton
$1,250.00Money--AntonRare-cyanotype-pictorial-map-Whitehorse--Yukon-Territory--CanadaVery rare satirical, cyanotype pictorial view of the town of Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory of Canada dated within to October, 1943. A folk-art style humorous blueprint, bird's eye view of the city of Whitehorse by engineer Anton Money. <br></br> The view includes numerous annotated humorous scenes of daily life in Whitehorse including a Mountie dog-sled team, gold panning, gambling, drinking, whoring, the White Pass and Yukon Route narrow gauge railway and the Whitehorse railway station. <br></br> By explorer Anton Money with acknowledgements to Louis McCormick and Don Reikard. <br></br> No recorded sales or holdings of this view except for one copy at the library of the University of Calgary in Canada.
5357Humorous pictorial map of Lowry Field, outside Denver, Colorado.DetailsGrimes, George1944
Pictorial map of Lowry Field Denver Colorado
Grimes, George
$275.00Grimes--GeorgePictorial-map-of-Lowry-Field-Denver-ColoradoA very scarce pictorial map of Lowry Field, at the eastern edge of Denver, Colorado, from the first issue of the Lowry Field Information Handbook [1] in November, 1944. Lowry field was activated in February, 1938 as the site of the Army Air Forces Training Command [2]. From the 1980’s, Lowry Air Force Base was one of Colorado’s largest employers. Lowry AFB employed nearly 10,000 military and civilian men and women, providing an economic impact annually approaching $1 billion [3]. <br></br> <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> [1] Earliest publication was November, 1944 with a later edition of February, 1945. On the later map a telephone icon is added and locations of the telephone shelter house and telephone lounges are colored orange.<br> [2] Information Handbook Lowry Field (AAF Training Command). Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Company. Denver. 1944. Online.<br> [3] Online </div>
6661Birds-eye view blueprint Island of Okinawa, Japan after WWII.DetailsHenshell, J.1945
Cyanotype pictorial map of Okinawa, Japan post WWII
Henshell, J.
$350.00Henshell--J-Cyanotype-pictorial-map-of-Okinawa--Japan-post-WWIIThis is an original, rare cyanotype blueprint map, self published by J. Henshell, likely a soldier stationed on Okinawa, Japan. It depicts a birds-eye view of the Island of Okinawa, Japan and is dated November 1945, just three months after the surrender of Japan, or V-J Day (1). Henshell's design showcases his appreciation for local Okinawan art and culture, depicting shrines, temples, and tombs in a local artistic style. Local airfields and airbases are shown in rectangular boxes (e.g. Kadena, Futema, Yontan). After a Japanese Imperial Land Survey conducted in 1931. <br><br> The design also highlights the hills that played a significant role in the Battle of Okinawa. The island's rugged terrain made them difficult to attack. American forces faced fierce resistance from entrenched Japanese defenders during the battle. Henshell labels three of these key locations: Sugar Loaf Hill, the Conical Hill (Mount Yaedake), and the Japanese Last Stand. <br><br> Sugar Loaf Hill was a heavily fortified Japanese defensive position that played a significant role in the Battle of Okinawa. Today, it is a peaceful park and memorial site called the Okinawa Peace Memorial Park. The transformation of Sugar Loaf Hill from battlefield to symbol of peace is a testament to the strength of the people of Okinawa. <br><br> Mount Yaedake, also known as Conical Hill, was a key location in the Battle of Okinawa during World War II, as it was heavily fortified by Japanese defenders and provided a natural defensive position. Today, Mount Yaedake is a popular tourist destination, known for its stunning views of the surrounding area. <br><br> <div class="indenttextblock"> (1) Nakagusuku Bay, located on the eastern coast of Okinawa, was renamed Buckner Bay in honor of Lieutenant General Simon Bolivar Buckner Jr., who served as commanding General US Army's 10th Army Division during the Battle of Okinawa. Buckner was the highest-ranking US officer to be killed during the battle. </div>
1068Birds-eye view of coastal Maine north of Portland.DetailsDown-East Sportcraft1950
Birds-eye View of Casco Bay, Portland, Maine and Surroundings
Down-East Sportcraft
