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6467Rare USCGS poster advertising sale of nautical charts .DetailsU.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey 
USCGS poster for Nautical Charts
U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey
$1,250.00U-S--Coast-and-Geodetic-SurveyUSCGS-poster-for-Nautical-ChartsSurprisingly scarce poster ca 1970s, originally published in 1959, advertising nautical charts sold by the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey in Washington, D. C. A later re-issue published by the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), National Ocean Service. At one time paper copies of the poster were available by order from the NOAA Distribution Branch but after 2013 products have been only available in PDF print-on-demand delivery. <br><br> A map dealer's dream meta-poster! <br><br> WorldCat contains only one record of the re-issued poster, at the University of Maryland. No copies of the original 1959 poster are known to me. <br><br> Selected dates useful for dating U.S. Coast Survey charts: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"></li> <li>1807 - President Thomas Jefferson establishes Survey of the Coast.</li> <li>1836 - Survey of the Coast was renamed U.S. Coast Survey. </li> <li>1878 - U.S. Coast Survey renamed as Coast and Geodetic Survey.</li> <li>1970 - Coast and Geodetic Survey included within the NOAA and renamed National Geodetic Survey.</li> <li>2013 - NOAA ends printing of lithographic charts in favor of PDF.</li> </ul> </div>
6491Nautical chart of the Detroit du Banca or Bangka StraitDetailsMannevillette, d'Apres1775
Antique nautical chart of the Bangka or Banca Strait
Mannevillette, d'Apres
$250.00Mannevillette--d-ApresAntique-nautical-chart-of-the-Bangka-or-Banca-StraitAntique nautical chart of the Detroit du Banca or Bangka Strait from 1775 by Jean-Baptiste-Nicolas-Denis D’ Après de Mannevillette (1707 – 1780). Inset chart of a smaller strait between the Isle de Sel and part of Biliton Island or Belitung Island. That strait lies approximately 70 miles to the east of south Bangka Island. <br><br> The map is particularly interesting historically as it incorporates paste-over corrections to the eastern portion of the Isle de Banca with the previously charted coastline still faintly visible beneath the corrections. According to a pasted note at bottom left, the pasted corrections to the northeast of Bangka Island were based on the observations of M. Crozet. Julien Crozet was second in command during the French expedition of Marion De Fresne to Tasmania, New Zealand, and the South Pacific, sailing in 1771. Crozet assumed command of the expedition after the voyage's commander, Marion De Fresne, and 26 crew members were killed by the Maori Ngare Raumati tribe off the coast of New Zealand in June 1772. <br><br> Bangka Strait is the narrow body of water that separates the island of Sumatra from the Indonesian island of Bangka. Bangka is one of the world's most important tin-producing areas.
6490Acquatint engraved view of Gibraltar by Noel / Hegi.DetailsHegi, Franz1830
Acquatint view of Gibraltar as seen from offshore
Hegi, Franz
$300.00Hegi--FranzAcquatint-view-of-Gibraltar-as-seen-from-offshoreAcquatint engraved view of Gibraltar in 1830 as seen from offshore by Franz Hegi (1774 - 1850). B&W on wove paper. 22" x 17" within the platemark. <br><br> French credits at bottom: "Peint par Noël, Gravé par Fr. Hegi. Imprimé par Schweizer, à Paris chez M. Bance ainé rue St. Denis No.214.
6460Nautical engineering views of a large three-deck ship-of-the-line.DetailsHeck, Georg1849
Antique plans for a three-decked warship ship-of-the-line.
Heck, Georg
$140.00Heck--GeorgAntique-plans-for-a-three-decked-warship-ship-of-the-line-Original, antique maritime architectural views of a large three-deck ship-of-the-line. This antique print is full of nautical renderings including a plan of the hull contour; an elevation view showing side framing; a cutaway showing bottom-deck framing plan; a stowage plan view; and numerous smaller details related to naval architecture. <br><br>Steel-plate engraving.
6459Triple-decked ship-of-the-line and some of the riggingDetailsHeck, Georg1851
19th-century engraving sailing ship and rigging
Heck, Georg
$140.00Heck--Georg19th-century-engraving-sailing-ship-and-riggingSteel-plate line engraving depicting a triple-decked ship-of-the-line and some of the rigging and equipment with special emphasis on blocks, tackle, and armament. From Georg Heck's "Iconographic Encyclopedia" published by Rudolph Garrigue in New York in 1851. Cool!
2543Scarce blueprint of the Back Bay area in Boston, Mass.DetailsFuller and Whitney1885
Antique manuscript surveyor's trace of Boston's Charlesgate East area
Fuller and Whitney
$550.00Fuller-and-WhitneyAntique-manuscript-surveyor-s-trace-of-Boston-s-Charlesgate-East-areaOriginal manuscript cadastral ink trace on tracing cloth from September 22, 1885 providing plan detail for a portion of the Boston Back Bay on Beacon and Marlborough streets west of Massachusetts Avenue and east of Charlesgate East. This trace would have been used as the reproducible artifact to create one or more blueprints, then a new reprographic technology. <a href="" target="_blank">Matches this original blueprint </a> in our stock. <br></br> With Fuller & Whitney's ink oval over stamp. MS number in pencil at bottom right: "1277". <br></br> </div> The area for this manuscript plan in Boston, Massachusetts is bounded on three sides by the Charles River, West Chester Park (now Massachusetts Avenue) and Ipswich Street (now Charlesgate East). Verso is blank. <br></br>
2541Scarce blueprint of the Back Bay area in Boston, Mass.DetailsFuller and Whitney1886
Antique blueprint plan of Boston near Huntington and Massachusetts Avenues
Fuller and Whitney
$300.00Fuller-and-WhitneyAntique-blueprint-plan-of-Boston-near-Huntington-and-Massachusetts-AvenuesOriginal cadastral blueprint plan from Jan. 1, 1886 of a portion of the Boston' Back Bay east of Massachusetts Avenue. The area includes the current location of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra at 236 Huntington Ave. In the upper portion of the plan an artifact of the blueprint process reveals where a piece of lint or vegetation landed between the surveyor's trace and blueprint paper during exposure of the paper to sunlight. <br></br> The area for this blueprint in Boston, Massachusetts is bounded on three sides by Falmouth Street, West Chester Park (now Massachusetts Avenue) and St. Botolph Street. Verso is blank. Sheet is labeled "M".
64761890 manuscript contour drainage plan of Stockholm's LadugårdsgärdetDetailsRosen, Ludwig1890
Engineers manuscript contour drainage plan of the Gärdet in Stockholm Sweden
Rosen, Ludwig
$900.00Rosen--LudwigEngineers-manuscript-contour-drainage-plan-of-the-Gärdet-in-Stockholm-SwedenEarly and rare engineer's pen and ink manuscript contour drainage plan of Stockholm's Ladugårdsgärdet [1] by States Engineer Ludwig Rosen in 1890. A hand-drawn and hand colored detailed plan on supple surveyors tracing cloth covering land that was at the time largely undeveloped. Today the outer portions of the Gärdet are well developed leaving a central open space that is part of Stockholm’s National City Park. <br><br> An important manuscript engineering plan related to urban growth, development, and the environmental preservation of Stockholm, Sweden. <br><br> <div id="0" align="center"> <a title="Täckdikningsplan for Ladugårdsgärde vid Stockholm"></a> <img id="3" src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6476/SCV_6476_Title.jpg" alt="Täckdikningsplan for Ladugårdsgärde vid Stockholm" width="300"/> <br><small>Title to Rosen's plan of the Ladugårdsgärde (1890)</small> </div><br> Plan shows land contour and numerous profile cross-section inset drawings. From a translation of the title "Täckdikningsplan" we can derive that the purpose of the plan was for the development of "cover ditches" or sub-surface drainage systems. North oriented to upper left. Detailed explanatory legend fills the left side of the plan. <br><br> [1] Ladugårdsgärdet or Gärdet is a suburb in Stockholm County east and northeast of Östermalm with a current population of roughly 21,500 residents. Until the mid 1800’s, the eastern areas of Stockholm were known as Ladugårdslandet, or “The Barn Land.” Throughout the 1900’s, large areas of Gärdet were developed.
6429Inventor's sketches for a concealed revolver by Bradford Holmes.DetailsHolmes, Bradford Butterick1911
Four cyanotype sketches for a concealed five shot revolver
Holmes, Bradford Butterick
$380.00Holmes--Bradford-ButterickFour-cyanotype-sketches-for-a-concealed-five-shot-revolverSet of four original antique cyanotype or blueprint inventor's sketches for a concealable revolver. The revolver was designed by Bradford Butterick Holmes in 1911. In December, 1912 Holmes was granted US patent #1,047,054 on the revolver. It was Bradford Holmes' first patent, but not his last. <br><br> <div id="1" align="center"> <a title="Holmes' Revolver."></a> <img id="1" src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6429/SC_6429_400x300.jpg" alt="" width="250"/> <br><small>Fig. 1. Holmes concealed revolver</small> </div><br> The first sheet of four (Fig. 1.) shows an actual size depiction of the revolver concealed within the user's fist, only the short barrel extending beyond the fingers of a hand stretched from a cuff-linked shirt. Sheets 2, 3, and 4 are double size renderings of the revolver's mechanical details. The sketches are dated October 11, 1911 and witnessed by Ruth Vickery Holmes (Bradford's wife) and Hilma Christenson. <br><br> In 1903 Bradford Butterick Holmes is recorded as a first year student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with his home town listed as Mare Island, California. Apparently Bradford Holmes wed Ruth in May 1909 and together they had two children, Elizabeth and Robert. <br><br> Bradford Holmes was a prolific inventor. Between 1912 and 1952 Holmes was granted over 70 patents, some for Bendix Aviation, his presumed employer. In addition to the revolver Holmes' inventions include: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"></li> <li>Automatic steering device for dirigible craft (US1640896A) </li> <li>Pressure breathing regulator (US2544991A) </li> <li>Demand valve control mechanism (US2608971A)</li> <li>Electric timing system (US2080273A) </li> <li>Windshield wiper and fluid motor therefor (US1731048A)</li> </ul> </div> Ruth Holmes is named as a co-inventor on eight of Bradford's patents, largely from the 1930's, related to a dirigible steering mechanism.
6472Pictorial map of the Isle of Shoals from 1927 by Elizabeth Shurtleff.DetailsShurtleff, Elizabeth1927
Rare pictorial map of the Isle of Shoals
Shurtleff, Elizabeth
$2,100.00Shurtleff--ElizabethRare-pictorial-map-of-the-Isle-of-ShoalsVery rare original full-color lithographed pictorial map of the Isle of Shoals from 1927 designed and drawn by Elizabeth Shurtleff. Copyright by Jessie E. Donahue (1927). Beautiful, saturated colors. With verse by Celia Thaxter and Frederick T McGill. <br><br> Only two copies of Elizabeth Shurtleff's 1927 map of the Isle of Shoals were found in WorldCat. No record of a sale of the map was found online. A later much-revised edition of the Shurtleff's map was copyrighted and published in 1960 by Edward Rowe Snow. <br><br> Captain John Smith discovered the Isle of Shoals in 1664 lying about seven miles offshore on the border of what are today the states of New Hampshire and Maine.
6455Ruth Taylor White airline route maps from 1929.DetailsWhite, Ruth Taylor1929
Six early pictorial airline route maps by Ruth Taylor White
White, Ruth Taylor
$1,200.00White--Ruth-TaylorSix-early-pictorial-airline-route-maps-by-Ruth-Taylor-WhiteRare and fine eleven-page brochure for Western Air Express published in 1929, just three and one-half years after the airline was founded. <b>With six pictorial airline route maps or cartographs by famed illustrator Ruth Taylor White. </b> Maps with inset half-tone images of aircraft and flight operations. <br><br> The Western Air Express Corporation, later Western Airlines, began its first passenger service in 1926 touting speed, comfort, and dependability. By 1928, employing Fokker Super Tri-motor passenger aircraft capable of transporting twelve passengers at a blistering 125 MPH, the airline "carried about eighteen percent of all inter-city passengers in the United States." In 1928 the company initiated a seaplane route from Catalina Island, California to Los Angeles, California. Maps include: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"></li> <li><b>San Francisco - Los Angeles.</b> 365 miles, 3 hours. "The Worlds Model Air Line." Two facing sheets, each 7.5" x 8"</li> <li><b>Los Angeles - Kansas City.</b> 1,417 miles - 12 hours. First and fastest all Daylight Passenger Airway." Two facing sheets each 7.5" x 8".</li> <li><b>Los Angeles to Catalina.</b> 45 miles - 30 minutes. "Over land and sea. The first air passenger service in the United States. Single center-fold sheet 15" x 8".<br> <b> Los Angeles to Tia Juana or Agua Caliente".</b> 116 miles - 1 hour. With above. </li> <li><b>Los Angeles - Salt Lake City.</b> 600 miles - 6 hours. "Over the Old Mormon Trail". Two facing sheets each 7.5" x 8".</li> <li>Map of the USA showing expected travel-time zones, indicated by color legend. No title. One half sheet.</li> <li>B&W inset map showing location of the Western Air Express Terminal south of San Gabriel. No title.</li> <li>Cover 8" x 9" showing all included passenger routes for Western Air Express.</li> </ul> </div> Publication date noted within as October, 1929. Folds down to 4" x 9".
4841Six charts from Belanske related to Vanderbilts cruises.DetailsBelanske, William E.1930
Charts related to Vanderbilts circumnavigation in 1930 Belanske
Belanske, William E.
$750.00Belanske--William-E-Charts-related-to-Vanderbilts-circumnavigation-in-1930-BelanskeOne lot of six (6) charts, each well-marked recto and verso with blue ink stamps of William E. Belanske, two with MS annotations. Belanske was an artist and former curator of William K. Vanderbilt's Marine Museum on his estate near Centerport, Long Island. These charts are related to the 1931 - 1932 circumnavigation of the world by William K. Vanderbilt II aboard the Motor Ship Alva with Belanske aboard recording flora and fauna. <br></br> Two charts (Tuamotu and Marquesas) heavily annotated presumably in the hand of Belanske and based on research before the cruise. Topics include tattooing, sex morality, cannibalism, food, hunting, local personalities and notable historic events. <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> Near Takaroa: "Where Woronick the Parisian jewel expert bought the wonderful pearl that he made a fortune with. Mostly monsoons in these islands." <br></br> At Makatea: "Makatea is famous as the rendezvous of the infamous Marquesan half-caste Boraki the most picturesque pirate that ever sailed the South Pacific" </div> </br> Recto with Navy Department ink stamp for the corrections date. On the verso each chart bears the blue ink hand-stamp "Property of William E. Belanske" and numerous manuscript identifiers. The six charts include: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li><b>Tuamotu Archipelago from a Survey of the U.S. Ex Ex in 1839.</b> 1872 / 1930. U.S. Navy. No. 77. 35"x24" MS Annotations. </li> <li><b>The Marquesas Islands. From French Surveys in 1881 and 1882.</b> 1899 / 1930. U.S. Navy. No 1797. 21"x28". MS Annotations.</li> <li>Port Phaeton and Approaches. 1902 / 1930 U.S. Navy. No. 1992. 27"x20".</li> <li>East Coast of Viti Levu. 1914 / 1930. U.S. Navy. No. 2859. 38" x25"</li> <li> Whitsunday Island to Percy Isles. 1924 / 1930. U.S. Navy. No 3455. 39"x25"</li> <li>Borabora Island. 1902 / 1930 U.S. Navy. No. 2005. 22"x26".</li> </ul> </div>
6466Ambler's pictorial map of the Cape Ann Trail from 1930.DetailsAmbler, Edward Vassar1930
Pictorial map of the Cape Ann Trail
Ambler, Edward Vassar
$150.00Ambler--Edward-VassarPictorial-map-of-the-Cape-Ann-TrailOriginal 1930 pictorial map of the Cape Ann Trail, Massachusetts in a folding brochure (now flattened) published by the Gloucester, Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce. Attributed to Edward Vassar Ambler but the map is signed within the plate by "Mons". Copyright by Cottage Services, Inc. Text and cover on verso. <br><br> The map includes numerous pictograms highlighting key locations along the Cape Ann Trail. The border is filled with vignettes and text that provides detail about each feature. These features include: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"></li> <li>Norman's Woe</li> <li>Five and Ten Pound Islands</li> <li>Bass Rocks</li> <li>Thatcher's Island</li> <li>The Carillon Church</li> <li>Ravenswood Park</li> <li>Mother Ann</li> <li>Rocky Neck</li> </ul> </div>
6478Boyle's pictorial map of the Cape Peninsula in South Africa.DetailsBoyle, Stuart1931
Elegant lithographed pictorial map of the Cape Peninsula South Africa
Boyle, Stuart
$550.00Boyle--StuartElegant-lithographed-pictorial-map-of-the-Cape-Peninsula-South-AfricaLovely, original pictorial map of the Cape Peninsula in South Africa by illustrator Stuart Boyle. Stuart Boyle illustrated several books including Evelyn Waugh’s The Loved One. <br><br> This fine map of the Cape Peninsula is characterized by elegant, colorful design and superb execution, with locations, notes, and literary quotes identified in scrollwork captions. These include: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"></li> <li>For the seas call and the stars call, and oh! the call of the sky- G. Gould.</li> <li>White as sand of Muizenberg spun before the gale - Kipling.</li> <li>Under hot Constantia broad the vineyards lie - Kipling</li> <li>Good bathing to be had here.</li> <li>Some say this drive in unequalled anywhere.</li> <li>Fish simply ask to be caught here.</li> <li>These are the twelve apostles</li> </ul> </div> Only three holdings of this 1931 pictorial map are identified in WorldCat. No copies currently for sale were located. <br><br> Verso with text and numerous photogravure images of locations around the Cape Peninsula. <br><br> Issued by the Cape Peninsula Publicity Association and the South African Railways and Harbours Administration in 1931. Printed by the Cape Times.
