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5170Antique map of the Mediterranean Island of Cyprus by Porcacchi.DetailsPorcacchi, Tomasso1572
Antique map of Cyprus Cipro by Porcacchi
Porcacchi, Tomasso
$375.00Porcacchi--TomassoAntique-map-of-Cyprus-Cipro-by-PorcacchiAuthentic copperplate-engraved antique map of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus (Cipro) by Tomasso Porcacchi. <br></br> Printed in Tomasso Porcacchi's "Isolario" or island book "L'Isol Piu Famose Del Mondo". That work contains a number of finely engraved maps of islands and the continents at a reduced scale. Porcacchi (1530-1585) was born in Tuscany to a poor family and first settled in Florence. He wrote about history, geography, and archaeology and later published the Isolario from Venice, Italy in three editions beginning in 1572.
2518Steel engraved map of Cyprus.DetailsGraves, Thomas1850
Antique map of Cyprus from Thomas Graves
Graves, Thomas
$280.00Graves--ThomasAntique-map-of-Cyprus-from-Thomas-GravesSteel engraved map of Cyprus based on a large chart produced after the survey by Admiral Thomas Graves in 1849. <br></br> From Longbeare and Howson. The Life and Epistles of St. Paul. London: Published by Longman & Co.
4964Manuscript (hand-drawn) illustration of Cyprus by SabryDetailsSabry, John1980
Manuscript map of Cyprus by Cypriot artist John Sabry
Sabry, John
$1,800.00Sabry--JohnManuscript-map-of-Cyprus-by-Cypriot-artist-John-SabryManuscript (hand-drawn) illustration of Cyprus by Cypriot artist John Sabry (1914-2006). ( Τζων Σάμπρι ). Date not stated but assumed 1980's. Fine condition. <br></br> Sabry is the author of pictorial maps of Cyprus in the "Romantic Cyprus" guide book (1947): Famagusta & Varosha, and Nicosia. John Sabry was born and raised in Kyrenia, Cyprus; a painter from an early age, he also worked as a professional photographer and managed the Kodak shop in Nicosia during the 1950’s. In 1965 three of Sabry's paintings were selected for the Royal Academy Summer show in London.