$99.00Down-East-SportcraftBirds-eye-View-of-Casco-Bay--Portland--Maine-and-SurroundingsLarge, detailed, panoramic view of coastal Maine north of Portland, including Casco Bay. Neat, 1950's re-print of a view first published by Walker Lithograph at the end of the 19th century, and reproduced in the mid-1950's. This folding birds-eye view highlights dozens of islands, coves, lighthouses, railroad, ferry routes, and other points of nautical interest. Shows the locations of Fort Williams, Portland Head, Fort Preble, Fort Leavitt, Ft. McKinley, Casco Castle, Freeport Landing, and the Portland Yacht Club. Folds to 3 1/2" x 6 1/2". <br></br> Named features include Cape Elizabeth, Portland Head light, Cushing Island, Great Diamond Island, Long Island, Great Chebeague Island, Presumpscot River, Mt. Washington, Sebago Lake, Falmouth, Underwood, Harraseeket River, Cousins Island, Bailey's Island, Harpswell Harbor, Merriconeag Sound, Maquoit Bay, Freeport Landing, Brunswick and Lewiston. Routes of the Casco Bay Lines shown in solid black. <br></br> Simple, green cardboard cover with blue title printing.
4743Cote d'Azur, France birds-eye view.DetailsSociete Nationale des Chemins de Fer Francais1950
Attractive map of France's Cote d'Azur
Societe Nationale des Chemins de Fer Francais
$80.00Societe-Nationale-des-Chemins-de-Fer-FrancaisAttractive-map-of-France-s-Cote-d-AzurAttractive birds-eye view of the coast of the <b>Cote D'Azur</B> in Provence, France stretching from Lyons, France past Monaco. With an inset of the Island of Corsica. Published as a fine folding brochure in 1950 by the Societe Nationale des Chemins de Fer Francais (S.N.C.F.). Red lines represent the railways owned by the French National Railways (SNCF) in in the mid 20th century.
5253Pictorial route map for the James River Ceramics Club, ca. 1951.DetailsJames River Ceramics Club1951
Jamestown James River Ceramics Club Field Trip
James River Ceramics Club
$350.00James-River-Ceramics-ClubJamestown-James-River-Ceramics-Club-Field-TripUnrecorded and hand-colored pictorial route map for the James River Ceramics Club. Mid 20th-century birds-eye perspective map of the area surrounding the James River near Jamestown, Virginia, location of the first permanent English settlement in North America. <br></br> Made for the occasion of the first annual field trip of the James River Ceramics Club to the Jamestown Island Archaeological Laboratory and to James O'Donnell Pottery on Sunday, August 12, 1951. Shows the towns of Williamsburg, Hilton Village, Benn's Church, Bacon's Castle, Surry, Burrowsville and more. With the logo for the James River Ceramics Club.
4851Old birds-eye view and road map of the French Riviera.DetailsAnonymous1954
Birds-eye view of the French Riviera
$195.00AnonymousBirds-eye-view-of-the-French-RivieraThe recto features a highly detailed birds-eye view and map of the French coast, extending from St. Tropez and St. Raphael to Menton. It highlights various towns, such as <b>Grasse, Cannes, Juan-les-Pins, Antibes, Nice, and Monaco</b>. Additionally, it offers a helpful route map that indicates the names and distances of cities along two travel segments for a journey from St. Raphael to Menton: <br><br> <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ol> <li>From Nice to St. Raphael via the Corniche de l'Esterel</li> <li>From Nice to Menton along the Corniches</li> </ol> </div> <div id="0" align="center"> <a title="French Riviera"></a> <img id="3" src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_4851/SC_4851_detail.jpg" alt="Old birds-eye view and road map of the French Riviera." width="340"/> <br><small>Nice-Cannes-Menton et les routes du littoral.</small> </div><br> Although labeled "Ed 54" on the cover, suggesting a publication date of 1954, the included photographs appear to be from the early 1940s. The map's top section displays the names of mountain peaks in the background, and all text is in French. <br><br> On the verso, you'll find extra routes, photographs, and descriptions of various sights and attractions. After reviewing the brochure, it's clear that this area is an excellent candidate for a future vacation destination. <br><br> Published by France's Direction générale du Tourisme under the Ministry of Public Works, Transport, and Tourism, this edition is identified as "Ed. 54."