6471Map or cartograph of the Monterey Bay Region by Ruth Taylor.DetailsWhite, Ruth Taylor1932
Ruth Taylor 1932 pictorial map cartograph Monterey Bay Region
White, Ruth Taylor
$250.00White--Ruth-TaylorRuth-Taylor-1932-pictorial-map-cartograph-Monterey-Bay-RegionFine original pictorial map or cartograph of the Monterey Bay Region by Ruth Taylor (1932). Later Ruth would sign her many maps with her married name, Ruth Taylor White. The map represents some of Ruth's earliest work, just three years after she drew four beautiful route-map cartographs for Western Air Express' newly inaugurated passenger service (1929). First edition, lacking the black redaction of the 2nd edition. <br><br> <div id="0" align="center"> <a title="Ruth Taylor White 1929 cartograph for Western Air Express"></a> <img id="3" src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6455/SC_6455_CaliRoutes.jpg" alt="Ruth Taylor White 1929 cartograph for Western Air Express" width="330"/> <br><small>Ruth Taylor White 1929 cartograph for Western Air Express.</small> </div><br> The cartograph was probably published by the Chamber of Commerce of the Pajaro Valley as the verso text promoting Watsonville, California refers to the map on the recto as "the marvelously scenic Monterrey Bay Region (pictured on the reverse side.)"
6451Geologic map of Colorado, USA from 1931.DetailsU.S. Geological Survey1935
Fine large Geologic Map of Colorado
U.S. Geological Survey
$500.00U-S--Geological-SurveyFine-large-Geologic-Map-of-ColoradoOriginal large folding Geologic Survey Map of Colorado [1] from 1935, dissected and laid to linen. With an inset index map of Colorado. Includes an impressive table of the principal sources of geologic data that were used to compile the map of Colorado, USA. Published by the Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey. <br><br> Scarce in this format. Type of rock (igneous, metamorphic, sedimentary) is indicated by color keyed to an extensive index scattered across the right side of the map.<br><br> [1] Geologic Map of Colorado by the United States Geological Survey W. C. Mendenhall Director in cooperation with the Colorado State Geological Survey Board and Colorado Metal Mining Fund 1935.
6487Ad for Hidden City a South Dakota roadside attraction.DetailsAnonymous1938
Roadside attraction flyer for mythical Hidden City South Dakota
$135.00AnonymousRoadside-attraction-flyer-for-mythical-Hidden-City-South-DakotaVery scarce advertising flyer ca. 1938 with map for the long-forgotten <strong>Hidden City</strong>, a roadside attraction in South Dakota's Black Hills; Admission 25 cents. <br><br> <div id="ll" align="center"> <a title="Hidden City, SD"></a> <img id="ii" src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6487/SC_6487_DinoSign.jpg" alt="1940s sign for Hidden City Roadside Attraction" width="260"/> <br><small>1940s road sign for Hidden City <br>(not included)</small> </div><br> The recto teases "Did Alley Oop ? ? ? ? ? ." "Prehistoric Walls, Cross Walls, Arches and Pavements with Hieroglyphics. Lost City?" and includes a crude drawing of 1930s artist's concept of a caveman, complete with loincloth and club. <br><br> </ul> </div> <div id="1z" align="center"> <a title="Hidden City, SD"></a> <img id="3" src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6487/SC_6487_Detail.jpg" alt="" width="300"/> <br><small>Hidden City, South Dakota Roadside Attraction</small> </div><br> Verso with a road map of South Dakota highlighting the location of a number of area attractions, both large and small. The less well-known of these attractions include: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"></li> <li>Black Hills Rock Museum</li> <li>Black Hills Sugar Factory, Belle Fourche</li> <li>Stage Barn Caverns</li> <li>Water Carnival and Race Meet</li> <li>Nameless Cave</li> <li>Strato Bowl</li> </ul> </div> Earl Brockelsby, who later started another attraction in 1937, Reptile Gardens, worked as a tour guide at Hidden City.
