Caricatures and Humor

Maps can be more than just a way to find directions – they can also be works of art and expressions of humor or satire! Caricatures and humor are often used to depict and re-interpret an area’s culture and history in a unique way. For example, take Bil Keane’s Rare 1990 Arizona Highways Map – an unrecorded copy – which features cartoon characters throughout the map! Or John Held Jr.'s "Broadway Butterflys" pictorial map which was inspired by Broadway shows in New York City during the 1920s.

But it’s not just modern prints and maps that feature caricatures or humor – antique prints like Carington Bowles' Antique 1720 South Sea Bubble satirical print are examples of how even centuries ago people were able to capture moments in time with humor or satire. Other examples include Ruth Taylor White's 1931 Fine Lithographed Map of Hawaii - Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, Kilauea or her Kauai or Maui maps from the same year that were commissioned by the Hawaiian Tourist Bureau.

So if you're looking for something unique to add to your collection of rare nautical charts, maps, engravings or prints then consider adding some caricatures or humorous pieces! Whether it's a modern pictorial map of Oahu from 1950 by Ted Mundorff & Fred Maxwell or an antique satirical print from 1720 by Carington Bowles - these pieces will help bring a bit of fun into your home while also providing insight into different cultures and eras throughout history!

 Thumbnail CreatorDateTitle / Author / Date / LocationPrice  Description
6668DetailsBowles, Carington1785
Bubblers Medley rare South Sea Bubble satirical etching
Bowles, Carington
$550.00Bowles--CaringtonBubblers-Medley-rare-South-Sea-Bubble-satirical-etching"The Bubbler's Medley, or a Sketch of the Times: Being Europe's Memorial for the Year 1720" is a trompe l’oeil-style satirical print published by Carington Bowles (1724-1793) from London ca 1785. At top center this plate shows an unsuccessful speculator staring out from behind the bars of a debtors prison. Bottom center with the text of "A South Seas Ballad", a satirical poem by Jonathan Swift, written in response to the South Sea Bubble financial crisis. It criticizes the greed and folly of investors who were caught up in the speculative frenzy. One of several re-issues, this on wove paper thus ca. 1780 - 1790. Page 23. <br><br> <div id="0" align="center"> <a title=""></a> <img id="3" src="/zoomifyimages/SC_6668/SC_6668_Debtor.jpg" alt="Bowles' Debtor's Medley detail" width="300"/> <br><small>"Behold a poor dejected wretch<br>Who kept a sea-coach of late" ...</small> </div> <br> In 1720, England experienced a financial crisis known as the South Sea Bubble. The South Sea Company was established in 1711 to consolidate and decrease the cost of the national debt. Its main business was initially to supply African slaves to the islands in the "South Seas" and South America, although this trade did not yield significant profits. Instead, the company expanded its operations to deal in government debt, and this led to the creation of a notorious economic bubble that ultimately collapsed suddenly, resulting in the ruin of numerous investors and a decline in the national economy. <br><br> <div id="0" align="center"> <a title=""></a> <img id="3" src="/zoomifyimages/SC_6668/SC_6668_Detail.jpg" alt="Bowles' Debtor's Medley detail with speech scrolls" width="300"/> <br><small>"A numerous family ruin'd without Remedy" ...</small> </div>
399George Cruikshank, Greenwich Hospital, nautical, humor, engravingsDetailsBarker, Matthew Henry1826
Greenwich Hospital
Barker, Matthew Henry
$400.00Barker--Matthew-HenryGreenwich-HospitalCollection of humorous nautical tales written by Matthew Barker and illustrated by George Cruikshank. Eleven etched plates and sixteen text woodcuts. Marbled boards. London: James Robins and Co., 1826
508Naval themed frontispiece for a series of Cruikshank caricaturesDetailsCruikshank, George1835
The Sailors Progress
Cruikshank, George
$165.00Cruikshank--GeorgeThe-Sailors-ProgressNaval-themed frontispiece to a series of eight British naval caricature engravings by George Cruikshank depicting the life of Master Blockhead. Copperplate etching published by Thomas McLean, 26 Haymarket, London. August 1, 1835. Printed on an 11"x17" sheet of heavy wove paper the etching measure 5" by 7".
473Engraved satire about French invasion by Gillray.DetailsGillray, James1851
End of the Irish Invasion
Gillray, James
$195.00Gillray--JamesEnd-of-the-Irish-InvasionRe-strike satirical copperplate engraving from the original plate by one of England's finest 18th century artists and satirists, James Gillray. This engraving by James Gillray reflects the fear of invasion from France at the end of the 18th century, just a few years after the French revolution. The prospect of invasion by sea has threatened the British Isles several times beginning in Roman times, notably during the "Invincible Armada" sent by Spain in 1588. <BR> </BR> The New York Public Library website explains the plate: <dir class="indenttextblock">"From the beginning of the conflict with France, the British feared a French invasion. In October 1796, the King warned against such a threat, which was dismissed by the Opposition as a fantasy. However, on December 15, 1796, a French force of 15,000 troops with an armada of ships, led by General Lazare Hoche, sailed from Brest and anchored in Bantry Bay off southern Ireland, assuming that their invasion would prompt a popular uprising against the British. Like the Spanish Armada two hundred years before, this plan was undone primarily by stormy weather. The winds in Gillray’s version emanate from (left to right) the mouths of Prime Minister Pitt, Secretary of War Henry Dundas, Foreign Secretary William Wyndham Grenville, and War Minister William Windham. One ship, Le Révolutionare with a Fox figurehead, is tossed by wind and waves, the L’Egalité is swamped, and the Whigs aboard The Revolutionary Jolly Boat appear doomed."</dir> <BR> Source: New York Public Library. Print Collection. No. 49.<BR> </BR> Originally published in 1797 by Hannah Humphrey this plate is from the Henry Bohn restrikes printed from the original plates during 1845 to 1851. Printed on both sides of heavy wove paper, the other side contains another fine engraving by Gillray titled "The Lion's Share".
474Engraved satiric caricature about Admiral Horatio Nelson.DetailsGillray, James1851
The Hero of the Nile
Gillray, James
$245.00Gillray--JamesThe-Hero-of-the-NileRe-strike caricature copperplate engraving from the original plate, by one of England's finest 18th century artists and satirists, James Gillray. Gillray's topic in this plate, first published in 1798, is one of Britain's naval heroes, Admiral Horatio Nelson (1758-1805). <BR> </BR> Today, without an explanation many readers would not realize that this engraving is a caricature of Nelson, generally considered to be a great naval leader. The Greenwich Royal Museum explains Gillray's point of view:<i> " In contrast to other unquestioningly adulatory prints of Nelson’s victory at the Battle of the Nile, Gillray here sardonically points to the very large material rewards heaped upon Nelson as a result. Burlesquing the genre of heroic portraiture, he presents Nelson in solitary full-length, on deck and enveloped in smoke. Gillray draws attention to the diamond chelengk in Nelson’s hat, presented to him by the Sultan of Turkey, and in the adapted coat of arms below the main image satirizes his recent baronetcy. In November Nelson was created Baron Nelson of the Nile and Burnham Thorpe and was awarded a pension of £2000 a year. Gillray substitutes for the correct arms on the original shield a bulging purse and scroll inscribed ‘£2000 pr Ann’. Placed alongside Nelson’s motto ‘Palmam qui meruit ferat’ (Let he who has earned it bear the Palm), Gillray undermines the motto’s meaning, to question whether such a large material reward really is merited.</i><BR> Source: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London. Collections. <BR> </BR> Originally published in 1798 this plate is a restrike by Henry Bohn printed from the original plates during 1845 to 1851. Printed on both sides of heavy wove paper, the other side contains another engraving, a biting satire by Gillray titled "Destruction of the French Collossus". Plate 211.
