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230Old nautical antique sea chart atlas: ports by Michelot and BremondDetailsMichelot and Bremond1730
Recueil de plusieurs plans des ports et rades de la mer mediterranee. (Atlas of 37 plates)
Michelot and Bremond
$6,500.00Michelot-and-BremondRecueil-de-plusieurs-plans-des-ports-et-rades-de-la-mer-mediterranee---(Atlas-of-37-plates)Scarce and complete atlas of 37 large-scale 10" x 7" antique engraved Mediterranean port and harbor plans by French hydrographers and galley (galère, Fr.) pilot Henry Michelot and Laurens Bremond. </br> </br> <strong><a href= "/MBPlansViewer.aspx">[ Browse all 37 charts here ]</a></strong> </br></br> This 12" x 8" atlas, published ca. 1730 was the culmination of Henry Michelot's career; the result of at least 40 years experience as pilot of the Reale, premier vessel in the galley service of Louis XIV and XV. These charts are influenced by and bear similarities to a set of manuscript charts published by Michelot from Marseille around 1689 but are updated to reflect his cumulative experience over the intervening 40 years. With an elaborately engraved title page. Some charts engraved by Peter Starck-man. <BR> </BR> This 290-year old sea atlas contains port plans from France, Italy, and Spain including Barcelona, Antibe, Mayorca, Bay of Naples, Bay of Gibraltar, and Cadiz. Several of these charts (e.g. Cadiz, Gibraltar) were considered to be the most authoritative works of that era and were copied by others including Thomas Kitchin well into the mid 18th century.<BR> </BR> For more information on the life and works of Henry Michelot and his business partner Bremond see our <a rel="nofollow" href= "/MichelotBremondBackground.aspx">brief illustrated biography.</a>
420Antique nautical chart of Mediterranean Sea and the Black SeaDetailsMalham, John1797
A Correct Chart of the Mediterranean Sea engraved for Malham's Naval Gazetteer
Malham, John
$0.00Malham--JohnA-Correct-Chart-of-the-Mediterranean-Sea-engraved-for-Malham-s-Naval-GazetteerSOLD<BR> </BR> Scarce sea chart showing the entire Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea including the west coast of Spain, Strait of Gibraltar, Majorca, Minorca, Crete, Cyprus, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, and Malta . From the rare first American edition of Malham's Naval Gazetteer, published by Spotswood and Nancrede in Boston. Vol 2.<BR> </BR> This chart comes from an early nautical gazetteer produced first in England and after 1796 in Boston, Massachusetts. Major cities shown include Gibraltar, Cadiz, Seville, Valencia, Barcelona, Florence, Rome, Naples, Venice, Constantinople (Istanbul), Acre, Gaza, and Tunis. With three sets of rhumb lines. Rev. John Malham was a prolific Yorkshire-born author. Malham died near London in 1807. (Gentleman's Magazine, Vol 102, 1807, p. 568). Archivally matted.<BR> </BR>
1315Map of the Royal Navy under Horatio Nelson at Aboukir Bay.DetailsWillyams, Cooper1802
Antique chart of the Mediterranean Sea related to the Battle of the Nile in 1798
Willyams, Cooper
$325.00Willyams--CooperAntique-chart-of-the-Mediterranean-Sea-related-to-the-Battle-of-the-Nile-in-1798Striking, detailed, and unusual aquatint chart of the Mediterranean Sea showing the track of the Royal Navy at the command of Horatio Nelson and the tracks of the Imperial French Navy at the Command of Napoleon I from Europe to Egypt, before and during the Battle of the Nile at Aboukir Bay, in Egypt. <br></br> The map includes three oval views: <div class="indenttextblock"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>The Rock of Gibraltar from the Spanish Lines.</li> <li>The Devil's Tower.</li> <li>Ceuta Point bearing S by E 3/4 East.</li> </ul> </div> From Willyam's "A Voyage Up the Mediterranean in His Majesty's Ship the Swiftsure" an eye-witness account of the Battle of the Nile in 1798, Admiral Nelson's greatest triumph. The Battle of the Nile is considered by historians to have been Nelson's most complete victory and Willyams' account to be the most authentic. The work contains 43 plate-engravings of sketches he produced of the battle. It was published in London in 1802, soon after the battle. <br></br> The Rev. Cooper Willyams (1762 – 1816) was a clergyman and a British artist. Willyams was chaplain on the Boyne in 1793, during England's war with France. In 1796, Willyams returned to London and published "An Account of the Campaign in the West Indies", which included six drawings by Willyams, all rendered in the difficult aquatint technique. Educated at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, Willyams took holy orders in 1784. The son of a navy commander and formerly chaplain to Admiral St. Vincent, Willyams was a veteran of several campaigns, having accompanied the expedition to the West Indies which ended in a British defeat of the French in 1794.