64361939 Master Plan for the City of Monterey, California with four mapsDetailsMonterey California Planning Commission1939
1939 Master Plan with 4 maps City of Monterey California
Monterey California Planning Commission
$2,400.00Monterey-California-Planning-Commission1939-Master-Plan-with-4-maps-City-of-Monterey-CaliforniaA landmark in planning for the city of Monterey, California, an early master plan to conserve local historic buildings and landscape features. A significant feature of those conservation efforts was Emerson Knight's establishment of a Ring Route (Map D.) that “links together most of the historic houses and makes broad suggestions for street tree and vacant lot planting." [1] <br><br> Rare <b>Master Plan for the City of Monterey, California</b> published May 24, 1939 by the Monterey California Planning Commission. 31 pages and acknowledgements, five maps, (4 detached), more. 8 1/2" x 11". Leather-like embossed card cover, string binding. <br><br> Contents include text, 15 photographic images (high quality; one color), small format master plan for the City of Monterey regional sketch map. 8" x 5". <br><br> Back section with sleeve containing four separate detached folding maps by Emerson Knight, City Planning Advisor, in top unused condition on fine thin paper. Maps printed by Modern Printing Company, Monterey, CA: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"></li> <li>Map A. Conservation including protection of bay and beach frontage with proposed promenade. Emerson Knight. March 1939. 21" x 13". </li> <li>Map B. Parks parkways and recreation showing publicly owned lands, all lands to be publicly acquired for parks, parkways, public buildings & streets also proposed promenade, bath house, and pedestrian ways. Emerson Knight. March 1939. 8" x 21". </li> <li>Map C. Streets and highways existing traffic volumes proposed increase in traffic facilities. Emerson Knight. March 1939. 21" x 13". </li> <li>Map D. Preservation of historic values including historic buildings and sites also showing historic ring route and proposed planting along course. Emerson Knight. March 1939. 21" x 13". </li> </ul> </div>
6423Pictorial map of Cayo Hueso or Key West, Florida by Arthur Suchy.DetailsSuchy, Arthur Bartholomew1941
Cayo Hueso or Key West Florida Second Edition
Suchy, Arthur Bartholomew
$375.00Suchy--Arthur-BartholomewCayo-Hueso--or-Key-West-Florida-Second-EditionStunning original second-edition pictorial birds-eye map of Cayo Hueso or Key West, Florida. Designed, executed, produced and copyrighted by Arthur Suchy ca. 1941. Excellent detail on over 70 key locations that Suchy identifies alphabetically and numerically on a key that surrounds the view including: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"></li> <li>Cigar factories</li> <li>P.A.A. Airport</li> <li>Turtle crawls</li> <li>Fish market</li> <li>Warbler (helpful tug)</li> <li>Pepe's coffee shop</li> <li>Delmonico's</li> <li>Key West radio station</li> </ul> </div> Arthur Bartholomew Suchy (1901 - 1995) produced two editions of his famous map of Cayo Hueso, the first edition, larger and with full hand color was produced in a limited edition of 100 copies dated to 1940 and the second and smaller edition printed in red ink to 1941. [1] Includes numerous historical notes about Key West. <br><br> Bartholomew was issued a copyright for the collectors edition on Dec. 14, 1938. He filed a renewal application on Nov. 17, 1966. <br><br> [1] David Rumsey Map Collection at Stanford University Libraries
6565Mid-century pictorial map of Taos, New Mexico by Ward Lockwood.DetailsLockwood, Ward1945
Scarce pictorial map of Taos New Mexico by Ward Lockwood
Lockwood, Ward
$325.00Lockwood--WardScarce-pictorial-map-of-Taos-New-Mexico-by-Ward-LockwoodScarce mid-century pictorial map of Taos New Mexico by Ward Lockwood. This fine, humorous map of Taos comprises three panels in a folding brochure issued by the Taos Chamber of Commerce circa 1945. <br></br> <div class="indenttextblock"> <img src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6565/SC_6565_Title.jpg" alt="Pictorial map of Taos New Mexico by Ward Lockwood, 1945" width="300" align="left" style="margin: 0px 20px"> </div> <br></br> Taos artist Ward Lockwood (1894-1963) attended the University of Kansas. Based in Taos (NM), Lockwood taught at the University of Texas (1938-49) and UC Berkeley (1949-61).
6507Pictorial map of the New Orleans Vieux Carre by artist Bill Skacel.DetailsSkacel, Bill1946
Pictorial Cartoon map of Vieux Carre New Orleans by Bill Skacel
Skacel, Bill
$400.00Skacel--BillPictorial-Cartoon-map-of-Vieux-Carre-New-Orleans-by-Bill-SkacelOriginal, scarce pictorial map of the Vieux Carre or French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana by artist Bill Skacel ca. 1946. The humorous, historical "Cartoon Map of Vieux Carre in New Orleans" was produced ca. 1946 as a folded nine-panel tourist-oriented mailer with the verso containing space for an address as well as facts and photos of the New Orleans Vieux Carre. <br><br> Skacel takes a humorous angle at depicting Vieux Carre locations and culture in the post-WWII era. Two cartoon are puzzling- 1) four images of a young girl with pigtails wearing a sweatshirt bearing the letter "K" , that could possibly, represent a Catholic girl's school student or someone close to Skacel, and 2) at bottom right a matron crocheting a rug? with steel wire. These cartoons include locations of: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"></li> <li>The Absinthe House, now the Old Absinthe House</li> <li>Pirates Alley</li> <li>Tabarry (Tabary) Theater</li> <li>Napoleon House</li> <li>A pelican</li> <li>Blacksmith shop of Jean Lafitte</li> <li>Cabildo prison</li> </ul> </div>
6450U C. Berkeley dormitory life centerspread cartoonDetailsGluck, Jay1948
Cartoon cutaway view of UC Berkeley dormitory life
Gluck, Jay
$375.00Gluck--JayCartoon-cutaway-view-of-UC-Berkeley-dormitory-lifeA cartoonish cutaway profile view of life in a "typical" dormitory at the University of California at Berkeley in 1949. The title "Oppy's Flop House" refers to Robert Oppenheimer [1] one of the key researchers on the Atomic Bomb that had been dropped on Japan less than three years earlier. Cartoons and sight gags include a slide rule used as a fishing device and as a guitar, chem lab equipment used to brew coffee, students using radar to peer into the room of a bathing coed, a robot, a device based on compressed air to raise the skirts of coeds, and many scenes including engineering books. <br><br> Published in the a 1948 annual "Mad Engineer" issue of "California Engineer" from the University of California at Berkeley. The California Engineer is the student publication of the University of California at Berkeley. <br><br> [1] Physicist <b>Robert Oppenheimer</b> (1904-1967) was Project Director for the Manhattan Project. Oppenheimer taught at UC Berkeley from 1929 - 1943. "With the rise of the Nazi party in Germany, the University quickly became a hub for atomic weapons development. By the outbreak of World War 11, Oppenheimer, his students, and several notable physicists probed atomic theory on the top floor of Le Conte Hall." (Kehlmann, Robert. Berkeley Historical Plaque Project. 2012. Online: )
6465Humorous pictorial map of Jackson Hole, Wyoming by Jolly Lindgren.DetailsLindgren, Jolly1948
Pictorial map of the Jackson Hole country and Grand Teton National Park
Lindgren, Jolly
$600.00Lindgren--JollyPictorial-map-of-the-Jackson-Hole-country-and-Grand-Teton-National-Park"A hysterical map of the Jackson Hole country and Grand Teton National Park slightly cockeyed" a fine pictorial map of the area around Jackson Hole, Wyoming. "Made on purpose" by artist Jolly Lindgren, Spokane, Washington. <br><br> In addition to numerous mountains identified by name and height Lindgren's many features include Jackson Lake, Jenny Lake, Jackson Hamburgers, Resor Ranch, Church of the Transfiguration, the Federal Elk Refuge, and numerous dude ranches identified by large western-style hats.
6543Pictorial map of Laurentides region of Canada with Montreal by Turner.DetailsTurner, Stanley1948
Pictorial map Laurentides region Montreal, Canada Stanley Turner 1948
Turner, Stanley
$500.00Turner--StanleyPictorial-map-Laurentides-region-Montreal--Canada-Stanley-Turner-1948Historical-pictorial map of the Laurentides region of Canada with Montreal by Stanley Francis Turner, 1948. A tourist-oriented map published by Brading Brewery designed to encourage vacationers to visit Montreal and the Laurentides region of Canada. <br><br> <div id="1" align="center"> <a title="Montreal, Canada"></a> <img id="1" src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6543/SC_6543_detail.jpg" alt="Stanley Turner pictorial view of Montreal, Canada from 1948 Brading Brewery map." width="340"/> <br><small>Stanley Turner pictorial view of Montreal, Canada.</small> </div> <br> Copyright 1948 Bradings Capital Brewery Ltd. Ottawa, Canada. French language. <br><br>
6437Budweiser variant edition of Chuck Flachman's Cartoon Map of St. LouisDetailsFlachmann, Chuck1950
Pictorial or cartoon map of St. Louis Missouri
Flachmann, Chuck
$350.00Flachmann--ChuckPictorial-or-cartoon-map-of-St--Louis-MissouriPictorial map of St. Louis, Missouri. Specifically, the Anheuser-Busch variant edition of Chuck Flachman's Cartoon Map of St. Louis, 1950. Two prominent identifying features distinguish the Anheuser-Busch variant edition from Flachman's pictorial "Mound City Pride of the Mississippi Valley" edition: 1) The Busch Budweiser logo appears at bottom left rather than the compass rose and 2) the lettering surrounding the map reflects its Mound City moniker. Additionally, the Busch brewery and Clydesdale horses are featured on the map in the Busch edition. Both editions are dated 1950. <br><br> Scarce, the Busch-Budweiser variant is much less common on the market in our experience.
6492Planning commission pap of the City of Dubuque, IowaDetailsDubuque City Planning Commision1951
Master Plan for the City of Dubuque Iowa
Dubuque City Planning Commision
$400.00Dubuque-City-Planning-CommisionMaster-Plan-for-the-City-of-Dubuque-IowaVery large, scarce 1951 master plan map of the City of Dubuque, Iowa by the Dubuque City Planning and Zoning Commission, J.M. Wolfe, Chairman. Justin R. Hartzog, City Planner. A fine record of the city and its ambitions in the mid 20th-century. <br><br> Two matching legends at bottom right and left show symbols and coloration used for mapped features under existing conditions and for the Commission's planning proposals respectively. These details include streets, railroads, intersections, city boundaries, parks, playgrounds, schools and other land uses. North oriented to top.
6483Pictorial map of the Monterey Bay Region, California by Sandefur.DetailsSandefur, John Courtney1954
Scarce pictorial cartograph or map Monterey Bay Hotel Jeffery
Sandefur, John Courtney
$150.00Sandefur--John-CourtneyScarce-pictorial-cartograph-or-map-Monterey-Bay-Hotel-JefferyRare folding pictorial map of the Monterey Bay Region in California by John Courtney Sandefur. Sandefur's pictograms show the obvious influence of an earlier cartograph of the Monterey Region by Ruth Taylor White. <br><br> The map was published by Hotel Jeffery ca. early 1950s, then conducting business in Salinas, California for over 90 years. Colorful compass rose bearing a dog's image and the motto of the Hotel Jeffery- "Friendly." <br><br> Verso with text about the recreational activities and resources available in the Monterey Bay Area and the Salinas Valley including Pacific Grove, Carmel, Fort Ord, Santa Cruz, and Watsonville. <br><br> The Jeffery Hotel in Salinas, California was opened in 1888 at the corner of Alisal and Main Streets by William "Bill" Jeffery. In the 1970’s the original three-story Jeffery Hotel was demolished.<br><br> <div id="0" align="center"> <a title="Hotel Jeffery, Salinas, California."></a> <img id="3" src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6483/SC_6483_HotelJeffery.jpg" alt="Photo of Hotel Jeffery, Salinas, California circa 1960" width="300"/> <br><small>Hotel Jeffery. <i>Courtesy U. California:</i></small> </div><br>
6441Pictorial map of Central Pennsylvania by Samuel KingDetailsKing, Samuel A.1955
God's Country Picto-historical map of Central Pennsylvania
King, Samuel A.
$250.00King--Samuel-A-God-s-Country-Picto-historical-map-of-Central-PennsylvaniaScarce second-edition example of Samuel King's pictorial historical map "God's Country - Pennsylvania's Last Frontier..." First published in 1951 this example is the revised edition of September 1955 [bottom center above the neatline]. Copyrighted by Samuel A. King, 510 First Street, Du Bois, PA. <br><br> The map covers a geographic area in central Pennsylvania from roughly Lock Haven to DuBois and north. Verso with ink stamps "GOD’S COUNTRY” and "Clearfield Sporting Goods Co." WorldCat records only four institutional holdings of the 1955 edition. <br><br> Samuel Albert King was a local historian and for many years taught at a local university. <br><br> In all Samuel King produced at least eight picto-historical maps of Pennsylvania, some maps with several editions in the 1950's and 1960's. "Gods Country" was King's first map. Seven of his later maps are reproduced and sold online by the Clearfield County Historical Society, but "God's Country" is not among the list. Titles of these other seven maps by King are: <br><br> <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Cornplanter's Kingdom, 1951</li> <li>Heart of the Alleghenies, Central Pennsylvania's Vacationland, 1953</li> <li>Forest County for rest from urban fatigue, 1957</li> <li>Lore of the Last Frontier in Pennsylvania, 1960</li> <li>A Vacation Map of Potter County and Ole's Black Forest, 1973</li> <li> Freestone Fishing for Mountain Trout in northern Pennsylvania, 1977</li> <li>A Fun-roving Map of Pine Creek the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania</li> <li>More of God's Country, 1968</li><br> Note: Maps produced in the late 1960's and the 1970's credit King's wife gale as co-author. </ul> </div>
6564Cartograph or pictorial map of Sonoma County, California by McCarty.DetailsMcCarty, Lea1955
Scarce pictorial map of Sonoma County
McCarty, Lea
$350.00McCarty--LeaScarce-pictorial-map-of-Sonoma-CountyFun, activity-oriented cartograph or pictorial map of Sonoma County, California by artist Lea McCarty. From a folding brochure "Fascinating Sonoma County in California's Redwood Empire Wonderland" issued in 1955 by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors and Associated Chambers of Commerce of Sonoma Valley Inset context map withing a colorful compass rose shows Sonoma County in relationship to San Francisco and other nearby counties in California. <br></br> Coverage on this amusing map of Sonoma County includes portions of the surrounding counties: Napa County, Mendocino County and Marin County as well as numerous Sonoma County highlights to include: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"></li> <li>Bodega Bay</li> <li>Bohemian Grove</li> <li>Stewarts Point</li> <li>Healdsburg</li> <li>Digger Indian Reservation</li> <li>Petrified Forest</li> <li>Burbank Gardens, and</li> <li>Petaluma</li> </ul> </div>
6464Natural History Map advertisement for vi-daylin vitamins, Abbot Labs.DetailsSuyeoka, George1964
VI-Daylin Natural History Map and National Heritage Map
Suyeoka, George
$250.00Suyeoka--GeorgeVI-Daylin-Natural-History-Map-and-National-Heritage-MapScarce pictorial map advertisement for Vi-daylin vitamins as a Natural History Map of the United States (recto). Verso with similar pictorial map but a National Heritage Map. <br><br> Not found online. Not in WorldCat. <br><br> Cartographs created by textbook illustrator, inventor, and commercial artist George Suyeoka (1926- 2015). Copyrighted and published in 1964 by Abbot Laboratories, North Chicago, Illinois.
6468Aeronautical charts poster by the NOAA.DetailsU.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey1975
USCGS poster for Aeronautical Charts
U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey
$1,250.00U-S--Coast-and-Geodetic-SurveyUSCGS-poster-for-Aeronautical-ChartsSurprisingly scarce poster ca 1970s, originally published in 1959, advertising aeronautical charts sold by the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey in Washington, D. C. A later re-issue published by the NOAA, National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration, National Ocean Service. At one time paper copies of the poster were available by order from the NOAA Distribution Branch but by 2013 products were only available in PDF or print-on-demand format. <br><br> A map dealer's dream meta-poster! <br><br> WorldCat contains only one record of the poster, at the University of Maryland. No example of the original 1959 poster are known to me. <br><br> Selected dates useful for dating U.S. Coast Survey charts: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"></li> <li>1807 - President Thomas Jefferson establishes Survey of the Coast.</li> <li>1836 - Survey of the Coast was renamed U.S. Coast Survey. </li> <li>1878 - U.S. Coast Survey renamed as Coast and Geodetic Survey.</li> <li>1970 - Coast and Geodetic Survey included within the NOAA and renamed National Geodetic Survey.</li> <li>2013 - NOAA ends printing of lithographic charts in favor of PDF.</li> </ul> </div>
6470Pargeter's Pictorial Map of the San Juan Islands, Washington, 1980.DetailsPargeter, Richard Arnold1980
Pictorial oblique topographic birds-eye view of the San Juan Islands
Pargeter, Richard Arnold
$450.00Pargeter--Richard-ArnoldPictorial-oblique-topographic-birds-eye-view-of-the-San-Juan-IslandsAn original fine panoramic relief map of the San Juan Islands in Washington State on an oblique perspective. Copyright 1980 by Richard Pargeter. Printed by University Printing Company, Seattle. Pencil stock number in bottom right margin. <br><br> A self-taught cartographic illustrator, Pargeter's output includes similar panoramic relief maps of The Olympic Peaks, the Puget Sound Country, and Washington's Northwest Passages. In 1980, when this map was copyrighted, copies were available by mail-order from the Pargeter Company in Kent, Washington. Pargeter's maps were once available online but all available copies are reported as sold-out. <br><br> <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> "Tens of thousands of these maps have been sold over the years. All Pargeter's maps are true oblique projections. No planimetrics. All, but the pre-color-separated Olympic map have been full-color halftone shaded relief illustrations rendered in acrylics and a very fine brush, The renderings are based on U.S.G.S. topo quads with mountain "facial features" derived from aerial oblique angle photos taken by Pargeter". [1] </div><br> Source <br><br> [1] Online: Panorama maps. Pargeter. Online:
6475Pictorial advertising map of 6th Street in Austin Texas (1980).DetailsPrewitt, Jim1980
Pictorial advertising map of 6th Street in Austin Texas
Prewitt, Jim
$225.00Prewitt--JimPictorial-advertising-map-of-6th-Street-in-Austin-TexasScarce, humorous, pictorial advertising map of <b>6th Street in Austin Texas</b> by Texas graphic artist and illustrator Jim Prewitt. The cheerful map shows Austin's 6th Street as it was more than 40 years ago. Alongside dozens of advertisements for local businesses like Maggie Mae's, Santiago's, and Ravens Garage the detailed map is dotted with interesting cartoons typical to Austin daily life including snakes, armadillos, longhorn cattle, UFO's, and a police chase with dynamite along Interstate 35. <br><br> <div id="0" align="center"> <a title="TITLE HERE"></a> <img id="3" src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6475/SC_6475_330w.jpg" alt="Pictorial fun map of Austin's 6th Street in 1980." width="300"/> <br><small>6th Street, Austin, Texas. 1980. Jim Prewitt.</small> </div><br> With an advertisement for the first Pecan Street Festival held on Saturday and Sunday, May 3rd and 4th, 1980 (left center). Austin's Pecan Street Festival was inaugurated in 1980 by the non-profit Pecan Street Association with the goal of highlighting and beautifying the historical heritage of the district. In 1997 President of the Pecan Street Association Lynn Raridon explained "We like to think that our event was helping to <b>Make Austin Weird</b>, long before it was a trendy catch phrase/bumper sticker!" [1] <br><br> Copyright Jim Prewitt Design, 1023 West San Antonio Street, San Marcos, Texas. Printed by Futura Press, Austin Texas. Verso blank. <br><br> A local boy, Jim graduated Texas A&M-Kingsville. Other Jim Prewitt pictorial advertising maps of Texas towns include Wimberly, San Marcos, New Braunfels, Kingsville and Corpus Christi. [2] <br><br> Sources <br><br> [1] Salizar, Marisa. 37th Annual Pecan Street Festival. September 24, 2017. Jim Bowie High School Dispatch. Online.<br> [2] Walraven, Bill. Cartoonist turns fun maps into profitable venture. January 17, 1985. Online:
6486Oblique pictorial birds-eye view of Freemantle, Australia in 1985.DetailsMaslin, John A.1985
America's Cup pictorial bird-eye view of Freemantle, Western Australia
Maslin, John A.