4962Birds-eye view map of the Salt River Project, near Phoenix, AZ.DetailsHayden, T.A.1959
Huge Unrecorded Map of the Salt River Project Phoenix Arizona
Hayden, T.A.
$2,500.00Hayden--T-A-Huge-Unrecorded-Map-of-the-Salt-River-Project-Phoenix-ArizonaLarge, very rare map of the first Federal hydroelectric energy project, updated to show hydrological improvements and issued revised 8-7-1959. An untitled birds-eye view map of the Salt River Project by T.A. Hayden, centered near Phoenix, Arizona. Similar to, but covering a larger area, than a small format map of the region by Hayden from 1934, now housed at Arizona State University. <br><br> Blue-line print hand-colored and enhanced with small red paste-on stickers and larger, manuscript lettering for cities. Shows the rivers, dams, reservoirs, lakes, and canals . Particular interest is indicated for reservoirs and canals as they have been hand colored in white and bright blue respectively. <br></br> The beginning of federal production of electric power occurred on the Salt River Project when Congress, in 1906, authorized the Reclamation Service to develop and sell hydroelectric power from the project. The map is significant because it was updated in 1959 when the original name "Salt River Dam #1" was changed to the name in use today: Roosevelt Dam. <br></br> Coverage is bound to the west by Gila Bend and to the east by Superior, AZ. Northern coverage ends above Prescott, Arizona, and to the south the map extends as far as Casa Grande. <br></br> The map has an interesting orientation with North oriented about 35 degrees to the left and that with the birdseye perspective, the large size, and the township and range grid of the Public Lands Survey System all give the map a commanding appearance. <br></br> In the 1930's T.A. Hayden was the Chief Assistant Engineer with the Salt River Valley Water User's Association, Phoenix. Copyrighted 1932 and Revised 1934 by T.A. Hayden. Final revision 1959. Phoenix, Arizona.
6426Pictorial birds-eye view map of Wellington New Zealand.DetailsPictorial Publications Limited1959
Pictorial map of Wellington, New Zealand
Pictorial Publications Limited
$550.00Pictorial-Publications-LimitedPictorial-map-of-Wellington--New-ZealandApparently quite scarce original pictorial birds-eye view map of Wellington, New Zealand. The artist is unknown but the map was copyrighted and published ca. 1959 by Pictorial Publications Limited, Hastings, New Zealand. A fun, comical map of Wellington featuring local activities such as water-skiing, fishing, boating, swimming, and sailing. Small manuscript notation "Evening Post" on recto pointing to a building on Willis Street, downtown. <br><br> The map is surrounded with color photographic images of local Wellington, NZ attractions including: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"></li> <li>Oriental Bay</li> <li>Massey Memorial</li> <li>Wellington from Tinakori Heights</li> <li>Riddiford baths</li> <li>Carillon</li> <li>Parliament buildings</li> </ul></div> Text on verso with historical and tourist-related details. Manuscript dedication on verso.
