Silicon Valley

This month were are pleased to add five scarce maps for Silicon Valley, and San Jose California ranging from 1981, the year IBM rolled out its PC (Personal Computer), to 2008. These pictorial advertising maps capture the free-wheeling spirit that permeated the valley during the development of networked personal computing.

 Thumbnail CreatorDateTitle / Author / Date / LocationPrice  Description
6787Silicon Valley Historical Perspective Map for 1998.DetailsThe Original Silicon Valley Map and Calendar1998
Silicon Valley Historical Perspective Calendar Labeled Map
The Original Silicon Valley Map and Calendar
$295.00The-Original-Silicon-Valley-Map-and-CalendarSilicon-Valley-Historical-Perspective-Calendar-Labeled-MapA sponsored calendar listing notable events for the 100 sponsoring firms in the Santa Clara Valley, Silicon Valley, California. Events range over a period from 1891 when Leland Stanford Jr. University opened near Palo Alto, through 1998 when Hexcel Corporation celebrated its 50th anniversary. Satellite photomap of Silicon Valley labeled with a numerical index sourced from the event table at right. <br><br> With large advertisement for the map's primary sponsor, Computer Literacy, that offered "computer and electronics books and related services to its customers through its retail stores and online." <br><br> Copyright 1997 by The Original Silicon Valley Map and Calendar a division of Amen International, San Jose California. Designed by OnTarget and printed by Benjamin Litho. <br><br> Other key events include: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>1970 | Xerox Palo Alto Research Center is founded.</li> <li>1976 | Wozniak and Jobs found Apple Computer.</li> <li>1981 | IBM introduces the first IBM PC.</li> <li>1987 | Microsoft PowerPoint introduced.</li> <li>1995 | Sun Microsystems introduces Java.</li> <li>1997 | Apple acquires Next with Steve Jobs.</li> </ul> </div>
67842008 Classic Edition Silicon Valley map calendar by Silicon Maps, Inc.DetailsSilicon Maps Inc. and Trestria Inc.2008
2008 Pictorial Calendar Map of Silicon Valley California
Silicon Maps Inc. and Trestria Inc.
$600.00Silicon-Maps-Inc--and-Trestria-Inc-2008-Pictorial-Calendar-Map-of-Silicon-Valley-CaliforniaScarce "Classic Edition" Silicon Valley map and calendar copyrighted 2008 by Silicon Maps Inc. and Testria, Inc. Sponsored by Citrix, 4988 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, California. Glossy finish as issued.
6782Pictorial Advertising Map of San Jose, California. 1991. City Design.DetailsCity Design1991
Pictorial Advertising Map of San Jose, California
City Design
$1,600.00City-DesignPictorial-Advertising-Map-of-San-Jose--CaliforniaScarce pictorial advertising map of San Jose, California at the heart of Silicon Valley. A late 20th-century map produced and copyrighted by City Design of Pleasanton, California, in 1991. Names and phone numbers of sponsoring businesses appear in banners in the general vicinity of the business' address. <br><br> <div id="6782" align="center"> <a title=""></a> <img id="6782" src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6782/SC_6782_detail_1.jpg" alt="Detail from City Design map of San Jose, California. 1991." width="340"/> <br><br> <font size="-2">Detail from 1991 City Design map of San Jose, CA.</font> </div><br>
6760First Silicon Valley Advertising Pictorial Map by Hillam, 1981.DetailsHillam, Corbin1981
First Silicon Valley Advertising Pictorial Map
Hillam, Corbin
$5,600.00Hillam--CorbinFirst-Silicon-Valley-Advertising-Pictorial-MapOriginal first pictorial advertising map locating "Silicon Valley". In 1981, artist Corbin Hillam unveiled a remarkable pictorial advertising map of Silicon Valley California, an artistic and commercial illustration that inspired a series of more than eighteen similar pictorial advertising maps created by various artists and publishers. Together the maps (1) provide an informative graphical time series of the firms active in Silicon Valley and the Santa Clara Valley Region in the late 20th century. <br><br> Analysis: The map is important as it is among the few remaining copies of Hillam's 1981 Silicon Valley map, created in the year IBM introduced its inaugural personal computer or PC, a groundbreaking event that sent ripples of innovation across the business landscape. IBM's PC served as a resounding testament, affirming the tangible reality of personal computing and establishing its enduring presence. 1981 was the year that personal computing won the corporate seal of approval. <br><br> Copyright Eclectibles, 1981. <br><br> <div id="6760" align="center"> <a title=""></a> <img id="6760" src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6760/SC_6760_detail_1.jpg" alt="First Silicon Valley Advertising Pictorial Map. Corbin Hillam. 1981. " width="340"/> <br><br> <font size="-2">Palo Alto detail from "Silicon Valley".</font> </div><br><br>
67751991 Pictorial map poster for Silicon Valley, CaliforniaDetailsMikkelsen and Associates1991
Silicon Valley Pictorial Advertising Map Spirit of Innovation
Mikkelsen and Associates
$4,400.00Mikkelsen-and-AssociatesSilicon-Valley-Pictorial-Advertising-Map-Spirit-of-InnovationPictorial map poster for Silicon Valley, California by Mikkelsen and Associates, 1991. The creator identifies San Jose as the "Capital of Silicon Valley." Very scarce in this version, lacking a calendar. <br><br> <div id="0" align="center"> <a title=""></a> <img id="6775" src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6775/SC_6775_detail_1.jpg" alt="Pictorial map poster for Silicon Valley, California by Mikkelsen and Associates, 1991" width="340"/> <br><br> <font size="-2"> Capital of Silicon Valley, San Jose, CA.</font> </div><br> The poster was commissioned and copyrighted by Access Global Inc. 1992 (1). With the San Francisco skyline visible at upper left, the poster map shows elevation views of local tech firm buildings and other businesses, each identified with the firm's name and logo. These include: <br><br> <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Mylex</li> <li>Phase Two Industries</li> <li>Synoptics</li> <li>Hitachi Data Systems</li> <li>Zilog</li> <li>Sierra Semiconductor</li> <li>Jabil Circuit</li> <li>Photronics</li> </ul> </div> (1) Access Global, Inc. Milpitas, California. Access Global, Inc. was incorporated in 1991. That firm's trademark was "Spirit of Innovation.