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6735Scarce pictorial fun map of Santa Catalina Island by Ramsey.DetailsRamsey, George1947
Scarce pictorial fun map of Santa Catalina Island
Ramsey, George
$295.00Ramsey--GeorgeScarce-pictorial-fun-map-of-Santa-Catalina-Island<br><div class="indenttextblocksingle"><b>For a lasting remembrance of a grand vacation!</b> Keep this souvenir fun-map and mark the points you visit and the dates. Trace the routes of your travels on Catalina. Send copies to friends</div> <br><br> Where to go - What to see Santa Catalina Island fun map. A post-WWII pictorial map of Catalina Island, California. Copyright by George Ramsey. Published 1947 by Recreation Publishing Company, Los Angeles, CA. Price when issued 25 cents. Features include: Location of Ling-Ho Chinese junk movie set; Seal Rocks; submarine gardens; Chicago Cubs Ball Park and training grounds; the Catalina Visitors Country Club and much more. <br><br> Verso with map for Avalon Town