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6470Pargeter's Pictorial Map of the San Juan Islands, Washington, 1980.DetailsPargeter, Richard Arnold1980
Pictorial oblique topographic birds-eye view of the San Juan Islands
Pargeter, Richard Arnold
$450.00Pargeter--Richard-ArnoldPictorial-oblique-topographic-birds-eye-view-of-the-San-Juan-IslandsAn original fine panoramic relief map of the San Juan Islands in Washington State on an oblique perspective. Copyright 1980 by Richard Pargeter. Printed by University Printing Company, Seattle. Pencil stock number in bottom right margin. <br><br> A self-taught cartographic illustrator, Pargeter's output includes similar panoramic relief maps of The Olympic Peaks, the Puget Sound Country, and Washington's Northwest Passages. In 1980, when this map was copyrighted, copies were available by mail-order from the Pargeter Company in Kent, Washington. Pargeter's maps were once available online but all available copies are reported as sold-out. <br><br> <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> "Tens of thousands of these maps have been sold over the years. All Pargeter's maps are true oblique projections. No planimetrics. All, but the pre-color-separated Olympic map have been full-color halftone shaded relief illustrations rendered in acrylics and a very fine brush, The renderings are based on U.S.G.S. topo quads with mountain "facial features" derived from aerial oblique angle photos taken by Pargeter". [1] </div><br> Source <br><br> [1] Online: Panorama maps. Pargeter. Online: