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6326Blueprint plat map of Huston Heights near Muscle Shoals, Alabama.DetailsKeane Development Corporation1933
Blueprint plat map for Huston Heights Muscle Shoals, Alabama
Keane Development Corporation
$575.00Keane-Development-CorporationBlueprint-plat-map-for-Huston-Heights-Muscle-Shoals--AlabamaRare unrecorded cyanotype (blueprint) plat map of the Huston Heights development near <b>Muscle Shoals</b>, Alabama which was incorporated in 1923.</b> Inset at upper left is a fine context map of the Tri-cities area of Florence, Sheffield, and Muscle Shoals compiled by T.J. Evans showing the locations of the Huston Heights development. Features the Wilson Dam on the Tennessee River and two nitrate plants. Dated within at February, 1933. <br></br> The plat encompasses an area in Muscles Shoals bounded by and including Ford Highway, Washington Drive, Henry Street and Sheridan Drive. <br></br> <b>Background: </b>After the outbreak of WWI Congress passed the National Defense Act of 1916 which, provided for construction of several new dams and for two nitrate plants. Nitrates, formerly sourced from Chile, were used in explosives and were deemed critical to the war effort. The nitrate plants were to be located in Muscle Shoals with the nearby Wilson Dam (then under construction) to provide power for the plants. The first nitrates were produced from these plants in November of 1918. The war ended before completion of the dam and eventually the Government offered the incomplete Wilson Dam for public sale. Henry Ford (Detroit, Michigan) made an offer to pay for completion of the dams and the nitrate plants in return for a 99-year lease. Ford's vision was to build a city 75 miles wide, employing over 1 million workers. Ford's involvement caused a land boom in the area of Sheffield. Politics ensued, Ford withdrew his offer, and the land boom faded. <br></br> Sources:<br> Kazek, Kelly. "Could Muscle Shoals have been a hub rivaling Detroit? Henry Ford thought so". January 14, 2019.