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6640Hand-colored map of the Valley of Mexico by Gemelli, 1704.DetailsGemelli Carreri, Giovanni Francesco1704
Early map of Mexico City with Lakes and Causeways by Gemelli
Gemelli Carreri, Giovanni Francesco
$525.00Gemelli-Carreri--Giovanni-FrancescoEarly-map-of-Mexico-City-with-Lakes-and-Causeways-by-GemelliOriginal, copper-plate engraved and hand-colored map of the Valley of Mexico by Giovanni Francesco Gemelli Carreri (Gemelli) after Enrico Martinez and Adrian Boot (1). Scarce. North is oriented to the left. <br><br> Shows lakes, rivers, streams, and mountains in the Valley of Mexico along with numerous villages and towns. Nascent Mexico City or Tenochtitlán, is shown to lie in lower Lake Texcoco connected to the mainland by seven causeways. From an English-language publication of A Voyage Around the World (1699), probably A. and J. Churchill, 1704. <br><br> (1) Connolly, Patricia and Roberto Mayer. Vingboons, Trasmonte and Boot: European Cartography of Mexican Cities in Early Seventeenth Century. Imago Mundi. January, 2009.