475Caricature of King George III slaying Napoleon as a dragonDetailsGillray, James1851
St. George and the Dragon
Gillray, James
$500.00Gillray--JamesSt--George-and-the-DragonSpectacular re-strike caricature copperplate engraving from the original plate, by one of England's finest 18th century artists and satirists, James Gillray. The quality of engraving and the dark impression, along with Gillray's composition, and large size make this a very striking and attractive work. <BR> </BR> The scene depicts the royal St. George (King George III) rescuing Britannia from the fangs of the Monster of France (Napoleon). The king wears the uniform of his own regiment of Guards (the Blues). <BR> Source: Wright, Thomas and Robert Harding. "Historical and Descriptive Account of the Caricatures of James Gillray" Google Books. P.242 <BR> </BR> Originally published in 1805 this plate is a restrike by Henry Bohn printed from the original plates during 1845 to 1851. Printed on both sides of heavy wove paper, the other side contains another engraving, a satire by Gillray titled "The end of the farce of Catholic Emancipation".
6362Civil War era satirical cartoon related to secession and loyalty.DetailsStephen, Louis H.1862
Civil War era satirical cartoon related to secession and loyalty
Stephen, Louis H.
$50.00Stephen--Louis-H-Civil-War-era-satirical-cartoon-related-to-secession-and-loyaltyCivil War era satirical cartoon related to secession and loyalty. Lampoons politically well-connected but inept John Floyd, considered to have been a traitor to the Union (1). <br></br> <br> <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: none;"> <div style="text-align: Left;font-size:125%;font-weight: bold;">An Old Friend, With a New Face </div> <br> <br> <li>Aesop tells of a man who drained.</li> <li>His cup of avarice to the dregs;</li> <li>Staked what he had to what he wished,</li> <li>And lost his golden eggs.</li> <br> <li>Thus rashly acts the ambitious south,</li> <li>In discontent without excuse;</li> <li>Take warning and mind that ye </li> <li>ARE SOUND UPON THE GOOSE.</li> </ul> </div> <br></br> (1) John Buchanan Floyd (1806 – 1863) 31st Governor of Virginia, U.S. Secretary of War, and Confederate general in the Civil War. Floyd lost the Battle of Fort Donelson.
4801A rare 19th-century cyanotype folk-art advertisement.DetailsRathbun, Frank A.1890
Early Cyanotype Advertisement for Rathbun's Wagon Jack and Wrenches
Rathbun, Frank A.
$560.00Rathbun--Frank-A-Early-Cyanotype-Advertisement-for-Rathbun-s-Wagon-Jack-and-WrenchesA rare 19th-century <b>cyanotype print folk-art advertisement</b> ca. 1890 for F.A. Rathbun's wagon jack and wrenches. No other copy of any advertisement for Rathbun or his equipment is found online. The blueprint (cyanotype) photographic process, invented in 1842, was not adopted widely as a business document reproduction technology until after 1880. <br></br> With two cartoon-like drawings illustrating the "Worst Way" and the "Best Way" to change a wheel on a buggy or wagon (no mention of automobiles). The best way according to the author is Rathbun's Wagon Jack and Wrenches. Compliments of F.A. Rathbun Beloit, Wisconsin. <br></br> With an additional 3" x 7" cyanotype print of a large wrench labeled "F.A. Rathbun Beloit Wis." <br></br> The ad copy reads: <div class="indenttextblock"> "Compliments of F.A. RATHBUN. BELOIT WIS. Manufactuer [sic] of his celebrated Wagon Jacks & Wrenches. By the use of which any one can grease thier [sic] wagon or buggy in less then one half the time required by the use of any other jack and wrench in the market without soiling hands or clothes. The pecular [sic] construction of the jack and manner in which it is used, recommmends its-self to all who know the trouble usually experienced with all jacks that have to be used under the buggy. This is the only jack that can be used at the end of the axle so that the wheel can be slid out on it for support. The 'wrench' also recommends itself to all who would avoid geting [sic] themselves greasy and dirty or straws and dirt on the nut to be scraped off or remain on to wear out the spindle. It is always ready. Never slips, and is quickly and easily operated. All who have used them recommed [sic] them to others. Liberal discount, to the trade and agents." </div> In April 1887 Frank A. Rathbun a machinist of Beloit Wis. assigned a patent he held on a wheeled scraper to F.W. Kimball of Milwaukee, Wis. However there is no mention of a patent on Rathbun's wagon jack.
5364 Two heart-shaped allegorical maps of the heart by gender.DetailsAnonymous1909
Pair of manuscript allegorical Maps of the Heart, anatomically correct.
$1,100.00AnonymousPair-of-manuscript-allegorical-Maps-of-the-Heart--anatomically-correct-Two rare <b>manuscript pen and ink</b> anatomically-correct heart-shaped geographical guides or allegorical maps: "Map of Man's Heart" and "Map of Woman's Heart". Both maps are attributed within circular cartouches reading "Surveyed and Drawn by HUB. Scale 2 miles = 1". 1909." This style of anatomical heart-shaped maps and some of the traits are not found anywhere online. <br></br> After similar Victorian-era maps by D.W. Kellogg & Co. of Connecticut ca. 1840. Unlike this manuscript pair of maps, the Kellogg lithographs were based on a stylized and exaggerated bi-lobed conception of the heart- the "Valentine" heart that we know today. Despite the differences in wording of traits, the theme of negative stereotypes for women is the same. <br></br> Map of Man's Heart includes large areas devoted to patience, modesty, fidelity (twice), benevolence, humanity, knowledge and love. On the other hand, the Map of Woman's Heart largely features conceit, jealousy, scandal, duplicity, deceit, fickleness and avarice among other traits. The woman's heart is pierced by the "River Tongue" and surrounded on one side by the "kleptomaniac ocean" and on the other side, the "cantankerous ocean". <br></br> Seller attributes the provenance to India "it came from a nurses friendship book, she being based in Bangalore India - her name was probably MacDonald."
6551Pictorial maps of the states of Alabama and of Georgia by Johst.DetailsJohst, Paul Spener1931
Johst pictorial maps of Alabama and Georgia
Johst, Paul Spener
$135.00Johst--Paul-SpenerJohst-pictorial-maps-of-Alabama-and-GeorgiaSOLD <br><br> Two pictorial maps of the states of Alabama and of Georgia in a pictorial cartoon-like style. <br><br> From "Picture Map Geography of the United States" by Vernon Quinn. With Picture Maps by Paul Spener Johst. Publisher: Frederick A. Stokes Company. New York. 1931. Some picture maps in the book contain depictions that today might be considered politically incorrect or even racist.
6584Map of Manhattan, New York for Broadway Butterflys by Held.DetailsHeld, John Jr.1931
Pictorial Map of Lower Manhattan or Broadway Butterfly's Map
Held, John Jr.
$200.00Held--John-Jr-Pictorial-Map-of-Lower-Manhattan-or-Broadway-Butterfly-s-MapJohn Held, Jr., (1889-1958) was a cartoonist, illustrator, printmaker and author. Held's cartoons satirized and epitomized the United States' “Jazz Age” of the 1920s. Here, Held's cartoon for "Broadway Butterflys" satirizes the fast life of the New York elite with its focus on Wall Street, Broadway, Fifth Avenue, and Park Avenue. Shows the Jefferson Market Night Court, now the Jefferson Market Branch of the New York Public Library and the morgue, "end of the Primrose Path." Presumably Held included the image to illustrate his story, “Broadway Butterfly,” in Held's second published collection of short stories, Dog Tales (1930). <br><br> Verso with an engraving by Held: "When the Theatre was Fraught with Romance." <br><br> Held was apparently a VERY popular cartoonist before the Depression. According to New York's Center Gallery: <div class="indenttextblocksingle">"He lived in the era of cartoonists as national heroes. In 1927, Vanity Fair named Held to its “Hall of Fame” alongside international luminaries of the decade. The Hearst newspapers paid him $250,000 a year (nearly $4,000,000 today, adjusted for inflation) for his cartoon strip, Oh! Margy, and his drawings sold for up to $5,000 each, roughly the price of a house." (1) </div><br> (1) Online. Retrieved December, 2022.
6643Cartograph or pictorial map of the island of Oahu by White.DetailsWhite, Ruth Taylor1931
Pictorial map of the Island of Oahu in Hawaii
White, Ruth Taylor
$200.00White--Ruth-TaylorPictorial-map-of-the-Island-of-Oahu-in-HawaiiFine lithographed cartograph or pictorial map of the island of Oahu, Hawaii by Ruth Taylor White. In 1931 White produced four maps of individual islands for the Hawaii Tourist Bureau: Kauai, Maui, Hawaii, Oahu, and one map of the entire Hawaiian Island chain. Printed by the Honolulu Star-Bulletin. <br><br> Locations and features that White captured on her map of Oahu include:" <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"></li> <li>Waimea Falls</li> <li>Kaneohe Bay</li> <li>Kailua Bay</li> <li>Diamond Head</li> <li>Waikiki Beach</li> <li>Honolulu</li> <li>Pearl Harbor</li> <li>Koko Head</li> </ul> </div>
6644Cartograph or pictorial map of the island of Maui by White.DetailsWhite, Ruth Taylor1931
Pictorial map of the island of Maui in Hawaii
White, Ruth Taylor
$250.00White--Ruth-TaylorPictorial-map-of-the-island-of-Maui-in-HawaiiFine lithographed cartograph or pictorial map of the island of Maui, Hawaii by Ruth Taylor White. In 1931 White produced four maps of individual islands for the Hawaii Tourist Bureau: Kauai, Maui, Hawaii, Oahu, and one map of the entire Hawaiian Island chain. Printed by the Honolulu Star-Bulletin. <br><br> Locations and activities that White featured on her map of Maui include:" <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"></li> <li>Lahaina</li> <li>Kaanapali</li> <li>Kahului Harbor</li> <li>Hana</li> <li>Kipahuhu</li> <li>Molokini</li> <li>Makena</li> <li>Wailuku</li> </ul> </div>
6645Cartograph or pictorial map of the island of Kauai by White.DetailsWhite, Ruth Taylor1931
Pictorial map of the island of Kauai in Hawaii Polynesia
White, Ruth Taylor
$250.00White--Ruth-TaylorPictorial-map-of-the-island-of-Kauai-in-Hawaii-PolynesiaFine lithographed cartograph or pictorial map of the Polynesian island of Kauai, Hawaii by Ruth Taylor White. In 1931 White produced four maps of individual islands for the Hawaii Tourist Bureau: Kauai, Maui, Hawaii, Oahu, and one map of the entire Hawaiian Island chain. Printed by the Honolulu Star-Bulletin. <br><br> Locations and activities that White featured in her map of the Island of Kauai include:" <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"></li> <li>Barking Sands</li> <li>Napali Coast</li> <li>Hanalei Beach</li> <li>Moloaa</li> <li>Nawiliwili Harbor</li> <li>Port Allen</li> <li>Ruins of Russian Port</li> <li>Waimea</li> </ul> </div>
6646Cartograph or pictorial map of the island of Hawaii by White.DetailsWhite, Ruth Taylor1931
Pictorial map of the Island of Hawaii
White, Ruth Taylor
$200.00White--Ruth-TaylorPictorial-map-of-the-Island-of-HawaiiFine lithographed cartograph or pictorial map of the island of Hawaii by Ruth Taylor White. In 1931 White produced four maps of individual islands for the Hawaii Tourist Bureau: Kauai, Maui, Hawaii, Oahu, and one map of the entire Hawaiian Island chain. Printed by the Honolulu Star-Bulletin. <br><br> Locations and features that White featured in her map of Hawaii include:" <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"></li> <li>Mauna Kea</li> <li>Mauna Loa</li> <li>Kilauea</li> <li>Hilo</li> <li>Kealakekua Bay</li> <li>Kailua</li> <li>Upolu Point</li> <li>Hookena</li> <li>Hoopuloa</li> </ul> </div>
6471Map or cartograph of the Monterey Bay Region by Ruth Taylor.DetailsWhite, Ruth Taylor1932
Ruth Taylor 1932 pictorial map cartograph Monterey Bay Region
White, Ruth Taylor
$250.00White--Ruth-TaylorRuth-Taylor-1932-pictorial-map-cartograph-Monterey-Bay-RegionFine original pictorial map or cartograph of the Monterey Bay Region by Ruth Taylor (1932). Later Ruth would sign her many maps with her married name, Ruth Taylor White. The map represents some of Ruth's earliest work, just three years after she drew four beautiful route-map cartographs for Western Air Express' newly inaugurated passenger service (1929). First edition, lacking the black redaction of the 2nd edition. <br><br> <div id="0" align="center"> <a title="Ruth Taylor White 1929 cartograph for Western Air Express"></a> <img id="3" src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6455/SC_6455_CaliRoutes.jpg" alt="Ruth Taylor White 1929 cartograph for Western Air Express" width="330"/> <br><small>Ruth Taylor White 1929 cartograph for Western Air Express.</small> </div><br> The cartograph was probably published by the Chamber of Commerce of the Pajaro Valley as the verso text promoting Watsonville, California refers to the map on the recto as "the marvelously scenic Monterrey Bay Region (pictured on the reverse side.)"
6598Pictorial map for Denver and Rio Grande Western RR.DetailsDietemann, C.A.1934
Scarce Pictorial Map Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad
Dietemann, C.A.
$250.00Dietemann--C-A-Scarce-Pictorial-Map-Denver-and-Rio-Grande-Western-RailroadC. A. Dietemann's scare pictorial map: Denver and Rio Grande Western (D&RGW) Railroad Scenic Line of the World spans four panels of a six-panel promotional brochure for the railroad featuring the Royal Gorge Route and the James Peak Route with the Moffat Tunnel, cutting through the Continental Divide. The map, dating from the mid 1930's features a wide expanse of the west including portions of New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Arizona. From Salt Lake City to Denver, this fine map of routes for the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad entices the viewer to visit some of the West's greatest attractions including Mesa Verde National Park, Pikes Peak, Santa Fe, and Rocky Mountain National Park. <br><br> Dietemann's pictograms on this lithographed pictorial map feature numerous outdoor activities such as hiking, tennis, skiing, hunting, tobogganing, and fishing. <br><br> The D&RGW entered bankruptcy in 1935 and was not able to emerge from that status until 1947. <br><br> Only five holdings od Dietmann's pictorial map are found in WorldCat. No copies appear for sale on the market at this moment (01/23).
6550Historio-pictorial map of New Zealand by Paterson ca. 1939.DetailsPaterson, Alan Stuart1939
Fine pictorial map of New Zealand a historical map
Paterson, Alan Stuart
$1,800.00Paterson--Alan-StuartFine-pictorial-map-of-New-Zealand-a-historical-mapScarce and exceedingly interesting historio-pictorial map of the North Island and the South Island of New Zealand. Created ca. 1939 by native New Zealander Alan Stuart Paterson (1902-1968). Paterson worked as a clerk for the Department of Lands and Survey from 1918 to 1923, and in 1925 began a 25 year long career as an cartoonist. In 1951 Paterson became curator for the Gisborne Art Gallery and Museum. <br><br> No copies of this map are found in WorldCat and there are no records of a sale of this map at OWA or in the AMPR. <br><br> This cartoonish pictorial map shows numerous historical events in New Zealand including: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"></li> <li>The Great Migration of the Maoris from Hawaiki to Aotearoa</li> <li>Route of explorer Abel Tasman.</li> <li>Treaty of Waitangi in 1840.</li> <li>First arrival of tourists at Rotorua</li> <li>Arrival of the 'Tory' at Port Nicholson in 1839.</li> <li>Discovery of the succulence of Bluff Oysters</li> </ul> </div>
65131940 map of Stanley Park, Vancouver, Canada by Peter Hugh Page.DetailsPage, Peter Hugh1940
Fine pictorial map of Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Page, Peter Hugh
$350.00Page--Peter-HughFine-pictorial-map-of-Stanley-Park--Vancouver--British-Columbia--CanadaBeautiful lithographed pictorial map of Stanley Park, Vancouver, Canada by Peter Hugh Page, ca. 1940. Excellent condition. Second Edition. Shows Prospect Point, Brockton Point, Deadman's Island, Lost Lagoon, Second Beach, Beaver Lake and many other locations and attractions in Stanley Park. <br><br> <div align="center"> <a title="Stanley Park Cover"></a> <img id="3" src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6513/SC_6513_detail.jpg" alt="Cover from a brochure on Stanley Park, Vancouver, Canada by Peter Hugh Page in 1940." width="175"/> <br><small>Cover from Page's map of Stanley Park</small> </div><br> The second edition of Page's map of Stanley Park differs from the first edition in that it includes a depiction of the Lion's Gate Bridge, built in 1939. Verso with text about Stanley Park.
6579Pictorial map of Portland, Maine by Maine artist Roger L. DeeringDetailsDeering, Roger L.1941
Unrecorded pictorial map Portland Maine by Maine artist Roger Deering
Deering, Roger L.
$575.00Deering--Roger-L-Unrecorded-pictorial-map-Portland-Maine-by-Maine-artist-Roger-DeeringUnrecorded pictorial map of Portland, Maine copyrighted in 1941 by Maine artist Roger Deering. <br><br> Roger L. Deering (1904-1980) is best known for his paintings of Maine and is credited with creation of a series of small black and white prints for the Maine Bonding and Casualty Company of Portland, Maine. <br><br> Tri-fold brochure. Recto with text and black and white images explaining why the reader should "Make your headquarters in Portland". No reference found anywhere to "Playground Metropolis."
5368Cyanotype pictorial view of the town of Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.DetailsMoney, Anton1943
Rare cyanotype pictorial map Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada
Money, Anton
$1,250.00Money--AntonRare-cyanotype-pictorial-map-Whitehorse--Yukon-Territory--CanadaVery rare satirical, cyanotype pictorial view of the town of Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory of Canada dated within to October, 1943. A folk-art style humorous blueprint, bird's eye view of the city of Whitehorse by engineer Anton Money. <br></br> The view includes numerous annotated humorous scenes of daily life in Whitehorse including a Mountie dog-sled team, gold panning, gambling, drinking, whoring, the White Pass and Yukon Route narrow gauge railway and the Whitehorse railway station. <br></br> By explorer Anton Money with acknowledgements to Louis McCormick and Don Reikard. <br></br> No recorded sales or holdings of this view except for one copy at the library of the University of Calgary in Canada.
6547A Soldiers Guide to Palo Alto pictorial map by Gilman Gist Jr.DetailsGist, Gilman Jr.1943
A Soldier's Guide to Palo Alto Pictorial WWII Era Map
Gist, Gilman Jr.
$1,250.00Gist--Gilman-Jr-A-Soldier-s-Guide-to-Palo-Alto-Pictorial-WWII-Era-Map<br><br> <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> "This cartoon guide makes it as easy as "Squads Right" to find that <b>place</b> you're looking for and right here within reach of all. If you want to splurge or just "gold-brick" away an evening this will show you just what you want and how to get there." </div> <br><br> Rare pictorial map of Palo Alto, California by Gilman A. Gist Jr. (d. 1960) published in a 1943 issue of the Stanford Chaparral. The Stanford Chaparral or <i>Chappie</i> is a humor magazine published by students of Stanford University since 1899, the third oldest continually published humor magazine in the world. <br><br> Inset maps of Menlo Park, El Camino Real, and a stretch of Bayshore Highway. Includes light-hearted images of area restaurants, clubs, theaters and other businesses that a WWII G.I. might want to visit while on leave, as well as transportation. These fine establishments include: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"></li> <li>Bill and Walt Collins Club</li> <li>Fat Boy Barbecue</li> <li>O'Neil's Stanford Bowl</li> <li>Dinah's Shack - real suthen chicken!</li> <li>Varsity Theater</li> <li>Stanford Theater</li> <li>Clarence's Smoke Shop</li> <li>Grab-a-bite</li> </ul> </div>
5357Humorous pictorial map of Lowry Field, outside Denver, Colorado.DetailsGrimes, George1944
Pictorial map of Lowry Field Denver Colorado
Grimes, George
$275.00Grimes--GeorgePictorial-map-of-Lowry-Field-Denver-ColoradoA very scarce pictorial map of Lowry Field, at the eastern edge of Denver, Colorado, from the first issue of the Lowry Field Information Handbook [1] in November, 1944. Lowry field was activated in February, 1938 as the site of the Army Air Forces Training Command [2]. From the 1980’s, Lowry Air Force Base was one of Colorado’s largest employers. Lowry AFB employed nearly 10,000 military and civilian men and women, providing an economic impact annually approaching $1 billion [3]. <br></br> <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> [1] Earliest publication was November, 1944 with a later edition of February, 1945. On the later map a telephone icon is added and locations of the telephone shelter house and telephone lounges are colored orange.<br> [2] Information Handbook Lowry Field (AAF Training Command). Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Company. Denver. 1944. Online.<br> [3] Online </div>
4845Manuscript G.I. map from World War 2 era of Vita Levu, Fiji.DetailsAnonymous1945
WWII MS Cartoon Map of Vita Levu, Fiji Islands
$450.00AnonymousWWII-MS-Cartoon-Map-of-Vita-Levu--Fiji-IslandsArtistically produced manuscript G.I. pictorial map from World War 2 era of Fiji's largest island, Vita Levu. Full of small cartoonish drawings of island life, especially as related to the military with Div. HQ. Suva noted near Suva Bay and Natambua OCS (Officer Candidate School). <br></br> Some of the cartoons could suggest a feature in a specific geographic area on Vita Levu but other drawings seem to commemorate group events like a fishing expedition to the nearby Yasawa islands. Viewed as a graphical record of a trip to OCS, the map would document the group's arrival by cargo ship, their overland trip to the OCS by car and then train, passing an airbase; then their arrival and recreation at OCS including swimming and fishing. At mid right a grass-skirted long-haired native offers a G.I. a drink of Fiji's national beverage, Kava. <br></br> There was threat of Japanese invasion for the majority of 1942 and part of 1943, which resulted in a build up of military forces and defensive installations. However, World War 2 never reached Vita Levu or any Fijian Island in the South Pacific. In later years, Fiji was used as a forward base for the Allied forces, which resulted in the construction of transportation infrastructure, as well as an influx of Allied troops and supplies coming into the island. Dated as 1945 with the view that fishing expeditions would have been frowned upon in a potential combat theater, thus post-dates WWII.
6565Mid-century pictorial map of Taos, New Mexico by Ward Lockwood.DetailsLockwood, Ward1945
Scarce pictorial map of Taos New Mexico by Ward Lockwood
Lockwood, Ward
$325.00Lockwood--WardScarce-pictorial-map-of-Taos-New-Mexico-by-Ward-LockwoodScarce mid-century pictorial map of Taos New Mexico by Ward Lockwood. This fine, humorous map of Taos comprises three panels in a folding brochure issued by the Taos Chamber of Commerce circa 1945. <br></br> <div class="indenttextblock"> <img src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6565/SC_6565_Title.jpg" alt="Pictorial map of Taos New Mexico by Ward Lockwood, 1945" width="300" align="left" style="margin: 0px 20px"> </div> <br></br> Taos artist Ward Lockwood (1894-1963) attended the University of Kansas. Based in Taos (NM), Lockwood taught at the University of Texas (1938-49) and UC Berkeley (1949-61).
6497Pictorial map of the State of Wyoming by artist Bill Skacel.DetailsSkacel, Bill1946
Pictorial Cartoon map of Wyoming
Skacel, Bill
$250.00Skacel--BillPictorial-Cartoon-map-of-WyomingOriginal, uncommon pictorial map of the State of Wyoming by artist Bill Skacel. The humorous, historical "Cartoon Map of Wyoming" was produced ca. 1946 as a folded nine-panel tourist-oriented mailer with the verso containing space for an address as well as facts and photos of the state of Wyoming. <br><br> Geographic coverage includes the towns of Jackson Hole, Cheyenne, Laramie, Kemmerer, Casper, and Cody as well as Yellowstone National Park. <br><br> Skacel's illustrations include moose, a horned dinosaur, Buffalo Bill, two devils, and a native-American maiden with teepee. <br><br> Copyright by E.C. Kropp Co. Milwaukee, Wis. C.M. 27.
6507Pictorial map of the New Orleans Vieux Carre by artist Bill Skacel.DetailsSkacel, Bill1946
Pictorial Cartoon map of Vieux Carre New Orleans by Bill Skacel
Skacel, Bill
$400.00Skacel--BillPictorial-Cartoon-map-of-Vieux-Carre-New-Orleans-by-Bill-SkacelOriginal, scarce pictorial map of the Vieux Carre or French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana by artist Bill Skacel ca. 1946. The humorous, historical "Cartoon Map of Vieux Carre in New Orleans" was produced ca. 1946 as a folded nine-panel tourist-oriented mailer with the verso containing space for an address as well as facts and photos of the New Orleans Vieux Carre. <br><br> Skacel takes a humorous angle at depicting Vieux Carre locations and culture in the post-WWII era. Two cartoon are puzzling- 1) four images of a young girl with pigtails wearing a sweatshirt bearing the letter "K" , that could possibly, represent a Catholic girl's school student or someone close to Skacel, and 2) at bottom right a matron crocheting a rug? with steel wire. These cartoons include locations of: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"></li> <li>The Absinthe House, now the Old Absinthe House</li> <li>Pirates Alley</li> <li>Tabarry (Tabary) Theater</li> <li>Napoleon House</li> <li>A pelican</li> <li>Blacksmith shop of Jean Lafitte</li> <li>Cabildo prison</li> </ul> </div>
6526Pictorial map of Florida by artist Bill Skacel.DetailsSkacel, Bill1946
Pictorial Cartoon map of Florida Bill Skacel
Skacel, Bill
$200.00Skacel--BillPictorial-Cartoon-map-of-Florida-Bill-SkacelOriginal, scarce pictorial map of the State of Florida by artist Bill Skacel ca. 1946. The humorous, historical cartoon map of Florida was produced ca. 1946 as a folded nine-panel tourist-oriented mailer with the verso containing space for an address as well as facts and photos of Florida <br><br>
4971Humorous map of the state of Texas by Withers.DetailsWithers, James Harlan1947
Humorous map of Texas from a Texan perspective
Withers, James Harlan
$700.00Withers--James-HarlanHumorous-map-of-Texas-from-a-Texan-perspectiveScarce original blue-line, politically incorrect, map of the state of Texas from the 'humorously' distorted perspective of a Texan looking outward at the rest of the country. Believed to be the earliest recorded version of later similar 'humorous' maps of Texas inspired by Wither's design. Only one holding is found online, at the University of Texas, Arlington, where it is described: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> Map shows distortion of boundaries of the state of Texas in comparison to its U.S. neighbors with humorous bragging and derogatory relabeling. Relief shown by hachures. (Source: </div> <br></br> The Catalog of Copyright Entries for 1947 records a copyright for "A Texan's Map of U.S.A.", held by James Harlan Withers of San Angelo , Texas. Predates by two years the derivative but substantially different "A Texan's Map of the United States" by Frank Oliver published in 1949 for TexOak flooring. <br></br> The blue-line, or diazo process is a chemical method of document reproduction that fell out of use in the early 2000's.
5324Humorous birdseye view of the U. S. base at Johnston Island.DetailsAnonymous1947
Birdseye view of Johnston Island Atoll Pacific Ocean
$295.00AnonymousBirdseye-view-of-Johnston-Island-Atoll-Pacific-OceanOne of a kind humorous birdseye view of the U. S. base at Johnston Island (also Johnston Atoll) in the Pacific Ocean. The author was clearly a member of the U. S. Armed Forces, probably Navy ("X.O.","yeomen", "chief"), who created this view as a memento or souvenir for others. Focus is one the off-hour entertainment and leisure activities on the island: Johnston Island Little Theater, Officer's Club, Ear Banger's Bar and Grill, J.I. Distillery, fishing, hobby shop, etc. <br></br> The date of this item is unclear but probably from the years immediately after WWII. Shows the troops engaged in construction activities. Quonset huts, four-engine propeller driven aircraft, and an airstrip apparently not paved and requiring watering to reduce the dust. No trace of heavy armament, or mention of the enemy, which would surely have been a major concern in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The Navy operated Johnston Island from 1934 to 1948 when the Air Force took over. The site was used for high-altitude nuclear tests in the 1950s and 1960s. <br></br> Reproduced with a diazo process.
5251Humorous map of the world explained by pictorial illustrations.DetailsHutson, H.H.1948
Humorous map of the world from a Texans perspective
Hutson, H.H.
$125.00Hutson--H-H-Humorous-map-of-the-world-from-a-Texans-perspectiveA humorous map of the world explained by pictorial illustrations related to Texas features and exaggerations. Distributed as a paper placemat for Long Champ restaurant in Amarillo, Texas - Homer Rice, Owner. Copyright 1948 by H.H. Hutson. Only one recent sale recorded, scarce.
6450U C. Berkeley dormitory life centerspread cartoonDetailsGluck, Jay1948
Cartoon cutaway view of UC Berkeley dormitory life
Gluck, Jay
$375.00Gluck--JayCartoon-cutaway-view-of-UC-Berkeley-dormitory-lifeA cartoonish cutaway profile view of life in a "typical" dormitory at the University of California at Berkeley in 1949. The title "Oppy's Flop House" refers to Robert Oppenheimer [1] one of the key researchers on the Atomic Bomb that had been dropped on Japan less than three years earlier. Cartoons and sight gags include a slide rule used as a fishing device and as a guitar, chem lab equipment used to brew coffee, students using radar to peer into the room of a bathing coed, a robot, a device based on compressed air to raise the skirts of coeds, and many scenes including engineering books. <br><br> Published in the a 1948 annual "Mad Engineer" issue of "California Engineer" from the University of California at Berkeley. The California Engineer is the student publication of the University of California at Berkeley. <br><br> [1] Physicist <b>Robert Oppenheimer</b> (1904-1967) was Project Director for the Manhattan Project. Oppenheimer taught at UC Berkeley from 1929 - 1943. "With the rise of the Nazi party in Germany, the University quickly became a hub for atomic weapons development. By the outbreak of World War 11, Oppenheimer, his students, and several notable physicists probed atomic theory on the top floor of Le Conte Hall." (Kehlmann, Robert. Berkeley Historical Plaque Project. 2012. Online: )
6465Humorous pictorial map of Jackson Hole, Wyoming by Jolly Lindgren.DetailsLindgren, Jolly1948
Pictorial map of the Jackson Hole country and Grand Teton National Park
Lindgren, Jolly
$600.00Lindgren--JollyPictorial-map-of-the-Jackson-Hole-country-and-Grand-Teton-National-Park"A hysterical map of the Jackson Hole country and Grand Teton National Park slightly cockeyed" a fine pictorial map of the area around Jackson Hole, Wyoming. "Made on purpose" by artist Jolly Lindgren, Spokane, Washington. <br><br> In addition to numerous mountains identified by name and height Lindgren's many features include Jackson Lake, Jenny Lake, Jackson Hamburgers, Resor Ranch, Church of the Transfiguration, the Federal Elk Refuge, and numerous dude ranches identified by large western-style hats.
6525Humorous pictorial map of Utah by Jolly Lindgren.DetailsLindgren, Jolly1948
Pictorial hysterical puzzle map of Utah and parks
Lindgren, Jolly
$175.00Lindgren--JollyPictorial-hysterical-puzzle-map-of-Utah-and-parksUnused pictorial puzzle map of the State of Utah- "A hysterical map of Utah which includes Zion, Bryce Canyon, Cedar Breaks & Stinking Springs". "Made in broken English" by artist Jolly Lindgren, Spokane, Washington. Includes the original puzzle mailer with a transparent front. Lindgren-Turner Company. <br><br> A humorous tourist-oriented puzzle featuring the State of Utah and many of its numerous natural attractions including: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"></li> <li>Dinosaur National Monument</li> <li>Zion National Park</li> <li>Bryce Canyon</li> <li>Escalante Desert</li> <li>Natural Bridge</li> <li>Arches National Monument</li> <li>Skull Valley</li> <li>Canyon de Chelly, Arizona</li> </ul> </div>
6428U. C. Berkeley engineering underground tunnels and facilities mapDetailsAnonymous1949
Cartoon map of UC Berkeley engineering underground radiation nuclear laboratory
$850.00AnonymousCartoon-map-of-UC-Berkeley-engineering-underground-radiation-nuclear-laboratoryOriginal centerspread 1949 cartoon pictorial map, "Underground Campus", the campus of the University of California Berkeley, specifically the engineering underground tunnels and facilities including the Radiation Lab. Scientists at the UC Radiation Laboratory, now the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, discovered berkelium (atomic number 97) in 1949 using a 60-inch cyclotron. <br></br> <div id="3" align="center"> <a title="California Engineer smoking weed?"></a> <img id="3" src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6428/SC_6428_SmokingWhat.jpg" alt="Early depiction of a Berkeley Engineer with roach clip." width="240"/> </div><br> The California Engineer began in 1903 as the California Journal of Technology. It was the first college magazine in the west to specialize in the area of science and technology. In January, 1923, after a hiatus of ten years, the magazine was revived and renamed "California Engineer" by the Student Engineers Council (1). <br></br> The comical map is centered around Sather Tower with a cutaway view of the subterranean network below the halls at the University of California at Berkeley. Includes Sather tunnel, Leconte Hall, Gilman Hall, Wheeler Auditorium, The Radiation Laboratory housed the research at UC Berkeley during WWII under the Manhattan Project. Note the IBM punch card machine gag at bottom left. <br></br> The comical map is from the January 1949 issue of <b>California Engineer</b>, the annual "Mad Issue". 36 pages. Price when issued 25 cents. Published at the University of California, Berkeley, California by the Associated Students of the University of California.
6437Budweiser variant edition of Chuck Flachman's Cartoon Map of St. LouisDetailsFlachmann, Chuck1950
Pictorial or cartoon map of St. Louis Missouri
Flachmann, Chuck
$350.00Flachmann--ChuckPictorial-or-cartoon-map-of-St--Louis-MissouriPictorial map of St. Louis, Missouri. Specifically, the Anheuser-Busch variant edition of Chuck Flachman's Cartoon Map of St. Louis, 1950. Two prominent identifying features distinguish the Anheuser-Busch variant edition from Flachman's pictorial "Mound City Pride of the Mississippi Valley" edition: 1) The Busch Budweiser logo appears at bottom left rather than the compass rose and 2) the lettering surrounding the map reflects its Mound City moniker. Additionally, the Busch brewery and Clydesdale horses are featured on the map in the Busch edition. Both editions are dated 1950. <br><br> Scarce, the Busch-Budweiser variant is much less common on the market in our experience.
6660Scarce pictorial map of Oahu, Hawaii by Ted Mundorff, 1950.DetailsMundorff, Ted1950
Scarce pictorial map of Oahu, Hawaii
Mundorff, Ted
$195.00Mundorff--TedScarce-pictorial-map-of-Oahu--HawaiiScarce original pictorial map of Oahu, Hawaii by Ted Mundorff on light-ish weight paper. An insert road map from a book "Around Oahu with Moki: A trip around the Island of Oahu as seen through the versatile camera of Fred Maxwell." The map is annotated with location numbers keyed to Maxwell's book. Published by Maxwell from Honolulu in 1950. <br><br> Verso is blank. <br><br> Interesting cartoon-like drawings featuring cab driver Moki at bottom left lend a relaxed air to the prospective journey around Oahu including: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>A hula-dancing rabbit on Rabbit Island.</li> <li>Waialae Golf Club</li> <li>A barber giving a shave at Barber's Point.</li> <li>Healing stones</li> <li>Manoa Valley</li> <li>King Kamehameha</li> <li>Schofield Barracks</li> <li>Haleiwa and Kahuku</li> </ul> </div>
6556Pictorial map of the New Orleans area for Bayou Gardens.DetailsAnonymous1952
Pictorial map New Orleans area near Bayou Gardens Lacombe Louisiana
$150.00AnonymousPictorial-map-New-Orleans-area-near-Bayou-Gardens-Lacombe-LouisianaPictorial map (1952) of the New Orleans area to promote the Bayou Gardens attraction in Lacombe, Louisiana. The map spans the back two panels of a promotional brochure titled: "Bayou Gardens Lacombe, La. Beauty Spot of the Bayou Country." <br><br> Bayou Gardens was a 25-acre gardening attraction located north of New Orleans between Mandeville and Slidell. Bayou Gardens was founded in the late 1940's by convicted felon and former Louisiana Governor Richard W. Leche (1898-1965). In addition to a commercial nursery, swimming pool and a museum, according to the brochure "The Gardens contain one of the nation's outstanding Camelia collections, numbering hundreds of varieties." <br><br> Two-panel folding brochure with text on the recto.
4984Pictorial map of Washington State routes by West Coast AirlinesDetailsWest Coast Airlines1954
Pictorial Map of Washington State by West Coast Airlines
West Coast Airlines
$300.00West-Coast-AirlinesPictorial-Map-of-Washington-State-by-West-Coast-AirlinesScarce, colorful, pictorial map of airline routes across Washington, Oregon, and Idaho flown by West Coast Airlines. Statement at bottom of the map reads: "Paul Bunyan's Empire Cut to Travel Size". <br></br> West Coast Airlines (WCA), founded in 1941, was based at Boeing Field in Seattle. WCA began scheduled passenger service in 1946 with a fleet of Douglas DC-3s. Table at upper right contains a list of Key Points of Interest across the three-state area. Dated within at 1954. Verso with text and photo images from across the region. <br></br> Apparently the map was updated and re-issued again in 1962.