5334J.F.K. Space Center glossy B&W publicity photograph of a NASA map.DetailsNational Aeronautics and Space Administration1966
NASA glossy publicity photo of J . F. K. Space Center map
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
$100.00National-Aeronautics-and-Space-AdministrationNASA-glossy-publicity-photo-of-J---F--K---Space-Center-mapAn original NASA unclassified glossy black and white publicity photograph of a NASA birdseye view map of the John F. Kennedy Space Center and the surrounding area in eastern and central Florida. Dated on verso to 8/8/66. <br></br> The photograph shows a map, apparently tacked to a bulletin board, ranging in coverage as far as Orlando, Oak Hills, and Eau Galle, Florida. Key points of interest shown include: McCoy Air Force Base, Patrick Air Force Base, Cocoa Beach, the St. Johns River, Indian River, Banana River, and Mosquito Inlet. At the lower left corner is a key or context map showing the location of the map relative to the entire state of Florida. <br></br> When the photo was published in August, 1966 NASA was winding down the last two of 19 Gemini program missions to place a capsule with two astronauts into Earth orbit. The final two launches in the Gemini program were: <br></br> <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Pete Conrad and Richard Gordon. Launched September 12, 1966</li> <li>Jim Lovell and Buzz Aldrin. Launched November 11, 1966</li> </ul> </div>
64181969 poster for the UC Berkeley centennial by Eli LeonDetailsLeon, Eli1968
Unreleased fish-eye birds-eye view poster 1968 California Berkeley Centennial
Leon, Eli
$850.00Leon--EliUnreleased-fish-eye-birds-eye-view-poster-1968-California-Berkeley-CentennialVery rare and extremely fine 60's-era poster view of the campanile and campus of the University of California Berkeley, a dizzying birds-eye view taken with a fish-eye lens. This masterful poster was designed by Eli Leon and printed in 1968 for the centennial of Berkeley's founding. According to the Oakland Museum of California's web site, who owns the only other known copy of this poster: <br><br> <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> "According to the artist, this poster was commissioned by U.C. Berkeley <u>but never released</u>. [LMC] [1]" </div> <br> Robert Stanley Leon (1935-2018) was best known as a collector of African American quilts, but is credited with the creation of this rare poster despite having no known training in the visual arts. <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> "Eli Leon was an Oakland-based collector, scholar, and champion of African American quiltmakers whose gift of nearly 3,000 quilts to BAMPFA <i>[UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive]</i> has made possible an inspiring future of scholarship and presentation here in Berkeley. In addition to collecting artwork, Leon also compiled a massive–and unruly–collection of raw materials and textiles." [2] </div> <br><br> Sources: <br><br> [1] Eli Leon ~ artist. 2022. Online:<br> [2] BAMPFA. From the Estate of Eli Leon: Textile Improvisations. Online: "
6486Oblique pictorial birds-eye view of Freemantle, Australia in 1985.DetailsMaslin, John A.1985
America's Cup pictorial bird-eye view of Freemantle, Western Australia
Maslin, John A.
$350.00Maslin--John-A-America-s-Cup-pictorial-bird-eye-view-of-Freemantle--Western-AustraliaAttractive oblique pictorial birds-eye view map of the town and harbor of Freemantle, Western Australia. July 1985 edition. Copyrighted and produced by Ausimap, Perth. Cartography by John A. Maslin. <br><br> In addition to Cockburn Sound and Freemantle Harbor the expansive birds-eye view shows Success Harbor, the fishing boat harbor, and the America's Cup harbour at Freemantle. <br><br> Two years before this map was published, and for the first time in 132 years, the America’s Cup was won by a team from other than the USA. That year, in Rhode Island, Australia II, skippered by John Bertrand defeated Dennis O'Conner on the Liberty. In 1987 the America's Cup race was held in Freemantle, Australia where the Stars & Stripes 87 won the series in a four-race sweep.
6626Advertising view Jacksonville, Florida skyline with Jaguars' stadiumDetailsCasey-toons1997
Pictorial View of Jacksonville Florida Skyline and Jaguars Stadium
$500.00Casey-toonsPictorial-View-of-Jacksonville-Florida-Skyline-and-Jaguars-Stadium1997 glossy advertising-oriented poster- a view of the Jacksonville, Florida skyline with a focus on the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL-team stadium, surrounded by Jaguars. Copyright Jacksonville, Jaguars LTD 1997. Produced and distributed by Casey-Toons , II, Inc. An official team illustration. <br><br> Above the stadium float blimp-like footballs containing blank scoreboards with the names and date of upcoming Jaguars football games. <br><br> Dedicated to Dave and signed in ink by Casey 4-29-97. <BR><BR> Includes numerous Jaguars. Here a Jaguar, there a Jaguar. Everywhere ...