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6737Chart of the Harbor of Doreri West Papua New Guinea by Duperrey, 1824.DetailsDuperrey, Louis-Isidore1824
Chart of the Harbor of Doreri West Papua New Guinea
Duperrey, Louis-Isidore
$500.00Duperrey--Louis-IsidoreChart-of-the-Harbor-of-Doreri-West-Papua-New-GuineaCopperplate engraved French nautical chart of the bay and harbor of Doreri in the Province of West Papua on the island of New Guinea, Indonesia. Duperrey explored the region in 1793 while searching for the missing expedition of Jean-François de La Pérouse. Shows the route of the Corvette "la Coquille" during July, 1824. <br><br> From 'Voyage autour du monde' ('Voyage round the world') by Louis Isidore Duperrey (1826). Plate 34. Engraved by Tardieu. <br><br> The bay is on the east coast of West Papua near the city of Manokwari, which is the capital of the province. One notable fact about the Bay of Doreri is that today it is home to Doreri Nature Reserve, which is a protected area encompassing coastal and marine ecosystems. <br><br> The chart includes these other nearby locations: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Point Ambla</li> <li>Isle Manas-Ouari (Mansinam)</li> <li>Isle Masmapi</li> <li>Baie Masinami</li> <li>Baie Ouahouzi</li> <li>Cap Ouacalo</li> </ul> </div>
67241930s map puzzle for Imperial and International Communications LtdDetailsPerry, Heather "Herry"1930
Rare Art Deco Imperial and International Communications Ltd Map Puzzle
Perry, Heather "Herry"
$3,500.00Perry--Heather-"Herry"Rare-Art-Deco-Imperial-and-International-Communications-Ltd-Map-Puzzle<br></br>Bring a piece of British telecommunications history to your collection. This exquisite, complete, and rare Art Deco style puzzle map of the Imperial and International Communications (IICL) network ca. 1930 precedes McDonald Gill's Cable and Wireless Great Circle map by 15 years and features elegant characters representing the Anemoi, mythological Roman wind gods, and the Greek wind gods or Venti: Boreas, Zephyrus, Notus, Eurus, Aquilo, Favonius, Auster, and Vulturnus. Green lines indicate the undersea cables of the IICL, while dotted green lines signify IICL wireless transmissions. <br><br> <div id="0" align="center"> <a title="Perry's Telecom Map Puzzle"></a> <img id="3" src="/zoomifyimages/SC_6724/SC_6724_Detail.jpg" alt="Art Deco details from Herry Perry map puzzle for Imperial and International Communications Ltd, 1930, London." width="350"/> <br><small>Detail from Herry Perry's Art Deco IICL map puzzle, 1930.</small> </div><br> Manufactured by the Chad Valley Company, an eminent English toy manufacturer as a promotional item for the IICL. The Chad Valley Company was active from 1860 to 1978, known for creating a diverse range of toys and games. Its products ranged from high-quality soft toys, educational puzzles, board games, to construction sets. <br></br> In 1929, the Imperial Telegraphs Act paved the way for the formation of two new companies that would merge the various telegraph and wireless services within the British Empire and create a coordinated global communications network. Initially, IICL focused on expanding its services within the British Empire, but it eventually expanded its coverage to other regions like the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. IICL merged with Cable & Wireless Limited in 1934. Includes the intact original puzzle box. <br><br> Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a rare and remarkable piece of British telecommunications history - purchase this Art Deco map puzzle of the IICL network today.
Child's pencil box pictorial map United States
$125.00AnonymousChild-s-pencil-box-pictorial-map-United-StatesLithographed uncommon pictorial map ca. 1932 of the United States by the Joseph Dixon Crucible Company (DCC). Inset maps for the Philippine Islands, Alaska, Hawaiian Islands, Panama, and Porto Rico. Map interior is the standard cotton, cattle, and cactus and the seas are filled with the scene of a whaleboat capsized by its quarry, a fierce WWI-era battleship, a passenger liner, and a single-deck ship-of-the-line, possibly the Constitution. Following restoration that began in 1925, the Constitution sailed on a 90-port tour along United States' coasts by late 1931. <br><br> The DCC is also credited with the publication of Dixon's Mickey Mouse Map of the United States ca. 1936. That 10"x14" map was designed for inclusion in a set of child's pencils. <br><br> The Dixon Crucible Company was established by Joseph Dixon in Jersey City, NJ in 1847. Dixon (1799-1869) invented the Dixon Ticonderoga pencil, which was made by mixing graphite with clay and water and pressing it into grooved cedarwood. The company was taken over by Dixon's son-in-law, Orestes Cleveland, who established it as a highly regarded brand for mass production. The company suffered financial setbacks due to Cleveland's malfeasance, but it was saved by Edward F.C. Young and eventually came under the control of his son-in-law George T. Smith. The manufacturing complex was later converted into the Dixon Mills, a mixed-use apartment complex. In 2005, Dixon-Ticonderoga was acquired by the Italian-based FILA Group, a manufacturer in Mexico and China.
6730xDetailsGaffney, Walter M.1933
Pictorial advertising map for the Cape Cod Creamery
Gaffney, Walter M.
$350.00Gaffney--Walter-M-Pictorial-advertising-map-for-the-Cape-Cod-CreameryHistorical pictorial map for Cape Cod Creamery ca. 1933 by Walter M. Gaffney. A very scarce advertising piece for Cape Cod Creamery and associated with Noble's milk. On heavy card stock. Maps numerous historical and geographic locations including Pilgrim Monument, the Highland Light, Pleasant Bay, the Sandy Neck Light, the Cape Cod Canal. Scattered in each corner is a logo for Noble's milk, the map shows several delivery trucks labeled "Noble's that's good milk", and the large compass rose with a bottle of milk arranged at the center. Small piece of contiguous stock apparently fashioned into a print hanger suggests the piece may have been trimmed. Includes Buzzards Bay, Duxbury Bay, Provincetown Harbor, Wellfleet Harbor, Barnstable Harbor, Pleasant Bay ,and a portion of Nantucket Sound. <br><br> <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> "Wellfleet or Whalefleet as it was originally called undoubtedly surpassed other towns. In 1843 a whale was captured near the end of the Cape and estimated to contain 200 barrels of oil and 2000 pounds of bone. Only 125 barrels of oil and 300 lbs. of bone were saved but with this waste it netted $10,000." </div> <br><br> Gaffney is also credited with a larger pictorial map of Cap Cod 1932, in a different style, less historically oriented.
6735Scarce pictorial fun map of Santa Catalina Island by Ramsey.DetailsRamsey, George1947
Scarce pictorial fun map of Santa Catalina Island
Ramsey, George
$295.00Ramsey--GeorgeScarce-pictorial-fun-map-of-Santa-Catalina-Island<br><div class="indenttextblocksingle"><b>For a lasting remembrance of a grand vacation!</b> Keep this souvenir fun-map and mark the points you visit and the dates. Trace the routes of your travels on Catalina. Send copies to friends</div> <br><br> Where to go - What to see Santa Catalina Island fun map. A post-WWII pictorial map of Catalina Island, California. Copyright by George Ramsey. Published 1947 by Recreation Publishing Company, Los Angeles, CA. Price when issued 25 cents. Features include: Location of Ling-Ho Chinese junk movie set; Seal Rocks; submarine gardens; Chicago Cubs Ball Park and training grounds; the Catalina Visitors Country Club and much more. <br><br> Verso with map for Avalon Town
6736Pictorial tourist map of Afghanistan by the Afghan Government, 1960.DetailsInformation Bureau Royal Afghan Embassy London1960
Rare Pictorial tourist map of Afghanistan
Information Bureau Royal Afghan Embassy London
$475.00Information-Bureau-Royal-Afghan-Embassy-LondonRare-Pictorial-tourist-map-of-AfghanistanA serious (not comical) pictorial map of Afghanistan published in the early 1960's by the Information Bureau of the Royal Afghan Embassy in London. <br><br> Rare, only one copy in WorldCat, at the University of Nebraska, Omaha. <br><br> Map focuses on mosques, livestock, and natural resources of Afghanistan. Boundaries of provinces delineated with dotted lines, and mountain passes shown by reversed brackets. Small inset map of Wakhan and Pamir. Scale 1:2,000,000. Roads with distances between major cities.