6340Atomic Tunnel, a 1950's Florida roadside attraction near Daytona BeachDetailsJohnson, W.R.1955
Plan of the Atomic Tunnel 1950's attraction near Daytona Beach
Johnson, W.R.
$100.00Johnson--W-R-Plan-of-the-Atomic-Tunnel-1950-s-attraction-near-Daytona-BeachLithographed plan / view of the <i>"World's Most Unusual</i> Atomic Tunnel". A four-panel <strong>Florida roadside-attraction</strong> brochure from the early 1950s. An atomic age wonder! The illustrator is unknown but his interpretation of Happy the Walking Fish is a high point in mid-century illustration with Happy dressed to the nines in bow tie, top hat, and tuxedo and carrying a cane. <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> " … it was a long, white concrete building in the shape of a meandering tube, studded with 824 "port holes" (variously shaped small windows) that was designed primarily as a showcase and shop for exotic orchids. It also featured tropical birds, a monkey, and "Happy, the walking fish," a typical Southeast Asian "walking" catfish that could be prodded into flipping its way across a short dry connection from one tank to another." (1) </div> <BR /> <div id="1" align="center"> <a title="Atomic Tunnel"> <img id="TunnelPlan" src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6340/SC_6340_Happy_400x300.jpg" alt="Atomic Tunnel" width="240" /> </a> </div> <div id="2" align="center"> <a title="Atomic Tunnel"> <img id="TunnelPlan" src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6340/SC_6340_400x300.jpg" alt="Atomic Tunnel" width="300" /> </a> </div> <br /> <u>Verso</u> contains two reverse-profile portraits of "Happy, the Walking Fish" and also two fold-in panels showing a map and plan of the Atomic Tunnel with happy visitors strolling along walkways. The illustrator cleverly uses two different levels of scale on this work, at top a linear representation with mile boards of HWY 1 stretching from Daytona Beach, Florida through Port Orange to the Atomic Tunnel and below on the same page a plan view of the Atomic Tunnel's tunnels, rooms and walkways at a large scale. The <u>recto</u> shows detailed photographs of the rooms including the Fish room, Bird room and Cactus room.
6564Cartograph or pictorial map of Sonoma County, California by McCarty.DetailsMcCarty, Lea1955
Scarce pictorial map of Sonoma County
McCarty, Lea
$350.00McCarty--LeaScarce-pictorial-map-of-Sonoma-CountyFun, activity-oriented cartograph or pictorial map of Sonoma County, California by artist Lea McCarty. From a folding brochure "Fascinating Sonoma County in California's Redwood Empire Wonderland" issued in 1955 by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors and Associated Chambers of Commerce of Sonoma Valley Inset context map withing a colorful compass rose shows Sonoma County in relationship to San Francisco and other nearby counties in California. <br></br> Coverage on this amusing map of Sonoma County includes portions of the surrounding counties: Napa County, Mendocino County and Marin County as well as numerous Sonoma County highlights to include: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"></li> <li>Bodega Bay</li> <li>Bohemian Grove</li> <li>Stewarts Point</li> <li>Healdsburg</li> <li>Digger Indian Reservation</li> <li>Petrified Forest</li> <li>Burbank Gardens, and</li> <li>Petaluma</li> </ul> </div>
5229Rare Chicago manuscript cartoon weather map from 1956 by Hoff.DetailsHoff, P. J.1956
Early Television Weather Map P. J. Hoff Chicago WBBM Channel 2
Hoff, P. J.
$770.00Hoff--P--J-Early-Television-Weather-Map-P--J--Hoff-Chicago-WBBM-Channel-2Rare manuscript cartoon television weather map for the Chicago, Illinois area from Friday, September 14, 1956. With a very unusual mechanical enhancement (string) for animating the map that foreshadows later computer-generated animation of TV weather maps. <br></br> This manuscript map was drawn during the early days of television by P. J. Hoff, one of Chicago's best known TV's personalities, at WBBM Channel 2. Hoff was known for his large weather maps drawn with a black wide-tipped marker and populated with two-dimensional cut-outs representing weather features: clouds, raindrops, umbrellas, suns, and an assortment of cartoon characters including Nanook North Wind, Susanna South Wind, and "The Vice President in Charge of Looking Out the Window." <br></br> Here the "V.P." is fashioned with two strings to permit the character to be pulled though a wringer with a bucket at the bottom labeled "H 2 0". All in fun to illustrate the forecast for rain. At right, a Chinese character promises more of the same weather in the eastern part of the weather area: "Allee Samee Okley You Sneeze." Today that stereotype would be considered politically incorrect. <br></br> With an ink MS dedication by Hoff to David Rowley. <br></br> Hoff (1896-1981) was born Piercy J. Hoffstrom in Mounds, Oklahoma. In 1963 Hoff was so well known locally that he patented and sold a "P.J. Hoff Weather Kit" with a printed blank map, cut-out characters, and other weather-related items based on his on-air maps as his prototype. In 1968, after a career as a columnist, cartoonist, and radio/TV personality Hoff retired to Saint Simons Island, Georgia. <br></br> WBBM-TV began as WXBK in 1940, but in 1953 was sold to CBS in a complex swap whereby CBS took over WBBM-TV. <br></br> Source </br>
5343Satirical, mid 20th-century humorous blueprint of nuclear ship.DetailsKidden, R. U.1956
Humorous blueprint for a nuclear powered ship
Kidden, R. U.
$600.00Kidden--R--U-Humorous-blueprint-for-a-nuclear-powered-shipOne-of-a-kind, striking, original humorous cyanotype or blueprint diagram of a nuclear powered ship drawn in the era immediately after WWII when two hydrogen bombs helped end the war with Japan. In 1955, the United States commissioned the world's first nuclear powered vessel, the submarine U.S.S. Nautilus. The world's first nuclear-powered surface ship, the cruiser Long beach, was not commissioned into service until September, 1961. <br></br> Almost every feature on the ship has something wrong with it such that anyone familiar with ship design would find it amusing, yet the overall structure of the engineering drawing with the title block and sections for revisions and specifications, made the drawing seem plausible from a distance. Includes humorous mis-spellings and a crazy network of piping. <br></br> One of the key features is that many of the ship's features are labeled in Russian as well as English, reflecting the Cold-war competition between the two powers. Revision E3 explains "Added Russian translation applying to complete ship to save time when prints are stolen." Other funny bits include: <br></br><div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Outhouse on the stern is piped into the crew's forward supply tanks.</li> <li>Floatplane on an upper deck has its floats mounted backwards.</li> <li>Split-level crow's next is comprised of two stacked birdhouses.</li> <li>Captains balls mounted on a upper guy wire (they belong on the compass)</li> <li>Mid 19th-cenutury cannon part of the armament mounted on the bow.</li> <li>The propeller is misshapen and dinged up.</li> <li>The vessel is 100 feet long but 75 feet wide.</li> <li>The plans are checked and approved by R. U. Kidden and I. M. Nuts.</li> <li>Large pipe for radioactive waste flows into the crew's quarters.</li> <li>Sickbay is shown stacked with caskets .</li> </ul> </div>
5097Humorous pictorial map tablecloth titled A Texan's Map of U.S.A.DetailsWithers, James Harlan1958
A Texan's Map of U.S.A.