$350.00Maslin--John-A-America-s-Cup-pictorial-bird-eye-view-of-Freemantle--Western-AustraliaAttractive oblique pictorial birds-eye view map of the town and harbor of Freemantle, Western Australia. July 1985 edition. Copyrighted and produced by Ausimap, Perth. Cartography by John A. Maslin. <br><br> In addition to Cockburn Sound and Freemantle Harbor the expansive birds-eye view shows Success Harbor, the fishing boat harbor, and the America's Cup harbour at Freemantle. <br><br> Two years before this map was published, and for the first time in 132 years, the America’s Cup was won by a team from other than the USA. That year, in Rhode Island, Australia II, skippered by John Bertrand defeated Dennis O'Conner on the Liberty. In 1987 the America's Cup race was held in Freemantle, Australia where the Stars & Stripes 87 won the series in a four-race sweep.
6481Poster of San Francisco Ferry.DetailsAnonymous1986
Decorative serigraph poster City of San Francisco Ferry
$180.00AnonymousDecorative-serigraph-poster-City-of-San-Francisco-FerryFine decorative nautical-themed limited-edition silk-screen poster of San Francisco Bay, California and the ferry "City of San Francisco" from the eighth-annual users conference held by Data Design Associates in 1987. Deep rich colors. Signed within (illegible). Number 579 of 700 copies. <br><br> Data Design Associates, Inc., was a Sunnyvale, Calif-based developer of mainframe financial software.
6482Poster of San Francisco Ferry.DetailsAnonymous1986
Decorative serigraph poster San Francisco Bay and Coit Tower
$175.00AnonymousDecorative-serigraph-poster-San-Francisco-Bay-and-Coit-TowerFine decorative nautical-themed limited-edition silk-screen poster of San Francisco Bay, California and Coit Tower from the fifth-annual users conference held by Data Design Associates in 1984. Deep rich colors. Signed within (illegible). Number 472 of 500. <br><br> Data Design Associates, Inc., was a Sunnyvale, Calif-based developer of mainframe financial software.
6440Very rare thematic world map of LSD historic sites from 1993.DetailsHorowitz, Reemes and Harrison1993
Rare Map of Historic Sites of LSD Discovery Research Culture by Horowitz et al
Horowitz, Reemes and Harrison
$600.00Horowitz--Reemes-and-HarrisonRare-Map-of-Historic-Sites-of-LSD-Discovery-Research-Culture-by-Horowitz-et-alVery scarce, original thematic world map of LSD historic sites published in 1993 on the 50th anniversary of the first use of the hallucinogenic drug LSD. Contains information relative to the discovery, usage and culture of LSD (and other drugs) for approximately forty locations spread across the world. For example:</br> <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li><strong>SAN FRANCISCO: </strong>The Hippie-Xanadu (Haight-Asbury 1966-1970), Owsley tabs, windowpane, blotter acid, First Human Be-in (Jan. 1967), Fillmore and Avalon psychedelic dance concerts, poster art, Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Big Brother, Quicksilver, Blue Cheer, Ludlow Library, 1978-1980 Ecstasy, rave scene, early 1990's.</li> <li><strong>BERKELEY: </strong>Telegraph Ave., counterculture scene, Psychedelic Venus Church, The Barb, The Tribe, A. Shulgin's research lab. Home mushroom cultivation started.</li> <li><strong>VANCOUVER: </strong>Captain Al Hubbard manages Hollywood Hospital for LSD therapy, late 1950s-60s.</li> <li><strong>CUERNAVACA: </strong> Site of Leary's first psychedelic trip.</li> <li><strong>COPENHAGEN: </strong>Joint lecture of Huxley and Leary, 1961.</li> <li><strong>SIBERIA: </strong>Ancient shamanic use of Amanita muscaria. Tree/mushroom/reindeer triad.</li> <li><strong>NORFOLK ISLANDS: </strong>Hallucinogenic fish reported, 1960.</li> </ul> </div> At the bottom of the map is a large canoe populated with human and animal passengers drawn in the style of ancient Mayan art. The map is surrounded by a wild assortment of icons, totems, pure decorative elements and drawings relative to psychedelic drugs and the psychedelic experience. Small scroll at the top center identifies the work as "Psychedelica cartographia." Copyright 1978, 1993 by Horowitz, et al.