Withers, James Harlan
$500.00Withers--James-HarlanA-Texan-s-Map-of-U-S-A-A Texan's Map of U.S.A. A derivative edition of a classic pictorial "humorous" map with more than a whiff of the intolerance that some believe permeates the state of Texas today. Tablecloth-sized map of the United States on Indian Head cloth [1] based on a design copyrighted by J.H. Withers in 1947 and branded with the imprint of Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. <br></br> Wither's distinctive design elements include a revised shape for Texas which extends to the west coast to provide Texas with a space for a "future seaport" and the appellation "damm' Yankee territory" for most of the northeast U.S.A. <br></br> The Catalog of Copyright Entries for 1947 records a copyright for "A Texan's Map of U.S.A.", held by James Harlan Withers of San Angelo, Texas. Wither's 1947 pictorial map is the earliest documented example of a genre of pictorial map with many derivative versions that begin with the fact that Texas was, at the time, the largest state in the U.S. and extend that simple premise to exaggerate the importance and quality of the state of Texas over the every other state in the U.S.A. <br></br> Early 50's date is supported by the fact that neither Alaska nor Hawaii, which both attained statehood in 1959, are mentioned on the map. <br></br> [1] Indian Head cloth was not manufactured after 1962. Indian Head Cloth Permanent Finish Sanforized stamping on a single line is associated with cloth produced from the late 1940s to early 1950s. (Source:
5434A counterculture map of the United States based on cultural distance.DetailsCrabb, Earl and Shubb, Rick1970
Counterculture Cartography Humbead's Revised Map of the World
Crabb, Earl and Shubb, Rick
$285.00Crabb--Earl-and-Shubb--RickCounterculture-Cartography-Humbead-s-Revised-Map-of-the-WorldOriginal 1970 third-edition offset-lithograph counter-culture map of the "world". The first edition of Humbead's Revised Map of the World was created in 1968 based on a concept by Earl Crabb and drawn by artist Rick Shubb. Two subsequent editions were released. <br></br> Copyright 1970 by The Great Humbead.
6690Fine pictorial map of the State of Florida by Weinstock, 1971.DetailsWeinstock, Howard1971
Exuberant Pictorial Map of Florida
Weinstock, Howard
$550.00Weinstock--HowardExuberant-Pictorial-Map-of-FloridaExuberant Pictorial Map of Florida dated within at 1971. Designed and illustrated by Howard Weinstock. Copyright 1971 United States Map Company. Los Angeles, California. <br><br> <div id="0" align="center"> <a title=""></a> <img id="6690" src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6690/SC_6690_detail.jpg" alt="Details of the Florida Keys from the exuberant Pictorial Map of Florida by Weinstock dated within at 1971 " width="330"/> <br><br> <font size="-2">The Florida Keys</font> </div><br> <div id="0" align="center"> <a title=""></a> <img id="6690" src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6690/SC_6690_detail_1.jpg" alt="Gulf coast details from the exuberant Pictorial Map of Florida by Weinstock dated within at 1971 " width="330"/> <br><br> <font size="-2">Florida Gulf Coast</font> </div><br> <div id="0" align="center"> <a title=""></a> <img id="6690" src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6690/SC_6690_detail_2.jpg" alt="The Sun from the exuberant Pictorial Map of Florida by Weinstock dated within at 1971 " width="330"/> <br><br> <font size="-2">A happy Florida Sun</font> </div><br>
6475Pictorial advertising map of 6th Street in Austin Texas (1980).DetailsPrewitt, Jim1980
Pictorial advertising map of 6th Street in Austin Texas
Prewitt, Jim
$225.00Prewitt--JimPictorial-advertising-map-of-6th-Street-in-Austin-TexasScarce, humorous, pictorial advertising map of <b>6th Street in Austin Texas</b> by Texas graphic artist and illustrator Jim Prewitt. The cheerful map shows Austin's 6th Street as it was more than 40 years ago. Alongside dozens of advertisements for local businesses like Maggie Mae's, Santiago's, and Ravens Garage the detailed map is dotted with interesting cartoons typical to Austin daily life including snakes, armadillos, longhorn cattle, UFO's, and a police chase with dynamite along Interstate 35. <br><br> <div id="0" align="center"> <a title="TITLE HERE"></a> <img id="3" src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6475/SC_6475_330w.jpg" alt="Pictorial fun map of Austin's 6th Street in 1980." width="300"/> <br><small>6th Street, Austin, Texas. 1980. Jim Prewitt.</small> </div><br> With an advertisement for the first Pecan Street Festival held on Saturday and Sunday, May 3rd and 4th, 1980 (left center). Austin's Pecan Street Festival was inaugurated in 1980 by the non-profit Pecan Street Association with the goal of highlighting and beautifying the historical heritage of the district. In 1997 President of the Pecan Street Association Lynn Raridon explained "We like to think that our event was helping to <b>Make Austin Weird</b>, long before it was a trendy catch phrase/bumper sticker!" [1] <br><br> Copyright Jim Prewitt Design, 1023 West San Antonio Street, San Marcos, Texas. Printed by Futura Press, Austin Texas. Verso blank. <br><br> A local boy, Jim graduated Texas A&M-Kingsville. Other Jim Prewitt pictorial advertising maps of Texas towns include Wimberly, San Marcos, New Braunfels, Kingsville and Corpus Christi. [2] <br><br> Sources <br><br> [1] Salizar, Marisa. 37th Annual Pecan Street Festival. September 24, 2017. Jim Bowie High School Dispatch. Online.<br> [2] Walraven, Bill. Cartoonist turns fun maps into profitable venture. January 17, 1985. Online:
5172Original manuscript art for Reagan era "Central America Game" cartoon.DetailsCampbell1983
Original manuscript art for Reagan era Central America Game cartoon
$1,750.00CampbellOriginal-manuscript-art-for-Reagan-era-Central-America-Game-cartoonRare original manuscript art by Campbell for Reagan era "Central America Game" cartoon, 1983. This one-of-a-kind satirical cartoon references decades of United States involvement in attempts to overthrow Central and South American governments (Cuba, Panama, Chile, Venezuela ), some successful. <br></br> Set surrounded by sea, spanning a globe, political leaders conduct a dialog above a gameboard emulating the landmass of Central America with Pinochet and Castro as board pieces. Ronald Reagan asks Henry Kissinger about the rules for meddling in the Americas. Dialog: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <b>Ronald Reagan: </b>"How do you win this 'Central America' game Henry?"<br> <b>Henry Kissinger: </b>"I'm not sure anyone ever has, Mr. President." </div> </br> Pen and ink manuscript sketch with a few edits in white-out. Signed "Campbell Aug 11, 1983." <br></br>
6625Pictorial map "Bil Keane's Arizona an Arizona's Highways Map", 1990.DetailsKeane, Bil1990
Unrecorded Bil Keane's Arizona an Arizona's Highways Map Pictorial
Keane, Bil
$2,500.00Keane--BilUnrecorded-Bil-Keane-s-Arizona-an-Arizona-s-Highways-Map-PictorialVery fine singular, unrecorded copy of "Bil Keane's Arizona an Arizona's Highways Map" by Bil Keane. Despite an extensive search of the Internet including WorldCat, WorthPoint, and the Arizona Highways magazine online archives, no copy of this map is found anywhere. There are numerous copies of a 1989 Arizona Highways coloring book of 32 pages by Bil Keane, but not this fine map. Copyright 1990 Arizona's Highways. Family. <div><img src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6625/SC_6625_title_detail.jpg" alt="rare example of 'Bil Keane's Arizona an Arizona's Highways Map' by Bil Keane. " width="300" align="center" style="margin: 20px 0px 20px 20px"/> <br> A search of the archives of Arizona's Highways magazine found that Bil Keane's cartoons or articles about Keane appear in more than a dozen issues of Arizona's Highways between 1966 and 1989, but it appears that after 1989 Bil was no longer featured as extensively, perhaps due to advancing age (speculation). <br>